Avengers Avenged

Posted on 09 August 2009 by Yellow Hat Guy

I first walked into the main floor at WizardWorld with joy and wonder. Then Mike stopped us.

“Dude,” he snapped. “Liefeld‘s here.”

We all sprung into crisis mode.

“What do you mean?” said a surprised August. Liefeld was not on the list of guests, but about three booths to the right of the door was “Liefeld” in that sketchy, completely linear Rob Liefeld font.

“Oh shit!” said August. He still has a soul, so he worries about other people and their feelings. I, on the other hand, have nothing but my dreams, and apparent they came true. I knew what to do. We were joking about this on the car ride over, what to say if Liefeld were to magically show up. I knew what to do.

I walked up to him and spake: “Hi, my name is Ryan Coons…”

“Hey!” said Rob Liefeld. He didn’t even look up at me; he just kept sketching away at yet another blocky, disproportionate, and overly-linear picture of one of my beloved childhood heroes. This time, it was Wolverine, in a mirrored swipe of Jim Lee’s cover for X-Men #11.


“…I am a huge Captain America fan…” I tell him with jazz hands and a huge fanboy gleam. “…and as such, I demand an apology for Heroes Reborn.”


Rob stops. He gives me an action hero sneer and said, “Hey, it was nice to meet you,” and followed it up with a fuck-off get lost nod. You know, the upward one. I walk off and hyperventalate for a while, because I can only process a set amount of awesome at one time. That’s why it took me four hours to watch 300 the first time.

Rummaging through the boxes when I came across a copy of Lee & Buscema’s seminal text How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way. We were in awe.


“Coons! You need to buy that!” shouted Mike. I was thinking about it, because I’ve wanted a copy of that for some time now.  “You need to give it to him!”

“You’re right! Rob needs it more than anyone!” I said.

“That’s why we’re here Coons,” said Mike. “The planets have aligned.”

“What’s this?” asked Javier, the dude who was working the booth we were at.

“We’re going to by a copy of How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way, then he’s going to give it to Rob Liefeld,” said Mike.

Javier was awestruck.

“How much is this?” I ask.

“All trades are five dollars, but if you’re giving that to Rob Liefeld, then I…I…well, I can chip in,” said Javier, digging through his wallet. “Here’s two bucks.”

I give the man three.

“I’ll be back,” I tell Javier.

I waited for a bit, I wanted him to forget about me, I wanted him to think he was in the clear and have him let his guard down. Also, I fully expected to get thrown out for these shenanigans, and I wanted Mark Millar to sign my copy of Superman: Red Son, and that wouldn’t be for another few hours.

In the mean time, I took the time to personalize his gift.


On the blank front page, I wrote:


I know you aren’t willing to apologize right now. This manual will help you in you future endeavors. Please study it carefully, and consult it before rebooting another comic title. If you still wish to apologize for “Heroes Reborn,” you can do so by emailing me at YellowHatGuy@gmail.com.

Let’s make things right.


Ryan Coons


Then, I slipped my business card in between the pages, to make sure that Liefeld knew my name, website, email address, and cell phone number. Then I put his gift in a nice bag…

…and I was ready.

“So, you’re going through with this?”

“I have too. It needs to be done,” I said.

“What are you going to say to him?” asked August.

“I’m not going to say anything,” I told him. “I’m just going to set it in front of him, and then walk away.”

“…and then what?” asked August.

“I don’t care,” I sad. “I don’t care what happens. You can watch if you like.”

I started sweating pretty bad, and started to hyperventilate. “You okay Coons? You gonna make it?” said August.

Immediately, I regain my composure.

“No, I have to do this. I’ve waited thirteen years for this,” I tell August.

So I walked over to Rob Liefeld, who was busy ignoring everyone in the entire convention center. I set the package in front of him, and patted it a few times, and the walked away. According to Mike, the following ensued:

“Rob didn’t look up, but the bald guy did, and pulled it out and showed it Liefeld. He shook his head and got all pissed off. Then the bald dude opened it up and red the inscription, and busted out laughing, and laughed for like, five minutes straight, and Liefeld’s face just tightened up and he just got more and more pissed off.”

I’m not a bad guy. All I want is an apology.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Epic. You need to write in the car ride conversation more.

  2. John Space Says:

    You’re a good fan. 1000 Internets for you.

  3. anon Says:

    Stop moderating my comments away gaylord.

  4. V_Jeff Says:

    That is some amazing shit.

  5. Silverback Says:

    this has infinitely brightened my day. thank you sir! but regardless of the possibility that liefield will learn to draw properly, i still wont buy anything of his on principle

  6. Scourge Of The Underworld Says:

    Justice Has Been Served :) Epic good sir, just simply epic

  7. Nestor Says:

    Poor Rob. He really isn’t a bad person. But them’s the breaks

  8. Adam Black Says:

    You, sir, are my hero.

  9. Rhythm Says:

    This made me cry tears of joy.

  10. David Boring Says:

    Ryan, you needs to invest a few dollars in a half-decent camera. You should then spend some time with one of the excellent tutorial sites honing your photographic skills. Your white balance is way off, every shot is out of focus, exhibits motion blur, chromatic aberration, optical distortion and poor exposure.

    Just kidding. Funny story!

  11. sterpazook Says:

    Well done, sir!
    Somebody should’ve gave him this book long time ago

  12. loosenoose Says:

    liefeld’s art is one of the big reasons i stopped reading marvel as a whole. i didnt even know his name back then, just that his art was total trash. i turned into a dc reader after that…

  13. TechGOnzo Says:

    Holy shit. As someone who was a bit put off by meeting Liefeld in person, this really cracked me the hell up.

  14. Luke314pi Says:

    This brightened my day. Hell, I’m pretty sure it will brighten my whole week. My hat is off to you, sir.

  15. Kyle Says:

    You sir, are this generation’s Hemingway. On this site, I am the Alpha and the Omega. I will do as I please.

  16. Jason Bay Says:

    So you told off some guy for doing his job but in a way that doesn’t meet your personal taste?

    Congrats, you’re a dick.

  17. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    Don’t mod the comments Kyle, I want to see it all.

  18. Kyle Says:

    I suppose if my Vice-Deity wishes it, then I will acquiesce.

  19. Kyle Says:

    For the record the comment I deleted was:
    “Way to piss up the wall faggot.
    Liefeld is a Child. Twats like you are comics’ death warrant.”

    I find nothing of intellectual worth in such a comment. I have no problem with people posting critical comments, but at least do it with some style and a decent comprehension of the English language. Using language such as ‘faggot’ and ‘gaylord’ only proves that the writer is a child trapped in a adult body ( or perhaps a child trapped in an older child’s body ).

    If anyone wishes to insult me or anyone else, please just do it well. If you have no ideas of your own, I would suggest http://www.insults.net.

  20. TechGOnzo Says:

    Yeah but if you mod the Trolls, how can we troll back against them.

    Troll trolling must occur.

    (Praise be to YellowHatGuy)

  21. Doctor Fever Says:

    You sir, are a God. I hope someone can read the book to him.

  22. Richard S. Says:

    It must gall you to think Liefeld got paid for his art , paid for his con…and hell you paid for that book for him. I mean really . Why waste the time and effort 12-13 years later for something you hated. Big waste of time.

    I mean really ….beyond this blog , site…whats the point ? You hated Liefeld’s work. Yet you basically seemed to wanna validate his existance by wasting money on him and time.

    I’m no Liefeld fan beyond him creating Deadpool. Thats about it. But theres a thing. Comic book fans already get a bad mark by some pro’s for being a-holes in person . You did nothing but make us look even worse by this.

    So thank you. Thank you for going that extra mile to post this online. To brag that its a big cool deal. But as usual makes the majority of us who actually treat people and pro’s with some respect look as bad.

  23. Mike Hodder Says:

    Why some comic fans feel the need to treat professional artists like their own personal doormat is beyond me.

    You purport to being a comic fan, indeed a fan of Captain America, a character who stands for decency, honesty and doing the right thing, yet you act like a total cunt, by belittling a man who is a recognised professional in the field. What on earth do you think gives you the right to demand an apology of him purely on the basis that you found his work not to your taste?

    Bravo sir, bravo. You’ve just set the bar to a new low level for idiotic fanboy behaviour.

    You should be bloody ashamed of yourself.

  24. Cam Says:

    Your saying Perez is NOT a millionaire? He is the best comic book artist I have even seen and he has been doing it for over 30 years! Well if thats the case than I am getting out of trying to get into the business, if Perez cannot make a million even after all that time (and hes a million times better than me) then its a very sad industry indeed.

  25. David Uzumeri Says:

    Wow, this is a pretty asshole move. Look, I’m not a big Liefeld fan either, but why don’t you start dropping off books like that everywhere? Hey, Skottie Young draws weird, he needs an instruction manual on draw-by-numbers Buscema Marvel art! Certainly Chris Bachalo never attended art school – he looks weird! Let’s make him conform!

    Not only do I think what you did was a total dick move, and probably the reason why Liefeld’s defensive at conventions, but I also have a huge problem with attempting to enforce conformity on artists who don’t have standard styles.

    But hey, you got lulz

  26. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    I’m not sure if Perez is a millionare. He sure doesn’t act like one, but that may just be because he is painfully, painfully cool.

  27. Brian Jorgensen Says:

    I’m sure that Rob Liefeld is just writhing in sleepless agony over the wicked ice burn you guys laid down on his giant pile of money.

  28. Soth Says:

    Sorry Liefeld forced you to buy his terrible work I guess?

  29. Sean T. Collins Says:

    Who looks worse: The guy who made a not-so-good Captain America comic, or the guy who pretends to care about this so much that he tries to publicly humiliate the guy who made the not-so-good Captain America comic?

  30. Gordon Says:

    Yeah, his work is crap, but last time I checked, drawing comics you don’t like isn’t one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    So, congratulations, after spending your hard-earned money to buy comics by somebody whose work you hate, you spent EVEN MORE money to “show him” that you’re a complete moron.

    And guess what? Liefeld doesn’t even look pissed. He just looks like he’s thinking, “What a complete moron.”

  31. Pete Says:

    Wow, what an asshole thing to do.

  32. Atrox Says:

    Thank you.

  33. RictrasShard Says:

    For those of you who are blasting Yellow Hat Guy, and stating that it is unfair to treat Liefeld this way, consider this: Liefeld is taking work away from artists with actual talent.

  34. Matt Algren Says:

    This link will help you in your future endeavors. Please study it carefully, and consult it before interacting with another human being.

  35. Sal Says:

    What a stupid, useless thing to do. Hope your pathetic life has a little meaning now. Way to make an ass out of yourself. Have a little class and self-respect and maybe you won’t feel the need to act a fool in order to get the attention you obviously crave.

  36. kevin patterson Says:

    Yeah, uncool. Too much hating on someone who just wants to entertain.

  37. Dook Says:

    so what? every person who is employed is keeping others from working. maybe you and yellow hat guy don’t like Liefeld. but if enough people do to keep him in business, then your opinion ceases to matter at all.

    and this cowardly display of petty fanboy ‘revenge’ was very lame. if you’d had a stitch of guts, YHG, you’d have stood there while he opened it. and if you were any kind of decent person, you’d instead have engaged him in conversation.

    you are an enormous loser.

  38. David Uzumeri Says:

    No, RictrasShard, he isn’t. He’s largely working on his own properties right now, and any company-owned projects he engages in are basically tailor-made for him, and wouldn’t exist without him, like Onslaught Reborn and Killraven. The last time Liefeld “stole” a possible job from a “real artist” was the two issues of Teen Titans he did with Gail Simone over four years ago.

  39. Denis Says:

    I’ve been a fan of comics since before I actually knew how to read. My relationship with the medium dates near 28 years.

    And as I’ve grown older, the #1 pet peeve I have with any aspect of this industry is fanboy entitlement.

    I read Heroes Reborn. And yes, Liefeld’s take on Captain American and Avengers may not have been up to my personal taste. But it would never occur to me to demand an APOLOGY from someone who was just trying to do their job. Liefeld may not be my cup of tea, or yours. The concept that Captain America is somehow irrevocably damaged because Rob drew, what, 5 or 6 issues of the book, is flawed to the core.

    This industry, and the people who work in it, owe you NOTHING more than attempt to entertain you. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. And sometimes you go see a movie or buy a book you don’t like. It’s in the social contract of media that you paid for the attempt, not the entertainment itself. No one owes you anything if you didn’t like it.

  40. Joe Says:

    I would suggest all Liefeld haters giving him that book over and over until he and the rest of the industry gets the point.

  41. Tim Says:

    I love that you guys are so damaged that you think doing this was something to brag about.

  42. Richard S. Says:

    If you really sit and look at it ….the entire piece you get a sad picture of what some fans really feel their entitled to. See its not enough to hate the work of a certain pro. Your supposed to get that pro to personally achknowlodge your existance and say “I’m Sorry”. To validate you and your existance in some way.

    Here the worst thing Liefeld did was not tell Ryan Coons he was sorry personally. That was like slapping him in the face. How dare Rob not tell Ryan he was sorry . HOW DARE HE.

    So of course Coons had to hunt down a way Rob would remember his name. To remember who he was. Because again , Rob did this. Rob spurned him all those years ago and only spurned him worse at this Comic Convention. By not saying “I’m sorry for Heroes Reborn.”

    So he had to find a way to stick it to him. To leave his name , his adress and cell-phone number. Liefeld would know Ryan Coons existed now. He would darn it. He would make it so.

    Because again , this comic pro dared to write or draw something so many years ago. That the guy had to make himself known. You hurt me a lot. I must make you know this and me .

    Its the same way people for years demanded apologies from Chuck Austen in person. Austen would tell them to stop pulling the books. To grow up some. That they should understand that.

    But its sad to see this behavior will not change any time soon. Fans will still demand things and feel that sense of entitlement . That the creator spurned them like an angry lover. And as ya see here…Ryan Coons felt that way.

  43. Tomas Says:

    You know what’s hilarious? The internet tuff guys protecting the artist. They are just as much a dickhole as they are saying the guy in the story is. “Boo hoo entitlement. Boo hoo don’t be a dick…” and yet here they are, being a huge dick to a guy who got revenge on a man who was a dick to him.

    If Liefeld is such an AWSUMGUYPANTS deserving your protection, he could have said, in one fell swoop, “Oh, hey, I am sorry you didn’t like my work. I tried something in my style, and some people liked it, some don’t. I hope you will check out my future work and hopefully something there will entertain you. Have a good day, and thanks for stopping by.”

    Except he was a dick in return. So dicksihness breeds dickishness. As we see here. Was DEMANDING an apology called for? Possibly, especially if one feels very strongly about something, like, oh, I don’t know, a fan. Much like these here Tuffguys defending the poor defenseless Liefeld. “He owes you nothing! DERP DERP DERP!” Artists owe the consumers everything if they are attempting to sell their product and it is purchased.

    If I produce something and you buy it, I owe you thanks. At what point does that stop?

    Let Liefeld defend himself, kids. The OP already put his actions out there, and I bet if Liefeld came here to demand an apology for this post, the OP would give it to him. Then again, maybe not. The OP owes liefeld nothing.

  44. Paul DeBenedetto Says:

    “Liefeld is taking work away from artists with actual talent.”

    Oh, shut up with this ridiculous argument. Yes, ALL OF THE WORK THAT ROB LIEFELD HAS BEEN DOING LATELY is taking away from talented artists. Who are these fictional artists, and what is Rob Liefeld doing that Ed Benes or Tony Daniel aren’t doing? And why does he deserve more disrespect for it?

    It’s all well and good to critique on your own shitty website (that takes way too long to load) about shitty artists because “yeah, ha-ha he can’t draw feet and wow look at the size of that woman’s waist it’s so small lol!” We get it. The rest of the world has been making that joke since the early nineties. But going up to the guy at a convention just to be a douchebag? I can’t even understand your reasoning. Because you’re a Captain America fan? Listen guy, until Brubaker took over the last interesting thing Captain America did was punch Hitler in the face. There are a ton of people you could get apologies from. I, however, would like an apology from your parents for raising you to be a whining little brat.

  45. Skottie Says:

    How small of a man are you? Grow up and have a little class.

  46. rick springfield Says:

    dude in neon gilligan hat must suck 40 cocks now.

  47. Marron Says:

    This is the most epic thing I’ve ever heard of.

    Are you married? If not, I’d like to propose right now. I don’t have a dowry, but I do have a ridiculous amount of old X-Force comics that might suffice.

  48. joey Says:

    Get. A. Life.

  49. John Layman Says:

    A monumentally fuckheaded thing to do.

    That Rob didn’t jump up and punch you in your fucking chump face speaks volumes to how much class that guy has– and that you don’t.

  50. markblack Says:

    What a pathetic and cruel thing to do.

  51. Cameron Stewart Says:

    I’m a professional comic artist, and I attend conventions often. Most of the time the experience I have with fans is pleasant and courteous, but there’s usually one or two who are so clueless of how to interact with people in a respectful and polite manner that it spoils the otherwise fun day. So you don’t like Rob Liefeld, big deal. His work isn’t to my tastes either but I would never dream of trying to publicly humiliate him in person. He’s taken the time and expense to come to that show to ply his trade – just as you work at your job – and interact with the people who DO appreciate his work and presence. He’s not there for you to be snide and condescending and to be the recipient of your asinine, half-witted pranks. I’m sure you got a big kick out of it (I love how you describe yourself as shaking and sweaty because you “can’t process that much awesome” instead of it being because you’re cowardly and nervous), and you probably high-fived your friends and giggled all the way home to write your smug blog report, but what you did was classless and childish. I guarantee you that this blog post is making the rounds of the pro community (another pro artist forwarded it to me, and *not* because he thought it was a hilarious prank), and thanks to your readily-identifiable yellow hat, you’ve marked yourself as someone to avoid at cons. Well done.

  52. rick springfield Says:

    ok to make keyboard cat video, though. right, cameron?

  53. Daniel Poeira Says:

    In a world where justice is just a legend, you made yourself legendary. Our eternal thanks.

  54. Sarah Oleksyk Says:

    Horrible behavior. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  55. Tomas Says:

    Cam, calm down, sir. I didn’t see it classless, he put the package down and walked away. He didn’t run up screaming, “ROB LIEFELD YOU BASTARD! YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD!”

    Your obvious inability to define just what happened in plain text makes me glad you draw and not write. Quiver with indignation quietly, put your “Avoid yellow hatted men!” plan into affect, and tell all your pro friends not to comment on this. It just sullies everyone involved. Stop making it seem like artists are afraid of (possibly unjust and public) criticism.

  56. shawn depasquale Says:

    I agree with everything the last three posters said, especially Cameron Stewart.

    That’s a horrible and mean thing to do. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

  57. shawn depasquale Says:

    bah…more posts before mine posted. I agree with Cameron, John Layman and markblack. Basically anyone who told you what a dickhead thing to do that is.

    it’s just not human. The guy is just a guy. He should told you to fuck off.

  58. TechGOnzo Says:

    I think a lot of people are losing sight of this being a joke. Was it tasteful? Hell no. It was completely unprofessional and honestly, Rob reacted like a pro by shrugging it off.

    All I’m saying is I laughed.

  59. Geoff Says:

    You, sir, are a man among geeks. You had the cajones to confront the Liefeld, and give him what for. I wish to shake your hand.

    I can see where a great many people will find this distasteful and just outright dickish (why is it people can be abhorrent on the internet due to the anonymity, without much reaction aside from “trolls are lame,” but even polite confrontation like this in person is seen as “beyond the pale”?), but the truth is, Mr. Yellow Hat voiced his opinion in a rather level fashion.

    Also, let’s be clear, in the artistic world, people can have variant styles, different ways of approaching things. I’ve appreciated minimalist comic art, photo-realistic art, surrealist art, smudgy art, cloudy art, overly bright and shiny art, and many more styles that aren’t necessarily to my tastes, but do the storytelling justice.

    I cannot, however, abide artists who can’t even appreciate the concept of STANDARDS. Liefeld can’t get the basics of even proportions correct. There are techniques to making your figures appear unrealistic, but that adhere to some kind of internal logic. Liefeld’s work doesn’t. He seems to want to follow a conventional way of drawing figures, but fails miserably. His figures are always just a bit “off” in the setting of a head between the shoulders, the appendages are differing sizes despite the frame of reference not being skewed. Is this done for a meta-textual commentary of something? No. He just can’t draw consistently.

    He’s not an artist approaching visual art in a different way. He’s a BAD ARTIST. There is nothing to be defended about his work because it fails to meet basic standards of professional art. It’s fine to have a style that’s a little wiry, rather flexible in presentation. But Liefeld gets jobs (and marketing) that isn’t worth paying for. And the Big Two continue to advertise his name like he’s some bad boy actor who can give a good performance. He cannot. He just makes people wince at the idea of his work. If he were writing LOL stories for Dan Slott, maybe that would fly, but he expects his work to be taken seriously, as though he were a Perez or Cassaday.

    I stand by this in the same vein as when I meet Joel Schumacher, I will complement him on his films Flawless and Phone Booth, and then kindly ask for my seven dollars back from Batman & Robin.

  60. Dave Says:

    I really don’t think that you’re actually a comic book fan. whther or not you like Rob, you need to sit back and look at what he did for the industry, Marvel in particular. This kid was sitting there plugging away, writing and drawing, and yeah, maybe it wasn’t all to your taste, or to mine, or to whoever’s, but he was there, creating content, and selling books. He was part of what kept the industry going in the 90′s, and like ir or not, he is responsible for many of the characters and stories that are now enjoying huge success.

    If you don’t like an artist or writer, don’t buy the book. Your power as a consumer is in your wallet, not in your e-penis.

  61. Tomas Says:

    TechGOnzo has it right. No more needs said, in my opinion.

    At the end of all this, ask yourself, “So what?”

  62. BrikHed Says:

    …and i wonder why people think us comic fans are retarded geeks. Premeditated stupidity isn’t a crime but it really should be. I guess everyone needs their 15 minutes of fame (or shame) enjoy yours.

  63. Jeff Suter Says:

    Not not sure if this is even really clever.

    Yeah, you need a real camera dude.

  64. Sean May Says:

    You know, just because he did something you didn’t like doesn’t mean you have the right to demand an apology from the guy. He didn’t do it to personally offend you, and if you take comics storylines from almost two decades ago as a salvo against your very existence…well, you need to get out more, maybe try talking to people outside of your little comic shop.

    Sure, I’ll admit that as far as comic book artists go, Liefeld is at the bottom of my list. But you know what I do when I see Rob Liefeld’s name on the cover of a comic? I don’t buy it. Simple as that. He’s not the only artist or writer I do that to. If the writer/artist’s work doesn’t suit me, I just let it go because I know I won’t like it. Even if it’s the biggest event book ever to exist, one that will change things forever…if I don’t like the creators, I won’t buy the book.

    But you for some reason feel entitled to an apology, and not only did you childishly demand it from the man at the con, but now you’ve posted it on the internet like it’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done.

    Well, how about this. I demand an apology from you. This blog post was poorly written, not funny, the videos sucked, the pictures were too small and too blurry, your background is atrocious, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen people take pictures that look similar so it’s obvious you’re swiping from someone more talented.

    If you don’t apologize I’m going to go to a used book store and buy a bunch of web design and blogging books and send them to your house with the instructions to “get better at what you do, because I’m immature and I feel like the whole world should exist for my enjoyment only, and if someone does something wrong, it’s not just something I don’t like, it’s a personal attack on me, so I demand an apology for it.”

    And by the way, I’m sure George Perez just loves the fact that you roped him into this whole thing, like he would want to put up with a punk like you if he knew how you treated other creators like dirt.

  65. CBL1978 Says:

    That was absolutely pointless and showed a complete lack of character.

  66. RictrasShard Says:

    “And why does he deserve more disrespect for it?”

    Because he’s Rob Liefeld, of course.

  67. Matt Doc Martin Says:

    I give props for the IDEA, but it was a dick thing to do, and made worse by the fact you could not even face him as he looked at it. I agree that Liefeld sucks, can’t draw feet, and gave Capatin America the worst boob job ever, but it was an asshole move on your part.

  68. Marron Says:

    This is one of the most hilarious and epic things I have ever seen in my life.

    Are you married? If not, I’d like to propose right now. I don’t have a dowry, but I do have a random collection of X-Force comics that might suffice.

    Addendum: The second best part of all of this is how offended so many people who are commenting seem to be!

  69. rick springfield Says:

    what if publisher hired a toddler to draw book? do you blame toddler? he gets work becuase it is given to him. publisher responsible for fiasco.

  70. Matt Doc Martin Says:

    Oh, and props to Sean May. Well said, sir.

  71. Sal Says:

    Thank you Tomas and Geoff, it’s always entertaining to see people try (and invariably fail) to justify something as repugnant, juvenile and narcissistic as passive-aggressive behavior, no matter the context.

    Geoff: When you bought the ticket to see Batman & Robin, all you were guaranteed was a seat in the cinema, especially if you didn’t bother to read any reviews. So Schumacher owes you nothing, except to tell you to take responsibility for your own decisions (since, I’m assuming, he didn’t personally force you to watch the entire film Clockwork Orange style).

  72. Ed Sizemore Says:

    Ambush humor is the lowest form of human intelligence. Thanks for helping human de-evolution take another step down the ladder. (For the record, I’m not a fan of Liefeld’s art either. But at least I know have to be a decent human being about it.)

  73. Tim Says:

    There seem to be two types of people in this thread. One type thinks people should apologize for being assholes. The other type thinks people should apologize for drawing comic books.

  74. Cory Says:

    Comedians get heckled, bands get booed, plays get walked out of. Comics are just as public an art form, and will receive just as public a response. That response will not always be positive, or indeed pleasant. This is the nature of public works, and comic creators should be able to take the comparatively vast public adoration with the truly minor public ridicule.

  75. drakedangerz Says:

    Incredibly pathetic. Try to spin it any way you want, a real fan of the industry that has a true love for comics would never have done that. Way to perpetuate the stereotype of a bitchy grudge-holding comic book loser. What is even worse is that you have people here actually trying to defend your actions. I hope every professional in the industry sees this and gives you the treatment that you are deserving of when they see you at cons.

  76. Cully Hamner Says:

    There isn’t a thing I could say that hasn’t already been said by everyone else who thinks you acted like a monumental prick– but I sure would like to add my name to the list.

  77. Ben Says:

    A lot of good points have been made here, and a lot of bad ones. The one thing nobody seems to have mentioned is that, bad artist or not, Rob Liefeld is not solely to blame for his art being used to fill up the pages of comic books. There are also the people at the various companies who have hired him, and the people who have, for reasons of their own, purchased the comics produced. I think THESE are the people you should be requesting apologies from first, not the man who did the job he was hired for to (presumably) the best of his ability.

    Just thought I’d throw that out there . . .

  78. Lastjustice Says:

    I dont see what the big deal is. I’ve been mocked in infinitely crueler ways. I personally would have laughed it off if someone did something simliar for a story I wrote. (handed me a copy of marvel’s how write a comic for example. Though I’d call them an unoriginal after seeing this heh.)

    Its pretty harmless, which fans are allowed say what they want. It wasnt like the guy in the yellow hat tagged his house learn to draw feet or spray painted captain america’s shield in middle of liefields car. He could just toss it in the trash and ignore it ever happened. If liefield that thin skinned to get worked up then he needs reexamine himself to why people are reacting this way. I mean theres website the 50 worst drawings the guy did , and so forth. I don’t think the guy had an original character his entire career worth mentioning. Clearly your work isnt quite what it should be if people have so universally lampooned it.

    I dont think any lines were crossed, it was mildly amusing, but life will go on.

  79. Ben Says:

    Oh, and as a some-time comedian, I’d like to point out the most hecklers are also assholes. Yes, it’s part of being a comedian, but that doesn’t make it a good thing.

    Also, walking out of a play is more like just not buying a comic and keeping your mouth shut.

  80. Dan Says:

    Wow, what a profoundly unfunny and cowardly thing to do. So you made a rude comment to Rob Liefeld’s face, and he responded by saying “Nice to meet you” and basically motioning you to leave. He could’ve been just as rude, unkind or whatever to you, but he just let it go. Then you buy a book, write something mean in it, and drop it off? What is that? It just strikes me as a stupid, cowardly way to make a statement. If you really didn’t like his artwork, don’t buy it or support it. If you feel it necessary to engage him because of some imagined “wrong” that he caused you or the comics industry, why not engage him like another human being and talk to him civily, like any normally-functioning adult would? Instead you pull a childish stunt that is closer to leaving a real-world version of a troll comment on Youtube than anything else.

    I don’t like Rob Liefeld’s work, but noone should be treated like that. You are a sad human being.

  81. StSean Says:

    oh blah blah blah some of the posters here need to get over the idea that artists are critic-proof because they contribute SOMEthing to the culture that makes the act of creating itself a wonder to behold or a joy to the world.

    that’s dreck.

    the “let’s see you do better.” and “he’s a professional.” and “you have to respect what he does.” goat songs are tired. very tired. as fans, as people who spend our money on comics, we SHOULD have a say in the quality that goes into them, AND we should be able to voice our negative opinions about these comics otherwise they (and cons and artists’ blogs and signings) are all basically there for us to fart rainbows and pee lemonade and fellate the “pros” with our goodwill.

    and if ryan thought that this was the way he needed to make his statement to liefeld about years of (godawful) art, then i say more power to him! express yourself! anyone who tells you to keep your thoughts to yourself is the same person who gave consent to the war in iraq because “dissent is treason.”

  82. Pia Guerra Says:

    I’m not a fan of his work but dude, that’s fucking douchebaggery.

  83. Carly Monardo Says:

    Rob Liefeld doesn’t owe you anything, least of all an apology. And I’m not saying this because I love or even like his work (I don’t). I’m saying this because this entitled fan-boy behavior is something I see all too often, and it’s as demeaning to comics as poor draftsmanship is. Next time you want to get back at an artist for despising his work, DON’T BUY IT.

  84. Ragdoll Says:

    Wow, that was really inappropriate. A total dick move. Mr. Liefeld is actually the one who deserves an apology here.

  85. Tim Says:

    “some of the posters here need to get over the idea that artists are critic-proof”

    If you read carefully, you’ll see that people aren’t arguing that Liefeld is above criticism. I daresay most of the people in this thread are not fans of the man’s work.

    No, people are taking issue with how a spoiled fanboy who thinks hating someone’s art entitles him to an apology made a point of being a passive-aggressive asshole and then bragged about it on his website.

  86. Mark Says:

    If you feel this way and these are the actions you want to take then you are more then welcome to do so . I think it’s dickish and childish and makes you look like a complete prick. No, I’m not a Leifeld fan and don’t buy anything he draws but I realize he has a style that some people like so who am I to tell them that they are wrong and I am right?
    But the real point is this. If yuo’re going to pull something like this at least have the balls to walk up, hand it to him, and stand there for whatever reaction you get. Whether it’s a cursing out, a punch in the face, of him ignoring you, you should have the balls to stand up for your actions. Sure, you gave him your phone number and e-mail address but that’s for when you are safely back home and can choose to hang up the phone or not return the e-mail but here you would have no choice but to be a man and take responsibility. As it stands right now, you get zero props for this and are a nutless coward. The fact that you wear a yellow hat is just simple irony at this point.

  87. Jake Boyer Says:

    Bravo! Way to act courteously toward another human being! Seriously, it’s a childish thing to do, and if the pros who’ve already lined up in here to make their feelings known are any indication, You won’t be treated too well by any professional in the comics industry for years to come. Good job.

  88. Rob B Says:

    It looked to me like Liefeld couldn’t have cared less about your little prank. You’re an asshole and more over a self important one that actually thinks a man who has made a living doing something you couldn’t gives a shit about your whiny ass.

  89. LolMAtz Says:

    Liefeld didn’t look as pissed as the description made him out to be. He kinda looked like he was smirking.

  90. Mark Allen Haverty Says:

    Whether you love or hate his work, time after time Rob Liefeld has shown himself to be an incredibly engaging and generous artist to his fans. You decided you wanted to be an douchebag and insult him in front of all of them.

    There’s no time to do it for next month’s Wizard, but if I ever decide to pull the Top Ten Writers list to make room for a Top Ten Fanboy Assholes list, I’ll be sure to put you at No. 1.

    No one should ever have to apologize for a piece of artwork someone else doesn’t like. Everyone should apologize for behaviour like yours.

  91. emeraldknyght Says:

    Hey little man in the yellow hat. Can you tell me what McDonalds you and your pimply faced little friends work at. I’d like to come by, watch you flip burgers for an hour and then in a very coy fashion leave a recipe book on the counter for you and then slip away like a coward while nobody is looking. I am so funny and impressive. I can’t wait to lavish myself with attention by posting my bonehead move on the internet for everyone to read and view. Heaven forbid you should feel terrible for my thoughtless and tasteless action. Maybe you should move on to the shake machine, if you can’t take my contrived insults. You’re a dick. 8-(

  92. Brandon Jerwa Says:

    Utterly classless in every way. Do yourself a favor: step away from your role as King Internet for a minute, pick up the phone and call your mother and grandmother. Recount the entire event for them – or better yet, just send them the link so they don’t miss a detail – and see if they think you’re awesome.

    For me, there is nothing more rewarding than having a constructive conversation with a fan who doesn’t completely agree with how you approached a particular project. It’s a great way to learn about other people’s opinions and perceptions. You, sir, are the one-in-a-thousand miserable turd that can ruin an otherwise enjoyable day of giving time back to the people who spend their time and money supporting your work. Congratulations on your achievement.

  93. Jamal Igle Says:

    St.Sean, It’s not about being critic proof. However , there is such a thing as simple common courtesy and decorum. Just because someone doesn’t like what an artist does, it neither gives him the right to be rude and insulting. We go to conventions because we want to meet our fans and because we’re fans as well who are lucky enough to become creators. I’m with Cameron and John on this one. No one forces you to buy a comic book. no one forces you to go to conventions and no one forces you to genuflect to any creator. This is a hobby that’s supposed to be fun, remember that?

    Ryan, I don’t know what you were thinking, I’m not a mind reader and I can only go by what you’ve presented here. Maybe you thought he’d laugh it off or maybe you wanted the reaction you wanted. I’m not a blowhard, I’m not going to get into a game of”If you did that to me..” Because I try to be as open to people as possible. However I would have been just as insulted.

  94. Carly Monardo Says:

    Also, StSean, your statement that, “anyone who tells you to keep your thoughts to yourself is the same person who gave consent to the war in iraq because ‘dissent is treason’,” is pretty much the most ignorant thing I’ve read on this entire page. I think if Ryan had chosen a more respectable means of expressing himself than the rough equivalent of leaving a flaming sack of dog shit on Liefeld’s table and diving behind the hedge to watch, people wouldn’t be taking such issue.

  95. g. perez Says:

    Please take my picture down. You’re embarassing the both of us.

  96. crevab Says:

    Liefeld is to drawing as Jeff Loeb is to writing. A smack to the face would have been appropriate, much less a prank on his skills.

  97. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:

    What a fucking loser you are. Get a life dude. “Wah, I didn’t like something!” What a sense of entitlement you have. I’m sure you are a delight in real life. Such a bag of shit.

  98. Alex Kennedy Says:

    Most of the comments here which attempt to address “blame” for Mr. Liefeld’s work or to try and defend the actions of Yellow Hat Guy on the basis of his right to criticize are missing the point by a large margin. No one cares if you like Liefeld or not, and I’m sure many of the people condemning this bit of business aren’t fans either. The point is that noone deserves to be treated in that fashion publicly, regardless of public perception of their work. It’s rude, and tasteless and shows a genuine lack of class on your part. I would hope that this would be apparent to everyone, but the general tone of a lot of these comments would seem to suggest otherwise.

  99. TechGOnzo Says:

    This post is definitely getting blown to proportions that the author probably didn’t anticipate.

    Might I add, while I did think it was funny in a very troll-like way, this post will get read by every Comic Book professional who’s privy to the Internet. And as a result, the vast majority will probably hate you as much as you hate Rob Liefeld.

    And since the proportion of this stunt is getting blown up, might I also add that Liefeld did more for comics & the industry than just draw them. (More on that… http://thewastedspace.blogspot.com/2008/03/image-comics-founder-among-citizens-of.html)

  100. Dan Says:

    StSean, “being a dick to Rob Liefeld” does not equal “giving consent to the Irag War.” Your logic is flawed and your metaphors are laughable.

  101. Cara Says:

    Alex and Cameron and countless others have said it far better than I could, but I want to throw my hat in as one of those thinking this was a completely ass thing to do.
    As a comic fan that’s just recently gotten lucky enough to start working in the industry professionally, having seen that there ARE “fans” like you, I’m now terrified at what I might expect at cons in the future. Especially considering the many comments praising your tasteless behavior. No one deserves to be treated like this.

  102. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:

    Who are these fuck-tard losers saying what he did was “epic?” You placed something in front of him, and ran like a sissy! I mean, seriously, how small is your dick? Because only somebody with a tiny penis would think this makes them cool.

  103. Jimmie Robinson Says:

    As someone who does a book both loved and hated I can relate to Rob. And to be bloody honest the fact he doesn’t get upset over “fans” like this year-after-year speaks volumes about his character. But this goes beyond Rob, because in effect Mr.-Yellow-Hat-to-be-avoided is also disrespecting the opinions of others who DO like his work and his style. I’ve met and spoken with Rob a LOT. At the Image booth we hang out all the time. He is a nice person and he has a LOT of fans. He’s always busy doing commissions for the fans, art for charity auctions, reviewing portfolios and singing his books.

    Let him do his job, please. Joke or not, it’s not helping comics.

  104. Jimmie Robinson Says:

    Oops… I meant “signing”, not singing…. haha! I’m not sure how well Rob sings.

  105. Matt Ampersand Says:

    Well, I’m torn. I disagree with the notion that Liefeld owes you an apology, but I thought giving him the book was funny.

    Prank would have been better/funnier if you had given it to him face to face, without demanding the apology firsthand.

  106. Shawn Surface Says:

    DAMN RYAN!!!
    You sir have a set on ya that’s for sure dude!
    A hilarious tale if ever there was one, where was this Chicago recently?
    Just too damn funny man.
    I am an artist too and would like to think that I can draw better than Mr. Leifeld, plus I like to think that I get along better with my fellow creators/artists, I personally believe it bad mojo to talk badly of other artists so I keep my opinions to myself most of the time, but man, I know exactly how you feel. I have been struggling with doing the art chores for small press and indies for some years now and would love to someday do some work for a huge comapany like a Marvel or DC. Guys like Leifeld must have a contract signed in blood hidden somewhere that enabled them to get the luck they achieved for their careers.
    Kudos to you my friend…a job well done!

  107. Joe Jusko Says:

    I’m with Cully on this. This wasn’t a critique or a commentary, as St. Sean claims. It was a “tee hee, look how cool and witty I am” Borat style ambush. The only impression you made on Rob was to make him think you’re a douchebag and instantly dismiss you. Sad.

  108. Mark Brooks Says:

    You sir are a sad sad sad excuse for a human being. To label you simply as a coward would be too kind. You are a mean sad lump of grouped together cells and I couldn’t be happier that this is making the rounds to nearly everyone in the industry. Even the great George Perez in his infinite taste has shunned you. Get the message dude, this kind of behavior is neither funny or cutting edge. It’s just more evidence that some people shouldn’t be allowed to leave their house. Congrats on not only telling everyone that you are a nutless dick but proving it with pictures and bad video. Bravo.

  109. Niam Says:

    Look, Rob trolls any site to defend his work by insulting his fans. He got what he deserved for being a dick to people on the internet for not liking his crappy amaturish garbage.

  110. jeffajohns Says:

    People keep clouding the issue with talk about comics, industry, style, fan’s rights etc. But NOTHING ABOUT COMICS is the issue here.

    Someone treating anyone else like that is sad and unfortunate.

    It’s just rude.

  111. StSean Says:

    @ jamal igle – perhaps he should have said, “please apologize.” would that have covered your requirements of “courtesy and decorum”? he didn’t yell at the guy and he didn’t swear and he didn’t do anything than NOT be an obsequious “lucky” fan boy. he just said what was on his mind. and it looks like he was smiling when he said it. and as far as comic collecting being a “fun hobby”, please please please come join us in the 21st century where comics are big business, and those employed by the business are indeed beholden to the people who buy the product.

    @ carly mondaro – i see no lack of respect in what he did. true, it would have been much more climactic had ryan walked up and said, “rob! hey, i got you a present. i even inscribed it for ya. so, uhm… yeah, take a look and let me know if it teaches you anything. here’s my number.” still, how many people leave inscribed bags of flaming dog poop on people’s doorsteps? analogy fail.

  112. Z. Says:

    I can’t speak from the professional side like Cameron and Brandon.

    As a comics fan and a convention attendee, what I can’t understand is who asked these guys to buy Liefeld’s work (or Jim Lee’s, or John Cassaday’s for that matter).

    It’s one thing to dislike someone personally. It’s another to pay to get into a tradeshow they’re attending for WORK, insult them, force unwanted “gifts” upon them, and make them feel harassed while on-the-job.

    Some would call that stalking.

    Do you have a hard-on for Liefeld, YellowHatGuy? Sure seems like it.

  113. fishcado Says:


    That took some major cojones bro. I tip my hat off to you. You have spoken up on behalf of many who have felt dissapointment with Leifeld’s handling of well loved characters. I know he loves them as much as we do, but he should have taken some more formal training (if he hasn’t already). Otherwise he’d be a great artist.

  114. Alex Grecian Says:

    Ah, I started writing a long response to this silliness, but erased it. Pia Guerre summed it all up with “douchebaggery.”

    I feel much sadder for you than I do Rob. I’m sure he had bright spots in his day despite your efforts, but this was apparently as good as it got for you.

    And if you really respect George Perez, you’ll do as he asked and take his picture down.

  115. StSean Says:

    @ dan – you’re completely right. however, my “metaphor” was that “people who tell you not to express your opinions” equals “don’t disagree with the iraq war. or else.” which it is. not what you said. go ahead. read it again. i’ll wait.

  116. Kedd Says:

    Why spend so much time focusing on something you claim to not like? Fanboy antics like this are pathetic and don’t do anything to make you look better or the object of your scorn look worse. If you don’t like his books, don’t buy them. If you don’t like his art, then go find some art that you do like. I’m sure this started out as a “Look how clever I am” stunt, but it ended up as evidence that you’re gigantic whiney fanboy. You didn’t like a comic book from over a decade ago, get over it and go read something you like.

  117. Ben Morse Says:

    You owe Rob an apology, dude.

  118. Richard S. Says:

    It says something that Coons really hasn’t came into these comments to defend himself or his actions. Maybe its the fact the cowardice at leaving the book like he did for Liefeld is just that. Someone who believed he was being brave . But now looks pretty pathetic.

    Its amazing to see all these comic book pros show up. And tell you how wrong you were. Come on , Yellow Hat Guy…. you who are so brave to tell Rob Liefeld and demand an apology. Tell these pro’s and us how right you are and were.

    Show us your bravery here. Or is it better being a coward and hiding away and watching ?

  119. Steve Rogers Says:

    This has to be some kind of viral think to promote Rob Liefeld. Because, if that’s not the case, it sure is working that way. I never gave a shit about Liefeld, but now I’m suddenly interested in what the guy’s doing right now, and maybe I’ll end up buying it. Thanks to you, YellowWhatever!
    Besides, if that’s not some kind of viral marketing campaign, can’t you imagine how stupid you look by doing that? How childish? How lonely?
    Yeah, lonely.

  120. Philip Clark Says:

    Nobody “owes” you anything.

    First of all, art is subjective to the beholder. What you think is crap may be someone else’s Mona Lisa. It’s easy to hop on the bandwagon of Liefeld haters and voice your opinion. But taking it to the level you did was the height of rudeness.

    Say what you will about Rob, but he’s paid his dues and–like him or not–he’s earned his place at the con table. It’s hard enough sitting behind a table for 10 hours without having to deal with people like you who want to take a pot-shot at a played out target.

    Like I said, you’re entitled to your opinion. Can I get an apology from you by being offended by your actions?

    I think Rob deserves one.

  121. Nick Valdez Says:

    wow not only are you a huge asshole, but you dont even have the stones to man up to what you did. you threw a book with a mean signature in it in front of him then ran away giggling like a little girl while your friend filmed the reaction.

    you are a bad comic fan.

  122. TechGOnzo Says:

    When George Perez asks you to take down the photo of you and him, it’s time to issue an apology for what you did. http://kl.am/272e

    I probably wouldn’t wait too much longer either.

  123. Chris Moeller Says:

    So now Yellow Hat Kid is curled in the fetal position in his bedroom, watching his whole sad little world burn down around him. The ENTIRE comics industry hates him. Even George Perez has asked him to take his picture off of the post. The kid’s destruction is complete… he has estranged his hero.

    Another cautionary tale about the internet.

  124. Groot Says:

    Yellowhatguy, obviously these losers putting your masterful prank down are just jealous. It’s chracter-growing moments like this that will lead to you touching your first first boob by the age of sixty! Keep on busting out like this and you’ll have the confidence to throw those weighted 20 sided dice away and move out of your parent’s basement!!! (Just to the attic over the garage though, let’s not get crazy after all)

    Seriously though, what baglady did you roll for that outfit? And were you REALLY hyperventilating over performing this little prank? Kinda pitiful, fella. Perhaps you need to build that steely nerve by playing in traffic or something. Anyhoo, to break it down, it was a pretty lame “prank.” Don’t get too excited by anyone cheering you on, it’s a pretty certain bet that anyone that does is as huge a loser as you. In closing, if I ever meet you someday, you damn sure better make my burger right, ELSE I SHALL PLAY A DASTARDLY TRICK ON YOU.

  125. Marc Lombardi Says:

    Do you know who is easier than Rob Liefeld to find and ridicule at a comic con? Yup…douchebag in a yellow hat.

    I hope everyone that sees him at a con hands him a giftwrapped Massengil.

  126. Miles Says:

    So you didn’t like the comic he drew, so you insulted him to his face, then gave him a book. Hooray. Hope you feel better about your sad life now.
    Oh, and remember what they used to call Stuttering John on the Howard Stern Show? “Hero of the Stupid.” Enjoy it.

  127. Brandon Jones Says:

    I don’t particularly care for what Liefeld did to Avengers… Not really any of his previous work. But, I have to say, what you did was pretty shitty. To quote a great Seinfeld episode… “Get some talent and then you can mouth off.”

  128. B. Clay Moore Says:

    Congratulations on documenting how to behave like a dick at cons.

    Sadly, I imagine all the attention is simply propping Yellow Hat up for more whacky stunts involving his huge disappointment that pretend people created for the enjoyment of children and wearing underwear on the outside haven’t been treated with the respect he feels they deserve.

    When’s he going after Disney for fucking up Winnie-the-Pooh?

  129. Buckysballs Says:

    Liefeld’s work. reminds me of those medieval paintings where everybody gives the same 3/4 stare.

  130. Jordan Says:

    I’m still trying to decide what’s more douchey. What you did to Rob or you’re little yellow hat?

  131. Lisa Says:

    Behold, The Lord of the Dipshits.

  132. Adam Says:

    What a goddamn loser. If you don’t like someone’s work, don’t buy it. Simple as that. If I ever see you at a con, I’m going to buy you a book on fashion tips and tell you that you need it if you ever hope to get laid.

  133. Chase Bowman Says:


    How utterly inconsiderate, ghastly, and embarrassing. There’s absolutely nothing admirable in what happened here.

    There’s nothing wrong with criticism or not liking someone’s work, but the buck stops when “criticism” is eschewed in favor of outright “assholery”. The latter does not equal the former, no matter what the internet might teach us otherwise.


  134. Jason Says:

    wow dude that’s childish especially considering the amount of time that has passed

  135. Tyler James Says:

    Have fun being known as “The Guy Who Was a Dick to Rob Liefeld” for the next five years, dude. Hope it was worth it.

  136. gorpulon Says:

    I got to say what you did is stupid. You got a lot of nerve demanding anything from anyone. Who are you again, which comics can I find your artwork in? Get a life. I am not a hug Liefeld fan but to criticize him for making a living drawing comics that people enjoy is ridiculous. Yes , a lot of people do not like his art, them DON’T BUY HIS BOOKS. It is that easy, just like any other movie, television show or video game. If it does not interest you or you flat out hate it, then don’t look at it or buy it.

    People like you are the reason comic books are looked down at by regular people. They see super nerds like you in your stupid yellow hat demanding justice for the $1 comic you bought 12 years ago. Please grow up. While your at it, why don’t you go hunt down George Lucas and make him apologize for Jar Jar Binks…… Moron

  137. Marc Lombardi Says:

    Paddington Bear called. He wants his outfit back.

  138. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:

    Ha-ha! Nobody likes you or your stupid hat!

  139. B Awesome Says:

    @ShawnSurface Yeah! Talking shit about other creators and telling internet douchebags they are awesome is really going to get you work for the Big 2.

  140. Michael Says:

    You seriously need to grow up. Stop blaming your lack of success on someone who has had some. It doesn’t matter if you think he’s talented or not, he’s been more successful than you have. Maybe you should have bought 2 copies of the Marvel book. One to keep, and one to act like an angry child with.

  141. Twinsnake Says:

    Man, you’re an arrogant asshole. Here’s a suggestion, don’t hold your breath waiting for that apology.

  142. Chris S. Says:

    Ryan Coons,
    Congratulations, you are a Grade A cock socket.

    Hopefully you will receive your come-uppance for this; disowned by the entire writer/artist community.
    As for those trying to justify this attention seeking ballbag, you are as much of a fuckwit as he is.

  143. Tony Shasteen Says:

    You may think you have a huge set of balls by doing this, but really it’s petty and immature. If you don’t like his work, just don’t buy it. These conventions aren’t set up as a venue for small people to try to belittle comic professionals. People like you, not Rob Liefeld, hurt the industry.

    Seriously dude, whether you like him or not, Rob is know as an industry professional that made a truck load of money in the heyday of Image. You’re known, and soon to be forgotten, as the guy in the ridiculous yellow hat that acts like a twat. Bravo…

  144. N T Holden Says:

    Liefeld is a legend. You boy are not.
    So what if his art style is not to your tastes. Not top of my buy pile either but what you did was just pathetic.

  145. Chip Zdarsky Says:

    As a thoroughly classless man I feel have the classless authority to say that that was the classlessest comics-related story I’ve ever read. Trying to make someone feel bad for having created entertainment for others is pretty shitty, no matter how you feel about the work. Dude’s a person with feelings. Shocking, I know!
    Also, would you have done the same thing if you were there on your own? Doubtful, because there’s a certain charge from being assholes in front of your buddies. Douchery in numbers!

  146. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:

    When you dry you’re tears and can finally read the comments, you should try to defend yourself!

  147. g. perez Says:

    Haha, that was hilarious!

    Serves Rob right for stealing so many panels. It’s not about talent kids, it’s about laziness.

  148. Shannon Cronin Says:

    I don’t get how people can congratulate you like you did something brilliant. Like a cowardly little bitch who lights a bag of dog shit on fire and flees from the front door, you dropped a book off and ran from the booth.

    Your main intent was to seek out an individual and to try and make that individual feel horrible. Way to go. I would say though, based on the video and the reaction of Rob, you failed. Something tells me this isn’t the first thing in life you have failed at, nor will it be your last.

  149. Eric White Says:

    Way to be a douchebag to an artist. You may not like his work…then don’t buy it. You don’t weasel up, all sweaty and lame in your dumb ass Gilligan hat, to a guys table with a book you wrote a rude note in and slink away without a word. That’s extremely cowardly.

  150. emeraldknyght Says:

    would the real george perez please stand up?

  151. Josh Says:

    The prank would have come off classier and better if you just stayed there and said “I demand an apology for Heroes Reborn….. but thanks for Cable… I like that character…” and then taken the punch to the gut or the “your momma” joke that was coming to you. Instead you ran off giggling like a weird asperger-infused girl scout who just got her “baby’s first prank” badge.

    If you don’t like heroes reborn, just don’t read it. If you hate the way he draws people, who gives a shit? But don’t ruin his day when he’s trying to meet fans. As an aspiring comic artist, if anybody did this to me I’d like to hear why they don’t like my art. Maybe I can learn something, but I would never apologize for work that I did 10+ years ago – that’s just redundant. It’s also silly to buy him a book with a calling card. You should’ve stuck around and tried to talk to the guy. Your story would’ve been more interesting, and you probably would’ve learned something about the guy, or that side of the comic book industry.

    Love him or hate him he’s been in the industry for a long time and he shows little to no signs of leaving.

  152. aaron Says:

    your a faggot. you think your funny messing with people. like he gives a rats ass about your stupid ass trying to be funny. i wish someone with some balls would have seen that and knocked your teeth out. and homo friends too.

  153. Mike James Says:

    What a dickhead move. Do you feel all tough for pulling such a sissy move. Here is an artist greeting fans and you feel like you should try an be a man. Well you failed. Go back to your mommies basement were you live and try to think of something else that will make you feel like a man. Stay away from comic cons for you are the type of person that gives all comic fans a bad name. By the way what have you had Marvel Published lately. Right , no answer.

  154. Joe H Says:

    Gonna agree with everyone that said this is a tasteless move. Made me chuckle a bit at the novelty of it, but just from this exposure to you you don’t seem like the type of person I’d want to be associated with.

  155. Ed Foychuk Says:

    I’m not sure what you were hoping to achieve, but as far as I can figure, you’ve made yourself a reputation of being a yellowasshat.

  156. Robert Elrod Says:

    Out of curiosity, where can I see your artwork? I didn’t see a link on your blog. I’m assuming you’re a killer artist or perhaps an art instructor since you’re quick to critique others … especially a professional.

    Let’s be honest, there are many styles and there seem to be fans for a multitude of them. Rob Liefeld’s been working in comics a long time and has made a career out of it. Someone somewhere must like what he does. When you’re in charge of Marvel you can decide to not hire him. In the meantime, he’s due some respect. He’s at least due more than your cowardice.

    Your stunt may have been amusing to you but it was pretty pathetic to most everyone else.

  157. Ron Marz Says:

    Classless and clueless.

    I don’t know Rob at all, and I don’t care for his work at all. But this actually has nothing to do with Rob’s work; this has to do with the common courtesy and respect should give ANYONE you don’t know. It also has to do with your inability to separate comic books from real people. Short version: you need to grow up.

    It’s fortunate for you that you pulled this kind of cowardly stunt at a comic convention. Because such asshole behavior in most other social settings would get you deservedly punched in chops. You should be thankful Rob was decent enough to ignore you, rather than hand you your ass. The next pro might not be so forgiving.

  158. BeerGoggles Says:

    lol dude, you look like friggin child molester…

  159. Andy Says:

    Found this from Jim lee’s Twitter.

    You’ve more or less have been blackballed by the biggest pro in comicbooks… And with he advent of Image coming back together…You’re screwed if you wanted anything to do with comicbooks.

  160. emeraldknyght Says:

    You are gettig flayed and filleted hers Mr Coons. Everyone in the industry will be wearing a coons-skin hat when their done with you. Pedtty is as petty does Forrest.

  161. G. perez Says:

    @Chris Moeller

    I think that the prank was a bit silly but people are seriously getting butt hurt and blowing it way out of proportion. Also do not take the picture down because I G. Perez really don’t care either way.

    Do you see how easy it is to pretend to be someone and how you kinda fell right for it. BTW I’m not actually G. Perez.

    And I don’t understand where some people are coming from. Alot of people tore straight into Transformers 2, hell check rottentomatoes to see how it, and Micheal Bay are pretty much torn apart far more rudely than this. However whats funny is that in those cases I don’t see a long line of people telling said critics to get some skill in directing first, telling them what dbags they are, etc. Do you think that every person who has made fun of Britanny Spears or other celebrity owes them an apology? Do you think that everyone who was rude to/towards Obama, McCain, Palin, Clinton, etc. owes them an apology and should never even dare to insult much less prank or make fun of them? I highly doubt it. And yes it is the same situation. Its horrible to make fun of Rob but its perfectly okay to come here and take your best shot and verbally castrating the dude? Because y’all are so much better than him at this point? You may feel self righteous right now, but to me y’all are sounding alot like Chris Crockers.

    Was what he did wrong? Debatable. I can see how some people would find it rude, and I can see how some people would find it funny. Personally don’t care either way though I see no lines that were crossed. You either take the joke or roll with the punches. Getting butthurt and indignant doesn’t help.

    By the way in my next post for all you gullible believers out there will be as Stan Lee or Joe Q.

  162. J.M. Says:

    For those keeping track at home, that’s 35 “That took some cajones bro”s and a whopping 83 “That was a total dick move”s. Actually, make that 84. Cuz that *was* a total dick move.

  163. Devlin Thompson Says:

    What might have been funnier (if, admittedly still ethically questionable) would have been to commission a sketch requiring him to draw one of the myriad subjects that he has demonstrated are not in his skill set (hands, feet, hair 3/4 profiles, people with less than 48 teeth in their grin, simple two- or three- point perspective, or backgrounds would all have worked for this purpose), and THEN offered the book, having concrete evidence of its need in hand. Yes, it would still have been a dick move, but you’d at least have something to offer up as evidence for the defense.

  164. VAnessa Says:

    Way uncool, man. Way uncool.

  165. Jim Says:

    You’re now officially the coolest dungeon master in your group. Congratulations. You can tell your grandchildren about the time you bravely disrespected a professional in the field that you proclaim to love (after you ran away).

  166. Ethan Van Sciver Says:

    Congratulations. We’re all sitting ducks for this kind of stupid behavior, putting work on hold for a few days to come and sign your comics and shake your hands instead of taking a nice family vacation. So if you’d like to be horribly, childishly rude to any of us, it isn’t hard, and most of us will sit and be polite so as not to disrupt the REAL comic fan’s enjoyment of the convention. Rob Liefeld has clearly perfected one art, at least, and that’s the art of suffering fools.

    Next time don’t you yourself be in the photographs. You look like a twat.

  167. Paco Says:

    “That’s why it took me four hours to watch 300 the first time.”

    Riiight. If that isn’t coded language for ‘masturbation breaks’, I don’t know what is.

    What a ‘tard.

  168. The Cheap-Arse Film Critic. Says:

    I’m about to become one of those people I usually hate with this comment, and I don’t care.

    You’re f*cking pathetic.

  169. jigokusabre Says:

    You’re a jackass, and someone should have punched you. Rob Liefeld may not be talented, but he doesn’t deserve to be harrassed when making public appearences just because YOU don’t like his work. Why should anyone “apologize” to you because you didn’t like his run on [insert comic book here]? Who the fuck are you?

    Look, I hate Liefelds work as much as anyone, and I’d never go to visit his booth… but at the same time, I’d never make a scene like that because I don’t like his work. Artistic taste is inherantly subjective, and there are people out there who enjoy his work (and buy his books). It’s not fair to Rob, or to his fans for you to act like a douche. Someone should have punched you square in the nose.

  170. Christopher Irving Says:

    Never before have I seen a larger assemblage of disgusted professionals…or a more spineless way for someone to get himself blacklisted by an entire industry.

    Sad, just sad.

  171. BrianLynch Says:

    You look and come across like a really unfunny David Cross character.

  172. Common Sense Says:

    And what was ccomplished from this? The people they should be mad at are the editors that allowed Rob’s art to be published, the people who bought anything with his artwork, allowing him to continually see business, the people who hired him in the first place. If, at any point, someone said “Rob, draw better” or the fans reused to buy his stuff (complaining will do nothing if money is coming in), then maybe we would not have to deal with his artwork. You are just as much at fault for buying his stuff as are the editors for allowing it through. It’s not like everyone suddenly went blind and could not recognize bad artwork. Stuff like this gives comic book fans a bad name, making us look like a bunch of angry people unable to direct our anger at the real culprits and unable to deal with the situation properly. It’s like pranking Greg Land, when Joe Q is the one who keeps employing him, well aware of the stuff he does. This is shameful.

  173. BrikHed Says:

    These comments are like watching a train wreck, I cannot take my eyes off of them. You get Skottie Young, Jimmy Robinson, Ethan Van Sciver, Ron Marz, Alex Grecian, Jamal Igle, and B Clay Moore all commenting on this stuff here (all comic creators). You get Jim Lee, Ryan Stegman, G Willow, and even Rob Liefeld commenting on Twitter (all comic creators). Wonder if you are starting to have second thoughts or at least a flashback of…

    “I started sweating pretty bad, and started to hyperventilate.” “You okay Coons? You gonna make it?”

  174. Joe Jusko Says:

    @ G. Perez

    “Debatable”? There’s nothing debatable about this. It was a cocktard thing to do, ESPECIALLY if his goal is to work in this industry as other posts have alluded to. Even if he’s not, the only people finding this “debatable” or outright funny are you, him and the rest of the sycophants who are gonna be sitting around tonight high fiving each other over how incensed you made the professional community while you all circle jerk with the free hand to the latest topless Scarlet Witch drawing on the CAF. I wish him luck getting the time of day, much less anything signed from anyone in this industry ever again. As far as the tit for tat commentary that you mention; you reap what you sow. This was a totally unprovoked incident that has now backfired. And why are YOU defending him instead of he himself? Unless, of course you ARE him. If there’s really nothing wrong with this where is he?

  175. Rob K Says:

    If you’re not happy with the artists hired by Marvel, be pissed at marvel. But something tells me that if you were an artist, and marvel offered you the job, you’d take it and do your best.
    Guys like you and Tomas here who think they actually DESERVE an apology from the artist are just whiny children. Sorry, you are. No one has a RIGHT to Captain America comics made the way they want them. Its a product. If you dont like the product, dont buy it.

    The world doesnt owe you anything. So stop whining and use that book to draw your own comic if you can do better.

  176. asdf Says:

    These idiots defending Liefeld are PATHETIC.

  177. J. Gray Says:

    I wish I’d posted on this when there were still no comments to it.

    As a fan who is slowly trying to break into the industry, I must say that I don’t like Liefeld’s work either and actually go out of my way to avoid it to be frank, but y’know what – the guy is a person who never did anything beyond draw some really crappy comic books that’ll have no impact on anything beyond the crappy comics that he did. Of course – taste is very subjective and we all have our own opinions about certain things. But to be a grown-ass man and react in a manner such as this, then expect cheers as if you’ve done some great service for the people in thier name is: quite frankly – cuntish. I personally commend Rob Liefeld for not punching you in the throat.

    “Boo freaking hoo, he ruined my Avengers. Life am over. Waaah.” Look at you and the cool thing you did! You happy you got those internet props now with the you tube thing showing just how much balls it took to belittle a guy who – as everyone with decency has said here – doesn’t owe you shit? Let’s give you a gold star, matey! In fact, let’s hate and belittle everyone personally who gets under our craw about minute things! That’ll make it all better at the end of the day, right? :D

    You certainly don’t speak for my dislike of Liefeld’s artwork as a general comic book fan and (having dealt with crazy fans before in other places) you definitely leave a sour taste in my mouth as an aspiring professional. Mr. Coons, this right here is stuff you do in middle school when you’re walking the hallways making fun of people to put *yourself* on a pedestal. You don’t like the mans work, that’s cool. Don’t support the mans work. But nobody likes a colossal dick and even worse, nobody like’s a colossal dick who shows off about just how much of a colossal dick he can be and then expects props for it. That’s not cool at all. It’s just stupid.

  178. Steve Bryant Says:


    Does pissing on what someone else has accomplished make you feel all big and strong?

    Grow up, mouth-breather.

  179. Vaughan Johnson Says:

    So apparently being a douche bag is what passes for awesome these days.

    The funny thing is, you’d never have the balls to do something like this anywhere but a comic book convention.

  180. Another Professional Artist Says:

    You know, to everyone defending Rob Liefeld, you guys DO know that he stole massive amounts of artwork from some of the best talent in the business and got away scott free with it.


    What was done here was an attempt at humor. And quite frankly, I find it hilarious. And please, leave the “UR JELOUS” defenses behind. While I am a professional artist, I work in an entirely different industry.

    Look at it this way, if we swapped his profession to doctor, and continuously treated his patients badly, and gave misdiagnoses, he would no longer be a doctor. Hell, he’d have been sued for malpractice. Worse, if he attempted to take credit for curing a person of a disease, he’d be a laughing stock. HE SHOULD have been sued for all the theft he’s gotten away with.

    And yet, it’s okay that he gets away with this time after time after time. He’s had years to say “Well shit, I can’t draw…maybe I should practice to become better….” Instead, more theft.

    Oh woe is Rob. That he spent his money to go to a convention because he’s so poor. WOE is him for having to deal with people like this.

    As an artist, you have to deal with this. You’re a public figure. Just like an actor, just like an actress, you’re in the public spotlight. If you KNOW that you have a large amount of people that do not like you or your work, wouldn’t you try to be better than your foes and put on the most professional face and smile you could? Yes, you would. Yet, instead, Rob acts like a petulant child. People are going to come up to you and tell you “I like it!” or “I don’t like it!” I highly doubt this entire escapade would have happened if Liefeld would have reacted in a professional manner, but he doesn’t. He simply shoes this guy away.

    When I walked past him, he was ignoring everyone around him as well. If he was really there to make himself look good, he would be engaging folks that obviously were taking interest in what he was doing.

    So bravo, I laughed. And let all the haters with their flimsy defenses rant on… Shine on you crazy diamonds. Shine on.

  181. Alex Deligiannis Says:

    I’d be happy if I could attract even a fraction of the fans, and for that matter, the haters that Rob’s accumulated. At your age, the guy was already a superstar, selling comics on the level of platinum recording artists. He dreamed big and made it happen on such a level that he has people lined up to buy commissioned artworks costing triple digits. You, on the other hand, are a pathetic fanboy who had to split the cost of a $5 book to accomplish your great dream: insulting someone. And you couldn’t even pull that off right. You came off looking like a frightened, anorexic, child-molesting version of the Gordon’s fisherman. At least you’re proud.

  182. Barton Says:

    Rob Liefeld is a shitty artist. You’re a shitty person.

    Rob wins.

  183. RaiderRich2001 Says:

    Wow, I guess if you don’t fall down at Liefeld’s feet and worship his crappy art then you must be a douchebag.

    You people cannot seriously come here and defend his art style.

  184. Aaron Says:

    I’m not an avid comic book fan anymore, not since the early 90′s. I jumped ship when I was 14, just as X-Force #1 hit the stands. So what I’m about to say is based on no allegiance to Liefeld. Also, I would like to preface this with the fact that I typically never leave comments, especially negative ones ladened with obscenities.

    You are the biggest fucking-nerd-asshole I have ever witnessed.

  185. CBL1978 Says:

    Another Professional Artist : thanks for adding the only thing more douchebagnificent next to the blog itself. You’re either being contrary for the sake of or your just about as subhuman as curious george’s caretaker here.

  186. G. perez Says:

    @Joe Jusko

    That makes perfect sense! “hey! We are all very mad at you and are verbally castrating you! Come out so that we can do it all towards your face.”

    And you do in fact reap what you sow. But for people who consider themselves ‘professionals’ to ‘stoop to his level’ is very unbecoming and very UNprofessional. If you want to ride the high horse you gotta stay above the fray. Many of the posters here (probably including me) have shown themselves to be completely incapable of that.

    And I like how you completely ignored my point. What makes this any less acceptable than the Micheal Bay haters or people who make fun of/prank celebreties? Does Ashton Kutcher owe everyone who was on Punk’d a very visible apology? Do Seth Green and other comedians have to apologize to all the people, stars, etc. they made fun of? Do critics and biased news reporters owe apologies to those that they verbally tear into? I’m also going to ignore how I tried to atleast be semi-rational and accepting while you and others saw fit to tear new a-holes for anyone who disagrees with your side.

    And why are YOU on the offensive instead of Rob Liefeld? Unless YOU really are Rob Liefeld. If there is something horribly wrong why hasn’t he said anything?

  187. CBL1978 Says:

    This has nothing to do with Rob’s art or the fact that its coming out that dude has basically padded the story to make it look like he’s not the nutless massengil poster boy he is. It’s commmon decency. Not hard to understand.

  188. prime Says:

    I like how you didn’t even have the balls to face him after you left the book on the table. You may not like his work, but what you did is totally disrespectful. All you have to do is not buy his stuff. You might as well stop buying anything with Deadpool in it as well, because if it wasn’t for Liefeld he wouldn’t exist, and buying any deadpool books makes you a hypocrite, even if hes not the one drawing him. What you are is a jerk who thinks your intelligence and education make you better than others. You think you’re clever and you have the right to be nasty to people and that writing on the internet about it makes you funny. You’re part of the reason some creator’s don’t go to the cons, sign autographs, do sketches. Its the douchebag fan that ruins it for everyone. You get what you give. I hope that one day when someone makes you feel like shit you remember this moment.

  189. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:

    @RaiderRich2001 You are totally missing the point. Are you wearing a yellow hat?

  190. T'Cheesy Says:

    RaiderRich2001: Tell me what it’s like to be able to spell and type but not read. I’ve never met someone who can pull that off.

  191. asdf Says:

    We have learned 3 things from “Yellowhatgate”:

    1. Comic book “pros” can’t take a joke
    2. Comic book “pros” can’t take criticism, lest they BAAAAAAAAAAAAW all over the internets.
    3. Rob Liefeld is using several nicknames to defend himself on this blog’s comments. ;)

  192. Foxhack / Kit Sniper Says:

    Yeah, I may not like Rob’s artwork much at all, but you sir are a dick.

  193. Mr. Nova Says:

    So you drop the book off in a plastic bag and run away like a coward? You hide behind other fans and take a crappy video looking for a reaction? I think you should get in the ring, kid. Read “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” and produce a 22 page book of your own. Then present it to editors at conventions next to one of Rob’s books and see how it turns out. Since you have an issue with Rob’s work, step up and be a man.

  194. Alex Mendez Says:

    It’s not that we’re defending his style. Yellow Hat guy tried to get a rise out of a pro, failed, upped the ante by cowardly leaving the (dedicated) book of How To Draw Comics in the Marvel Way.
    Striking a blow for all Liefeld haters? Bah. He’s just a poor, pathetic loser who wanted to look “kewl” for his internet peers (pranknet, anyone?) and failed miserably.

    Yellow: you fucked up, badly. I am not a fan of Liefeld’s work and I’ve seen the pages where his art is mercilessly trashed and I’ve agreed.

    But pulling your cowardly, asinine prank and puffing yourself up as some sort of conquering hero?

    Sad and pathetic, man. Don’t quit your day job.

  195. ToastyGoodness Says:

    We have learned 3 things from “Yellowhatgate”:

    1. Some fans think comic book pros are supposed to be their bitches and cater to their every whim.
    2. Some fans go out of their way to BAAAAAAAAAAAAW over the internet and/or attempt to inaccurately portray themselves as a badass.
    3. Ryan Coons is using several nicknames to defend himself on this blog’s comments. ;)

    There, I fixed it for you asdf.

  196. The Real Jack Kirby Says:

    “Rob Liefeld has clearly perfected one art, at least, and that’s the art of suffering fools.”

    He should have spent less time on that and more time perfecting the sort of art he’s actually paid to produce.

  197. Joe Jusko Says:

    I need to get back to work so I’m not gonna get drawn into a flame war with someone who won’t even post under his own name. People are condemning the act, not defending the artist. It would be just as reprehensible no matter who it was done to. The lack of understanding that fact says more about it’s supporters than any comment on this site could. And the Michael Bay comparison doesn’t fit here as this was a personal interaction along the lines of the asshole who squirted Tom Cruise with water on the red carpet last year. Just a socially retarded fucking thing to do that lacked one iota of humor (to anyone with common sense, at any rate).

  198. Reborn Says:

    @Another Professional Artist

    First of all, I refuse to believe you’re a professional artist of any sort, since you refuse to even take responsibility for your own comments here. I’m pretty sure you’re just calling yourself a pro so that people have this imagined idea that your opinion matters more.

    “I highly doubt this entire escapade would have happened if Liefeld would have reacted in a professional manner, but he doesn’t. He simply shoes this guy away.”

    As for that piece of comment, I’d say that he was very professional about it. The OP already instigated conflict by starting off with demanding an apology. Had he been less aggressive and instead gave Rob some real criticism like a gentleman, Rob probably wouldn’t have dismissed him so quickly. But the OP did act like an ass, and Rob, like a pro, kindly told him that it was nice to meet him, and indicated that he did not want any more of his rudeness. Rob had no obligation to ask anything like “And why would you like me to apologize?”

  199. Brian Wood Says:

    I am not here to defend Liefeld but to defend the notion that human beings should just be civil to each other, not complete jackasses completely lacking in anything approaching adult behavior. If this was a joke it was a really stupid, offensive one, and it certainly isn’t criticism.

    Just adding my name to the long list of professionals who think you guys acted like total scumbags.

  200. ToastyGoodness Says:

    @G. perez

    “And why are YOU on the offensive instead of Rob Liefeld? Unless YOU really are Rob Liefeld. If there is something horribly wrong why hasn’t he said anything?”

    He has. Check his Twitter.

    The “You must be Joe” argument against the people who think Coons was a douche can easily be applied to the anonymous supporters of Coons.

  201. Chris Ward Says:

    Sorry guy, I think it was a dick move. But, then again, I’ve certainly performed my share of dick moves during my Wizard days. Look on the bright side, you’re getting traffic I guess? But I think you’re going to have to lose that dumb-ass hat at future shows. It’s, like, a walking target now. Here’s my take on the whole thing:


  202. Brian Says:

    That is the funniest thing I have read in a good long while, if you ever come to the Motor city Comic Con I would love to shake your hand in person…..A well deserved lashing for Mr. Rob “make the arms bigger than the street” Liefeld

  203. Rev. Dave Johnson Says:

    Well, I guess I should be relieved that mister yellow hat won’t be doing that to me since he seems to like Superman: Red Son enough to wait in line to have Mark Millar sign it. I can sleep a little easier at night knowing this fact. Although, I loaned out my copy of ‘How to draw comics the Marvel way’ a few years back and I never got it back. So having this guy buy me a copy would actually be kinda sweet.

  204. The Eltingville Comic Book, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy and Role-Playing Club Says:

    Please come home, Ryan. The meetings aren’t the same without you, and we miss you.

  205. Bill Says:

    It’s not epic. Ryan Coons is an asshole. If you don’t like his work, don’t buy it.

  206. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    Mr. Johnson, sir, I am in your debt for creating Batmankoff. You did what was previously thought impossible — making Batman more awesome. Thank you.

  207. G Says:

    There is a large number of Bad Comic Artist out there but there is only one “Liefeld”. His success to bad art ratio is very large and it makes him a bigger target. I always thought of him as a nice guy because of the small out of proportion hands he drew on his characters. You could plainly see he didn’t want anyone to get hurt.

  208. MPL Says:

    what is wrong with you. The one that should apologize is you, there is no excuse to be such a dick to someone regardless of how you feel about their work, I am not a fan of his art either, but that was just infantile, you need to grow up and have some respect.

    one thing is for sure, you are a nobody and will always be one. Go and have someone change you diapers

  209. King Rockwell Says:

    Chiming in with the “I don’t like Rob Liefeld, but I like you even less for this” crowd. Putting your photo on the internet with this probably wasn’t a good idea, since now people might actively start looking for you to give similar treatment.

    And while I think you’re a shithead, I also kind of feel bad for you having to face such a clearly unexpected negative reaction. This post doesn’t sound like it comes from a very confident or socially capable person, and I can only see you getting more isolated after having this rug pulled out from under you. I really feel for you there, dude.

    But you’re still a shithead.

  210. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:


    1. noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style: Homer’s Iliad is an epic poem.
    2. resembling or suggesting such poetry: an epic novel on the founding of the country.
    3. heroic; majestic; impressively great: the epic events of the war.
    4. of unusually great size or extent: a crime wave of epic proportions.

    You know, just so people know the actual definition.

  211. Karsten Says:

    Absolutely pathetic. You should be ashamed of yourself, but the sad thing is, I’m sure you’re still proud of what you did, and completely in denial about why so many people think you’re an asshole. I don’t like Liefeld’s art, and I’m hardly a defender of his work, but based on the one time I met him, he seemed like a really good person. That’s far more than could be said for you. Grow the fuck up, show some class- send Liefeld an apology for your disgraceful actions- and stop acting like a douche bag.

  212. ToastyGoodness Says:


    Rats. So much for changing my name to EpicToastyGoodness.

  213. G. perez Says:

    @Toasty Goodness

    It was more of a mockery of Joe’s point. You know the flip side of the coin thing. It was to make the exact point that you are making now. So I guess I’m glad that you caught on.

    @ Joe

    I guess I can see where most of you were coming from. It seems that many of you are taking it as an evil cruel act, while some are taking it as a “ha ha liefeld deserves it” and others just see it as a harmless if not juvenile joke.

    The tom cruise thing is on a whole nother level than this. Was the prank juveniles? Hell yes. Did the guy mean/wish for any physical harm to come to liefeld? No. So in that aspect he has probably already one upped many posters here.

    And I’m just seriously not comprehending. Can someone explain to me the evils of (as a joke) asking him to apologize for Capt’n A and buying him a book about how to draw comics? Can anyone explain to me where all the malice and hatred in that action is? Because I’m just not seeing it. And really if all it takes is one small prank to get blacklisted in a whole industry…. then it speaks far more negatively of the industry than it does the person. To me that is synonomous with meeting Obama/Palin/Clinton/Bush (possibly jokingly) asking for him to apologize for the way he/she governs/governed, and then buying him a book about how to govern… And THEN finding out you are black listed from every federal job ever. Its just a drastic overreaction.

  214. The Swede Says:

    Across the internet, millions of comic fans cried out in joy!

    If there was a Pope of Comics, you would certainly be declaired a Saint!

  215. Eric Says:

    Lame move man… until you publish a book that the entire comic book reading universe wets their pants over, STFU. Seriously – you don’t like Rob’s stuff, don’t buy it, simple as that. I am not a fan, and never have been and I don’t own a single title of his.

    Also, like others have pointed out, before you start in on someone else’s quality of work, you may want to make sure yours is up to snuff, i.e. the camera, video, etc…

  216. G$ Says:

    Disappointed that I wasted any time reading what you did. grow up and act your age. your no better than anyone, and karma will find you.

    peace, G$

  217. Shannon Cronin Says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Mr. Nova on this one. I think you should “get in the ring” but I was thinking more along the lines of the Guns N’ Roses approach. Let me know if you plan on coming to the Long Beach Comic Con or to next year’s San Diego Comic Con.

    You’re the typical “internet tough guy,” but you actually displayed your cowardliness by running away… on camera… and wrote about it.

    You’re a shit stain who can’t even respond to all the criticism you’re being thrown here. Speak up piss hat.

  218. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:

    @The Swede Really? Where the fuck are they? Seems the majority of people on here think the dick in the yellow hat is a cock.

  219. Mike Says:

    OMG! almost 200 comments on this! Take a fucking joke people. Lot’s of people don’t like Liefeld’s art. LOTS OF PEOPLE. This wasn’t even that bad of a joke. Cmon, asking for an apology for what he did is pretty funny. Thats not that mean either, it’s not like he called him names and told him he sucks, it actually was done in a courteous way. And How to draw comics the Marvel way is really a good book, I own a copy. No harm has been done. Maybe some hurt feelings by Liefeld but so what. Stop being a pussy and take some humorous criticism.

    And as far as other Pro’s twittering about this, you should be happy their are fans this involved with their comics. It’s because of them that you work. Step back a second and realize how much of a dedicated fan people like YHG are.

    Everyone needs to lighten up.

  220. Ron Cacace Says:

    It boils down to common decency and social skills. Rob Liefeld is a person with a lot of feelings, and I’m pretty sure you just hurt damn near all of them. Not cool.

  221. Alex Mendez Says:

    It was EPIC: Extremely Poor, Idiotic and Crass.

  222. thatguyfromsyracuse Says:

    @Mike Are you out of your mind? A joke means it’s funny. This wasn’t funny. And that wasn’t criticism. You’re basically talking out of your ass defending this putz. There is a difference between not liking somebodys art, and demanding an apology, like you are owed something. “Fans” like this make me embarassed to be a comic fan. They make the people who are polite and courteous look bad in the eyes of artists and writers.

  223. G. perez Says:

    Moral of the story: Never pull a prank on someone who is either famous or a worked in comics and post it on the internet. The hate will overwhelm you.

  224. Tony Says:

    All I can think of is that you really need to get a life… I’ve met babies with more maturity than you…

  225. Lord Alvarez Says:

    Good luck trying to get an autograph ever again jerk.

  226. The Cheap-Arse Film Critic. Says:

    Moral of the story- there are socialy inept people on The Internet.

    Who knew?

  227. Pick The System! Says:

    So let me get this straight. You waited 13 or 14 or however many years to meet Rob Liefeld in person and tell him he messed up “your” Captain America book? Really? How many other professionals have you done this to? Where is your art at? Who publishes it and how many copies has it sold? You were short of breath because you’re a pussy. Go read Rob’s account – it sounds much more credible than your dribble. If this entire site was designed to accommodate then I’d say the only thing “epic” about this is how much of a failure it is.

    I don’t like Rob’s work, but I respect his contributions to the industry. Just like summer school you have no true class.

  228. Blue Says:

    Uhg, I hate that line of reasoning. Eric, if you go to a museum, and you see a work constructed entirely of the artist’s feces, you don’t need to be a skilled and accomplished artist to say that it’s a bunch of shit smeared on a canvas.

    And all of you guys, good Christ, pull your heads out of your asses. “When you buya movie ticket, all you pay for is the seat! Take responsibility for your own actions!” You make the whole process sound so epic and noble. It’s not that deep. We’re not that complicated. And you’re not as smart as you seem to think you are. There is no responsibility, there’s just reactions.

    He didn’t like it, so he decided to play a joke. Hell, it’s not even THAT complex; he just thought it would be funny to prank a bad artist. There was no seething motivation here, no element of revenge or hate. He just thought it would be funny.

    Calm the living fuck down, guys.

  229. montimer Says:

    Quite aside from the fact that you were incredibly rude, your description of ‘the bald guy’ taking it out, laughing, then reading the inscription to liefield and then laughing again is clearly utter bollocks. Your own video shows that he got it out, looked at it then put it away again.

    The saddest thing about this whole affair is that your dick move has caused some of the best comic creators in the world to reply to your post, and has no doubt boosted your traffic exponentially. It shows people that the best way to get attention is to act like a prick. I hope that some time soon, someone treats you with the same contempt you showed Liefield.


  230. Mike Says:



    giving Rob Liefeld “How to draw comics the Marvel way”=laugh


    giving Rob Liefeld “How to draw comics the Marvel way”=funny

  231. Patrick Says:

    After scrolling through some of your older post and seeing the shots of you with your shirt off, I’m left to conclude you really have a knack for making yourself look silly on the internet. It was like two pink erasers sticking out of a brillo pad. Guh…

  232. Kirk Warren Says:

    Classy, real classy. You should learn to dissociate the artist from his art. Don’t like the art? Fine. But don’t take it out on the artist, especially when they take time out of their own lives to interact and chat with the people reading the books.

    If you want an apology, go see the artist’s employer or maybe, just maybe, look in the mirror and question why you spent all that money on something you “hate” and then start making your demands for apologies.

    There was not one thing here that was funny or charming or even unique. The fact you felt the need to share your little “joke with” everyone says a great deal about yourself as a person. So, bravo, you’ve earned yourself 15 minutes of “fame” as everyone now marvels at what a douche you managed to be. Bravo.

  233. Blue Says:

    To clarify, I do think it was pretty tactless. I just don’t think it’s anything to get so riled up over.

  234. David Gannon Says:

    Wow, your’e a fag dude

  235. G. perez Says:

    Seriously, can someone explain to me where all this self-justified rage is coming from? I really don’t get it. He pulled a prank on a well known comic artist and as a result he is the demon of teh interwebz. The scourge of the red sea! Etc, etc, etc!


    have you read your own comments or any of the others similar. I hope nobody ever treats you like that… because quite simply I lack the capability to hate a person I never met on such a level.

    @film critic.

    I agree, and sadly I think that accounts for everyone here.

  236. Cammy Says:

    Really? You couldn’t have just walked away?

    You’re the reason why we can’t have nice things.

  237. career artist Says:

    asdf what do you do for a living? work at a video game store? Man up, move out of your parents house, get a real job as an artist for marvel. Seriously that skit is some 17 years old kid stuff. while im not a liefield fan you gotta respect your elders and people who are working hard to make a living from the arts. congrats you got your goofy 5 mins of internet fame with your blog and video lifefield will be remembered for decades.

  238. T'Cheesy Says:

    In other words, Blue, what you are saying is “when made to eat shit, grin and bear it?” Well, gee, looks like Liefeld did just that, so as not to bum himself or anyone around out by causing a scene.

    That’s not the point. The point is the vast majority of the world expects a certain level of decency and humanity when interacting with one another.

    It is the absolute minimum we expect from one another in an otherwise violent and hateful world filled with professional and personal frustrations, set-backs, disappointments, etc.

    I’m sorry that you think that wanting a creator of any type of art to apologize for the fact that their work does not suit your taste or expectations is not malicious.

  239. Thudpucker Says:

    It’s a douchebag thing to do. Only other douchebags would find humor in this or feel a need to defend it.

  240. Richard S. Says:

    Rob Liefeld offers a completely different take on Coon’s bravery.


    @mikechoi, thanks for the sentiment man. I love you dude, you know i’m a big fan oy you and your stuff. But let me set the record straight..
    @mikechoi, both Marat and the rest of my crew were witness, Valentino too. I was drawing commissions, making a dent in the list…
    when this mumbler comes up, trembling, I saw his friends filming so I figured it was a set up. Mumbler studders his Cap statement, I shrug..
    Seriously,@mikechoi, this guy couldn’t seem more nervous, like he was gonna piss his pants. I could barely hear him, told him thanks…
    Said it was nice to meet you, and he was STUNNED. Guy wanted a reaction, he got zip. There was no face tightening. Valentino said to him..
    “Glad you got that off your chest” as he wandered away. Later, he zipped past the table, you can see on his vid, I didn’t see it…
    But I felt the breeze and the bump on the table. Marat smiled and said that mumbler ran up and put his book on the table. He opened it..
    We laughed and he said “Great, I needed one of these since my house burned down.” I said it’s yours and we continued….
    Later, Marat flipped through it and we saw the note and laughed. Now dude writes a blog where he’s this BMOC, acting like he was bold..
    Guy looked like someone I wouldn’t trust around my kids, could barely speak, almost pee’d his pants, and now he’s bold. I don’t thinks so.
    And I love that the video doesn’t match his descriptions. I’m smiling. Because that’s what i do. I’m always smiling.

    The while incident comprised of a a few seconds, it was easily forgotten, I react now because dude has posted a generously imaginative version all over the web. I truly don’t get sum people but if ur going to write that I didn’t look at you, why am I looking at u in photo?
    Provide proof of your “punking”. Especially the part where you ran nervously up to the table and dropped off a bag and no one noticed.



    There ya have it. You were not only spurned by him twice…for the 3rd time he spurned you and didn’t give a shit at all. He laughed about it and continued his work. You rated a mere… scared mubling distraction to him.

    The industry will now point and laugh some more at you. Yellow Hate Guy. And your buddy for putting this on his blog.

  241. Marc Hammond Says:

    This doesn’t count as being a fan involved with comics. It has nothing to do with comics, Liefeld, his art, or even Heroes Reborn.It has to do with civility, and decency in a social situation. The pros that have responded have tried to point out that their ire was raised by a childish, rude prank pulled on a fellow creator during an event that person, as well as others, took precious time out of their work schedules to attend. Much, I’m sure, the the delight of those out there who ARE fans of his. That’s what this is about, and that’s what the pros are, for the most part, commenting on. Being rude in that fashion, deliberately trying to offend and/or humiliate someone in public is just wrong. But to say that this has anything to do with being a dedicated fan of comics is just silly. Would you barge into a meeting between the editors and marketing staff behind the Heroes Reborn concept? Would you rib the other creators involved, including Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio, and Jeph Loeb, for being a part? Doubtful. Your time would have been better spent seeking out a creator at the show whose work you enjoyed, and letting them know. It would have gone farther.

  242. G. perez Says:


    And it would also be correct that only ignorant douchebags would try to belittle the other side and try not to understand where others are coming from. It would also be correct to say that flaming someone because they did something you didn’t like is douchebaggish.

    And now I’m going to ask again what is so malicious about this? Can someone show me the intent to harm and the sheer hatred yellow dude had for Liefeld? Cause all I’m seeing is a childish joke. And honestly if one guys opinion/prank hurt the dude so badly……

  243. G. perez Says:

    @Richard S

    so…. what you are saying that it was a harmless pathetic joke and Liefeld wasn’t hurt at all…. thats good…. and its nice that he wasn’t mortally wounded that some of the other posters were claiming. He is a professional and professionals don’t and shouldn’t let shit like this get to them.

    All in all still think everyone here is seriously overreacting but I can now see that the guy is in fact kinda a tool.

  244. Marc Hammond Says:

    No one ever said he was hurt badly. I bet it barely registered on his radar, to be honest. Malicious may be a tad strong a sentiment, but he didn’t buy him the book, and leave that inscription to be friendly and encouraging. Childish is the perfect word. But it is childishness like that, that could turn some creators off to doing shows.

  245. Caliggs Says:

    For the lolz doesn’t count for much here. Gotta say though, that one action and the subsequent interweb backlash is even more entertaining than Walter Winchell narrating the WWE and the cast of ROME performing Shakespeare. Can some of you starving, talented, Deviantart-Types start juggling chainsaws and molotovs in the next Act?

  246. Marc Hammond Says:

    On the other hand, I would like to agree that Superman: Red Son is awesome, and that the Rev. Dave Johnson is due your praise. I’m just saying…

  247. Josh Says:

    From Rob’s Twitter:

    “when this mumbler comes up, trembling, I saw his friends filming so I figured it was a set up. Mumbler studders his Cap statement, I shrug..

    this guy couldn’t seem more nervous, like he was gonna piss his pants. I could barely hear him, told him thanks…

    Said it was nice to meet you, and he was STUNNED. Guy wanted a reaction, he got zip. There was no face tightening. Valentino said to him..

    “Glad you got that off your chest” as he wandered away. Later, he zipped past the table, you can see on his vid, I didn’t see it…

    But I felt the breeze and the bump on the table. Marat smiled and said that mumbler ran up and put his book on the table. He opened it..

    We laughed and he said “Great, I needed one of these since my house burned down.” I said it’s yours and we continued….

    Later, Marat flipped through it and we saw the note and laughed. Now dude writes a blog where he’s this BMOC, acting like he was bold.. ”

    There’s a bit more but I though Rob’s side sounded a bit more accurate.


  248. Slewo Oshana Says:

    Man you and the guys defending you… So you think just because you didn’t like a persons artwork gives you justification and reason to act like a little cocktard to a person? I’m not a fan of Liefeld either but that doesn’t mean I troll about him I just don’t buy his stuff. Isn’t it amazing how that works?

    And the rest of you little guys sucking this dumbasses vagina because “he served him”. Get a fucking life along with the rest of you. You guys wonder why comics are a more insular medium with bullshit like this.


  249. Mike Says:

    Gee, you wasted your money on a great book. You didn’t have the guts to confront Liefeld yourself. You deliberately went out of your way on video to make yourself look like a moron.

    Yeah. Tell me who the real butt of the joke.

  250. Jerry Butler Says:

    Wow. You may not be a fan, but you know what? You don’t have to be a fan.You don’t like his work, here’s a wacky idea…DON’T BUY IT!!!It was a dickhead move but you know what, I bet that he could care less about you or your dumbass remarks.After hearing the other witness accounts of your “incident”, we all know you’re full of shit. My advice to you is this…next time you are thinking about attending a show, do EVERYONE a favor and stay home in your parents basement and read your comics and play your video games. Too bad they don’t have asshole detectors at the entrance to the show. But thanks for giving everyone your name and photo. Good luck trying to meet any other artists in the future.

  251. Thudpucker Says:

    @G. perez

    I like that you began your reply by saying “And it would also be correct”. You’re clearly stating that you also believe Yellow Hat Guy behaived like a douche. Good for you!

    If you’re one of his friends maybe you calling him out like this will get thru to him where random strangers won’t.

  252. Mike Says:

    I will place money down that this clown is someone who wants to get into the industry. Most of the people who give pros a hard time are those that have no talent to do the job and think they can do the job better than anyone else. So they resort to these tatics like these to get their point across. Jealousy seems to be their driving force.

  253. ComicSmackDown Says:

    Hah! Ryan’s earned his place on ComicSmackDown’s Liefeld Hall of Lame!

    “Rob “Small Hands” Liefeld vs Ryan “Yellow Hat” Coons”


  254. EJerson Says:

    I’m not a fan of Liefield’s work, blah blah blah. I have to say that some of those posting here are really overreacting. Did you do something silly and a bit childish? Yea. Did it hurt Rob? No. Did it provide some catharsis? I suspect it did for you, and it sure did for me.

    What most of the people criticising you seem to be overlooking (unless this is a tribute to irony blog site) is their comments are much more insulting than what you did. What ever happened to an eye for an eye? Oh wait, you were interacting face to ..top of head, and they are hidden behind internet anonymity.

    I think buying him “How to Draw…” was an excellent way to make your point. It was a form of art. People should be respectful of artists.

  255. Joe Zhang Says:

    Yellow hat guy looks like a sex offender in his dirty trenchcoat.

    Liefeld has his faults but he is a millionaire who works in comics for all the major companies.

    Yellow hat guy lives in mommy’s basement and probably masturbates to old issues of the superfriends.

  256. Scott Story Says:

    This saddens me. What a moronic stunt to pull. My opinion of Rob has risen, because he handled himself with class.

    The sad thing is that you probably think all the indignant people who point out the stupidity of your stunt just “don’t get it.” You couldn’t be further from the truth. Tearing down another person just because you don’t like them is appropriate for a 6-year-old, maybe, but it’s not more acceptable then.

    Completely without class.

  257. Thom Trainor Says:

    Wow, you raised lighting a bag of dog shit on someone’s porch and ringing the doorbell while running off to a whole new level. Unfortunately, that is also a cowardly childish act, so there’s really not much level to raise.

    I honestly don’t know where guys like you find the precious time in life to waste on this kind of self-serving bullshit. I think of all the genuine and decent people who have passed from my life far too soon, and wonder why it couldn’t have been you – a human being I’ve never even met.

    I was not much of a “Planet of the Apes” remake fan – think I’ll hunt down Tim Burton and dump a stack of rotten bananas on his table and run away giggling to tell my friends how cool they should think I am. Then I’ll tell EVERYONE about it on the internet and die a king among men…

  258. Joe Zhang Says:

    Lets also keep in mind Rob donated some artwork for the John Ostrander auction at this con – what did Yellow Hat guy do? He just wet his pants and mumbled a few incoherent sentences to Rob while his lover filmed him…pretty sad.

    The good thing is yellow hat turd has now been identified by fans and pros alike – im sure his next convention appearance will result in an atomic wedgie or two.

  259. Hate Says:

    I’m sure Rob was like, “In all my years comic business, no one has criticized my art anywhere ever. And to think it was done in such an original, thoroughly creative manner. Goodness gracious, look how red I am with embarrassment and anger! Drat your venturesome nature, uncompromising honesty and rapier wit, fruity hat guy!”

    Who will be the next victim of your brilliant intricate pranks, I wonder.

  260. Shane McCarthy Says:

    Way to build yourself up as being a hero for nothing at all. Rob’s a polite guy and you’ve proven it by showing yourself to be a wanker and him to be the hero in this for ignoring your school yard crap.


  261. ComicSmackDown Says:

    Thom, you’re lame… but not lame enough to repost anywhere else. :D

  262. Barton Says:

    “and probably masturbates to old issues of the superfriends.”

    Hey now. Yellow Hat is clearly a douchenozzle, but if you haven’t rubbed one out to Aquaman, you haven’t lived.

  263. ComicSmackDown Says:

    Shane…. you should go change your diaper, you whining sissy boy. Rob revels in this shit. Negative publicity sells more books for Rob than praise and cheering. So, go lay an egg all you chicken pansies! :D

  264. KSChris Says:

    I’m not a fan of the guy’s work, but there’s no real excuse to this. I’m sure you guys are laughing and enjoying yourselves over the LOLZ you got amongst your little clique, but at the end of the day, it’s really not all that funny.

    Not quite sure what your original goal was, but you’re now the laughingstock of the internet comic book community – congrats, asshat! You might’ve embarrassed Liefeld for a few minutes, until he went home to his hot wife and swam in his piles of money.. now we’re all just laughing at your stupid ass.

  265. Eb Says:

    ITT: People wasting their time reading an article they didn’t enjoy, then wasting more time writing lengthy diatribes on morality and manners in regards to said article.

    Thanks for the entertainment, guys. :)

  266. Paul Sizer Says:

    Thanks so much for further cementing the stereotype that comic fans are socially inept and spiteful idiots who waste their time plotting shit like this rather than trying to share their love of comics with those outside the medium. I’m not a fan of Rob’s work, but now I’m even less a fan of how you conduct yourself as a baseline human being.

    Thinking of ever being involved with other comic professionals? Hoping to ever contribute to the medium you say you love so much? Hoping other professionals will rally to your side? You have effectively blacklisted yourself in this industry, and have shitcanned any dreams you may have held for getting any love/support/respect from professionals in this industry.

    Hope it was worth it.

  267. Z. Says:


  268. Robert Cox Says:

    Maybe you could go to the Art Store and by some supplies and start making your own Comics to sell at the next CON. Actually they would probably let you in Artist’s Alley and you could sell your comic drawings for $5 and $10 bucks a pop, unsigned even, to other Fan Boys like yourself, then you could bring home the rest of your work and put them up on Ebay, for other less fortunate Fan Boys who live in Remote Rural areas……………you could actually become a pro comic artist this way and then we could criticize the hell out of you on some punk a$$ blog for fan Boys…WTF do you think about that killer career platform, Fan Man?

  269. me Says:

    That was very poorly done. You wrapped it in a bag, dropped it and ran? Hell, your lucky no one thought it was a bomb. Although that would have actually been funny.

    Did you not have the balls to give it to him in person? Tell him “I hope this helps with your art.”? Were you afraid he was going to hit you? Throw you out? Is that why you had Mark Miller sign Red Son for you first?

    Seriously dude, grow some balls.

  270. Sebastian Says:

    I don’t know which I find more sad, the act itself, or the handful of you claiming to “not see any lines crossed” or failing to see how this is insulting and rude.

  271. ComicSmackDown Says:

    What’s crazy is how yellow hat geek boy has gained so much exposure on his escapades in comic geek-land homo-eroticism. Rob’s laughing all the way to the bank…

  272. The Kiai Says:

    Fucking fanboy. I’m happy you’re getting what you deserve. Guess you won’t be getting out of your mom’s basement any time soon.

  273. John Says:

    After reading all these comments all I can think is: Internets – Serious Business! Why does everyone take themselves (and others) so seriously?

  274. Enigma9565 Says:

    All you’ve proved is that Rob Liefeld is the classiest guy in the world and that you’re one of the biggest losers around. At least he was published by the big companies and has taken chances. What have you done?

  275. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “Enigma9565 Says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 10:09 pm
    All you’ve proved is that Rob Liefeld is the classiest guy in the world and that you’re one of the biggest losers around. At least he was published by the big companies and has taken chances. What have you done?”

    Enigma – if you think Liefeld’s the classiest guy in the world, then you’re pretty fuckin lame yourself………….

  276. Joe Zhang Says:

    Ha Ha Ha – I did not know that yellow hat Douche was an aspiring comic creator – it all makes sense now – Rob has projects on the go for Marvel and Image with support from friends and family while Yellow Hat Turd wonders why his tear stained doodles wont get accepted by editors at the big two!

    The best part is Yellow Urine Hat has effectively blacklisted himself from the industry!

  277. Raph Says:

    Ok, so I’m a 25 year old fanboy… the 90′s were and still are a huge influence on me… and in the past, I may have disparaged a writer or artist in my time… but ultimately, these people produce work that we as comic book fans enjoy, and we have every right to not like their work, or to disagree with what they are doing… but to insult them? Would you like someone coming to your job and telling you you can’t do it worth shit, and then hand you a guide book to how to do your own job?

    I won’t say I LOVE Rob Liefeld’s work, but he’s helped create characters (Deadpool,Cable) that I have enjoyed and I am grateful to him for his part in their creation.

    I don’t particularly agree with certain creators’ takes on characters or properties I’ve grown up with, but I certainly wouldn’t hand a writer a “comic books for Dummies” book or hand an artist a “How to Draw” book… that’s just so disrespectful… you might as well spit in their face and tell them you wish their arm fell off or something.. it’s not right at all. I don’t care how “bad” the writer or artist is… I don’t care if it’s the guy flipping your burgers or the guy you buy your clothes from…

    It’s called basic human respect. No one tells you how to live your life and do what you do, so don’t do it to anyone else.

    I have a lot of respect for Rob Liefeld, because he still does comics despite crap like this, and that’s just awesome. I don’t know if I could do it after dealing with jackasses like this.

  278. Ratwedge Says:

    Very, very awesome.

    I laughed very hard and wish I could high 5 you.

    You should have also bought him the newest version of X-Factor and told him you prefer Starshatter queer as a square wheel.

  279. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “The best part is Yellow Urine Hat has effectively blacklisted himself from the industry!”

    AS IF Rob actually has that kind of pull anywhere in the industry anymore…. why else do you think he’s so ridiculed? Cause, there really is little to no respect for him. Yellow Turd may be blacklisted, but only in Rob’s shallow heart.

  280. Mike Norton Says:

    This has to be the most insipid, douchebag thing I’ve ever heard of someone doing. Really. I’m astounded at the stupidity that fuels your actual PRIDE in doing something completely sociopathic. So I guess congrats?

  281. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    Huh? Wha? I’m a comic book creator? Really? Since when? No one tells me these things…

  282. nekoken Says:

    Why didn’t you ask him to apologize for New Mutants?

  283. chris Says:

    Glad you punked Rob for all the wrong he has done in comics, but the fact that you were willing to wait in line for Mark Millar to sign a book makes me question your taste; the dude is the literary equivalent of Liefield, but apparently has Shadow like powers to cloud men’s minds and hide the fact that he sucks.
    When I saw that YOUNGBLOOD cover, which was literally the iconic “fallout shelter” emblem: http://www.cfo.doe.gov/me70/manhattan/images/FalloutShelterSignLarge.gif
    And it sported the names “Liefield – Millar” I wondered if it was an ad or a warning that the two worst creators in comics were going to break the seventh seal.

  284. Craig Says:

    Dude you are one of the biggest loosers I have ever heard of.

  285. Brian K. Morris Says:

    Hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes.

    While I’m not exactly Rob’s biggest booster (although he’s shown some quality work in the past, in my opinion), this was pure cowardly rudeness. Other than a moment in the sun, what did you hope to truly get from Rob? Did you tell him WHY you didn’t like his work? Were you expecting him to apologize for Jim Lee too? Or were you simply hoping to play Con Clown for a day, ignoring that you were attempting to hurt the feelings of a real human being?

    I’m not a comics pro, but I agree totally with the ones who’ve posted here. You are so very sad and so are your juvenile “friends.”

    Maybe Rob will get someone to sell this book for him and donate the money to The Hero Initiative. At least then SOME good will have come from this incident.

    It’s not just the hat that’s yellow. It’s also the spine.

  286. David Cutler Says:

    You are a petty, rude, obnoxious human being. His work may not be to your liking (or mine) but I can’t believe your disrespect here. I’m not the sort of person who believes in karma, but I’m beginning to wish I were.

  287. Steve Wallace Says:

    Wow, way to go guy. Like Paul Sizer said, you’ve officially branded yourself pariah in the industry.

    So lets do the math.

    You = Some blog traffic that will likely only last a day or so, completely alienating yourself from nearly every comic professional. Getting to be a dick for 10 minutes.

    Rob Liefeld = taking little notice of your shitty antics. Continuing to draw comics for a living and being a nice guy.

    Yup, game goes to Rob.

  288. Russell Says:

    In what other social context would horrendous behavior like this be acceptable?

    When you eat a bad meal at a restaurant, do you go into the kitchen and insult the chef or buy him a cookbook? If the pitcher on your favorite team walks in the winning run, do you go to the locker room and give him what for? If you see a concert you don’t particularly enjoy, do you hunt down the musician and verbally thrash him?

    No. You don’t. Rather, you express your displeasure by not going back to the restaurant or selling your season tickets.

    Comic book conventions are one of the few social situations where hobbyists or fans can meet the people they admire. Most people realize that’s a positive thing.

    I write for a living, and I don’t even have the words to describe how absolutely distasteful this behavior is. Your actions reinforce every negative stereotype of the American comic book fan.

  289. James Andrew Says:

    Got linked to this page via Jim Lee’s twitter account.

    Like 99% of people here, I’m not a Liefeld fan, but I don’t care enough about the guy’s art to be offended by it either. I suppose I could see why some people would find the prank funny, and maybe it shouldn’t be taken too seriously, but at the end of the day, it was a bad fucking idea. Considering that this is clearly making the rounds among pros, including the aforementioned JIM LEE (who obviously does NOT approve to put it kindly), think about the impression this leaves on all the artists/writers who regularly go to cons. On one hand, I’m sure many of them are saying to themselves “What a dick, I’ll make sure to avoid that guy” but on the other, I bet there’s a more subconscious side that’s saying “Wow, I wonder how many other jerks like this are out there, and are now empowered by this guy.” It’s a blow to their perception of us as fans.

    Dude, it’s cool if you don’t like his art, and I think you may’ve been on to something when you were, y’know, actually SPEAKING to him, but ultimately, you did way more harm than good.

  290. John Says:

    Wow. That was truly pathetic. If you really had b**ls, you would have gone through with it by HANDING the book to him. Instead, you went the “do you like me? check YES or NO” route like your average junior high dork.

    Really. Thirteen years. A comic book grudge for thirteen years. Demanding an apology for a comic book. Seriously. Wow. That’s really damn sad.

    I bet you did something similar at a Star Trek convention to protest Worf, a Klingon, being on the bridge of the Enterprise. Perhaps you were upset that your monkey friend, George, went missing. Whatever. Grow up, dude.

  291. MESIAS Says:

    Mr. Coons…
    You are my hero!

  292. RKL Says:

    What a massive fail.
    Sure, you had a few ideas that were funny, and if you could have manned up enough to actually see them through you would have gained a few passing smirks, but instead you completely blew it. You don’t get the rise you’re after, you don’t make any sort of impact, and you do it all while hyperventilating, sweating and mumbling.
    It would have been an okay prank, maybe, if you had stood there with the book, but to fly by and crop-dust it onto the table is a wickedly pussy act.
    I can only imagine what a goon you feel like now to see REAL creators on here blasting you because you are an ass.
    This is why the internet has a bad name and fanboys an even worse one.
    In future, just fucking neck up and wait for Millar quietly in line.

  293. Gail Says:

    This guy made yellow hats uncool for the rest of history.

    I love how he’s talking about how brave he is when it’s clear he can barely control his bladder.

    Rob doesn’t need defending here.

  294. J.R. LeMar Says:

    “No, I have to do this. I’ve waited thirteen years for this,”


    That one sentence says way more about YOU than you realize.

  295. Tony Says:

    Really, hiding the book in a bag, putting it on his table, running away like a scared chicken and boasting how awesome you are on your blog? Cowardice at its best! Pathetic!

  296. Matt Strawbridge Says:

    I don’t like Rob’s work myself, but I don’t think this kind of embarassment was really called for either.

    You hope that when you meet your heroes, the creators of this stuff, that you can speak to them one-on-one and that fan-relations are a positive thing. Stuff like this sets that back and does SO much more harm than good.

    Whatta backwards step, guy.

  297. Erin Winter Says:

    As a female comic book reader my first reaction is:
    Are you single?
    Are you looking to procreate? Because I totally volunteer.

    I noticed the change in tone halfway down the comments page *or maybe a little before* ;)
    Honestly all that happened was one man doing/speaking what so many fans say in the LCS, in forums and in conversations at cons. Liefeld is a favorite to some, but a non-favorite to many. His art is very lackluster. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and everyone is entitled to acting upon their opinions in ways they want to, provided they are within the legal laws of a society (which he did). I honestly doubt that Liefeld hasn’t heard his art sucks before. I’m sure he has. Yet he makes no effort to take criticism and work at changing, so does it really matter in the end if another fan decides to point and laugh? No. Do I understand that artists are humans with feelings which are subject to hurt? Yes. Do I feel a touch of sympathy for Liefeld? …Yes, because I’m sure he has to deal with this often. Do I think the complaint was done in the most overly dramatic and comedic fashion for the sake of a story? Yes. But it’s a darn good one. ;) As a theatre worker I appreciate it and applaud it.

    You could have probably done the book gifting first and silently, keeping it the only act and it would have carried more impact as a whole. However I understand you were working under the constraints of the con, so it couldn’t totally be played out. In the future, think first; then act. Remember, being subtle has a greater impact than over acting.

  298. Joe Zhang Says:

    Comicsmackdown – just count the number of creators and industry insiders who have posted their disgust on this blog (Gail Simone, John Layman, Cully Hammer, Shane McCarthy, etc) – Urine hat guy has identified himself as an asswipe industry wide. Even among those who aren’f Liefeld fans!

    Yellow Stained Hat guy – of course your not a comic pro – your an aspiring comic pro who has no talent and longs to be in the industry. But before that happens you have to master the art of not wetting your bed.

  299. Dustin Harbin Says:

    Guys, let’s increase the peace. A SUGGESTION:

    Those people who agree with Yellow Hat Guy should signify so by wearing yellow hats at comic book events. Also trenchcoats–those are always in style, year-round. People LOVE TRENCHCOATS.

    Those who disagree with Yellow Hat Guy should walk up to people with yellow hats, hand them a bag with a surprise in it (a turd? you decide!) and a note which asks for an apology for the yellow-hat wearer’s douchery. Origin of the douchery not important–the recipient likely is inhuman and lacks feelings, so it doesn’t matter at all whether it makes sense or hurts them in any way. They almost certainly love being publicly insulted by people, like most of us do.

    Then film (or have a friend film, that’s okay too, still ballsy) the whole thing from between some other con-goers’ shoulders. Like a stud.


  300. Joe Zhang Says:

    Watching the video really shows your lack of any balls whatsoever – you ran past his table and dropped off the bag like a little schoolgirl running away from…oh say..a creepy guy in a trenchcoat and yellow hat.

    Quick question – did you poop your pants at the drop off or right after? Your mom must have been furious when you got home that day!

  301. Kelvin Says:

    Your next target should be Brett Booth. Another paid lame artist from the very lame Image School of Comic Art. Liefeld does need to apologize for the crap he’s produced along with the rest of the Image founders and the useless editors who hired them!

  302. Name (required) Says:

    Comicsmackdown — great posts there yourself!! I love how the spambots have run rampant on your vapid website. The site has become much more interesting and useful since their arrival.

  303. Richard Pace Says:

    Years ago the Great and Powerful Ellison wrote an essay called Xenogenesis — essentially about just this; how some so-called fans feel at liberty to treat the genre professionals as their own personal punshing bags.

    Coons, you’re obviously a big Avengers fan — exactly which classic Avenger would have considered this a thing to do? Aren’t these comics about actual heroic people — the good guys. Try to act like one. Maybe read them a little closer and realise that acting a little more like these fictional characters would make you a better person.

    There’s no bravery, wit or humanity in the act or the distorted and self-aggrandizing bragging about it.


  304. Jeff Says:

    Jesus. What an sorry little cunt.

  305. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “Name (required) Says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 11:44 pm
    Comicsmackdown — great posts there yourself!! I love how the spambots have run rampant on your vapid website. The site has become much more interesting and useful since their arrival.”

    Hah! Yeah, spam-bots are a down-side to my site of pure unadulterated comics hilarity… but hey, seeing some T-n-A mixed in with the likes of Byrne and Liefeld really helps the eyes from wanting to be gouged out! :D

  306. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “Joe Zhang Says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 11:34 pm
    Comicsmackdown – just count the number of creators and industry insiders who have posted their disgust on this blog (Gail Simone, John Layman, Cully Hammer, Shane McCarthy, etc) – Urine hat guy has identified himself as an asswipe industry wide. Even among those who aren’f Liefeld fans!”

    Yeah…. I’d post all these other “pros” comments on my site, but, well, I’ve still got the Simone vs Byrne fued in queue… and being an internet comics badass evil-doer is a busy busy line of work! :)

  307. Name (required) Says:

    Aw, come on Pedi . . . you really need to grow up too.

  308. that one guy Says:

    I’m going to make sure that I attend my next con dressed as Yellow Hat Guy. I will note how many people insult me and how many approve and with this information, determine exactly what public sentiment is on this.

  309. Brad Says:

    I think the joke was in poor taste, but that’s what it was– a joke.

    Much of the backlash is just as juvenile and insulting as anything the man in the yellow hat did.

    What’s really sick are the 2 or 3 pro artists that have made comments like Jim Lee here: “You’ve more or less have been blackballed by the biggest pro in comicbooks… And with he advent of Image coming back together… You’re screwed if you wanted anything to do with comicbooks.”

    Wait, what? Who are you, the Kingpin of Crime? Snidely Whiplash? Scrooge McDuck? Dumbness.

  310. jermylee Says:

    so which is it?
    yellow hat guy crossed the line and did something hurtful
    yellow hat guy did something of no consequence that rob shrugged off?
    someone needs to tally those votes.

    as far as the “if you don’t like it, don’t buy it” argument goes, what if you are following a series or a writer, let’s say punisher or wolverine, and chaykin comes in and draws everyone with the same face in that parkinsons style? do you leave a gap in your collection and story knowledge because off this lapse in editorial judgement?

  311. Pedi Says:

    “Name (required) Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 12:01 am
    Aw, come on Pedi . . . you really need to grow up too.”

    Oh, common no-name…. why don’t you just go off and age by yourself.

  312. Brian J. Crowley Says:

    I don’t particularly dig Liefeld’s art, so I don’t buy it… but I have respect for the man.

    Everyone else here has mentioned what a supremely douchey thing to do, and they’ve mentioned how disrespectful it is and I’d just like to add that it also wasn’t funny or creative in the least.

    Beware Chicago Artist Alley, the lot of us at table will be sure to be packing squirt guns as we set our supersoaker sights on that yellow hat.

  313. Richard S. Says:

    Whats really sad is Coons can’t even come in , type up a defense of the joke. Debate anyone and this is a guy who bragged about being brave to pull a prank ? Your making Rob’s words ring true more and more.

    So maybe it is true what he wrote. You mumbled and nearly pissed yourself. Because thus far in this …you haven’t done anything at all. Nothing. Maybe that yellow hat is pretty true.

  314. Will Says:

    I have a good mind to re-post this on /co/. I wonder what they on 4chan would think this?

  315. Helmroc Says:

    Liefeld clearly didn’t care about the “joke” so why should we all get our panties in a twist? The fact that a socially inept mouth breather being a douche to rob liefeld ignited this much rage in the industry is the saddest funniest thing about this event.

  316. Rosscott Says:

    If only the book was “How to Add pouches to Uniforms”.

  317. Brittney Says:

    True, everyone has his or her own opinions but- wow. If attention was what you wanted maybe standing naked in the streets would help instead of posting this.

    Out of everything why do I feel sorry for you…this is kind of embarrassing and maybe the most childish thing I’ve ever seen.

    But life does go on! He’s a pro and you’re, well you’re still just an inconsiderate fanboy.

    Good Luck with your choices in life! ^__^

  318. brenatevi Says:

    This was an asshole thing to do, and as such, my inner teenager found it hilarious. When your sense of humor hasn’t graduated from high school, whatcha goin’ to do?

    But the part that I found best was:
    “You know, the upward one. I walk off and hyperventalate for a while, because I can only process a set amount of awesome at one time. That’s why it took me four hours to watch 300 the first time.”

    This is a “words from the horses mouth” demonstration of how lame this person is. Hyperventilating? I hope to Phil that you were exaggerating. (I look in the mirror and suddenly realize I look like a pot. Shit.)

    If I had been Rob, I hope I wouldn’t have gotten pissy, but would have laughed my ass off for someone growing a set of balls and dropping that book off at my table. In fact, I would have thought “His balls dropped right before my very eyes.” (Thanks Rayne for that bit.) When dealing with the public, there’s always people that aren’t going to like you, and you know what? That’s OK. Rob should count his money, and then go back to “sketching away at yet another blocky, disproportionate, and overly-linear picture of one of my beloved childhood heroes.”

  319. Magazinekitchen Says:

    From Rob Liefeld: “@mikechoi, thanks for the sentiment man. I love you dude, you know
    i’m a big fan oy you and your stuff. But let me set the record straight..
    @mikechoi, both Marat and the rest of my crew were witness, Valentino
    too. I was drawing commissions, making a dent in the list…
    when this mumbler comes up, trembling, I saw his friends filming so I
    figured it was a set up. Mumbler studders his Cap statement, I shrug..
    Seriously,@mikechoi, this guy couldn’t seem more nervous, like he was
    gonna piss his pants. I could barely hear him, told him thanks…
    Said it was nice to meet you, and he was STUNNED. Guy wanted a
    reaction, he got zip. There was no face tightening. Valentino said to him..
    “Glad you got that off your chest” as he wandered away. Later, he zipped
    past the table, you can see on his vid, I didn’t see it…
    But I felt the breeze and the bump on the table. Marat smiled and said
    that mumbler ran up and put his book on the table. He opened it..
    We laughed and he said “Great, I needed one of these since my house
    burned down.” I said it’s yours and we continued….
    Later, Marat flipped through it and we saw the note and laughed. Now
    dude writes a blog where he’s this BMOC, acting like he was bold..
    Guy looked like someone I wouldn’t trust around my kids, could barely
    speak, almost pee’d his pants, and now he’s bold. I don’t thinks so.
    And I love that the video doesn’t match his descriptions. I’m smiling.
    Because that’s what i do. I’m always smiling.

    The while incident comprised of a a few seconds, it was easily forgotten, I
    react now because dude has posted a generously imaginative version all
    over the web. I truly don’t get sum people but if ur going to write that I
    didn’t look at you, why am I looking at u in photo?
    Provide proof of your “punking”. Especially the part where you ran
    nervously up to the table and dropped off a bag and no one noticed.”

  320. Neil Kleid Says:


    Having read this completely through, stunned that you have the time, energy and lack of basic social grace to, you know, not be an ass in public, I think I’ll let Steve McQueen express the way much of the comics industry feels about you right now and what Rob was well within his rights to do to you:


    Seriously, dude: a little class. Very little.

  321. William Blankenship Says:

    While there are many things I don’t like about Liefeld, his work, his business ethics, You sir suck bags of dicks.

  322. Tom Stillwell Says:

    What an utterly pathetic and cowardly weasel you are. You are in sore need of a kick in the nuts. Sadly, you have none.

  323. William Blankenship Says:

    ^And that’s coming from Tom Stillwell, who is the mothafucking MAN!^

  324. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    @ Richard S.

    I haven’t written anything because I’ve had things I’ve had to do today. That and people are posting faster than I can soak them in. When I do, it’s mostly just name-calling. If you’d like me to answer questions, please come up with a list for me.

  325. ComicSmackDown.com Says:


    One question:

    You’ve become an internet comics super-villian practically overnight… how does it feel to receive so much attention and hatred over just one silly geek-boy prank on the most hated comics professional of all time?

  326. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    @ ComicSmackDown

    It’s surreal. Confusing too.

  327. ComicSmackDown.com Says:

    “Yellow Hat Guy Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 12:44 am
    @ ComicSmackDown

    It’s surreal. Confusing too.”


    Can you please elaborate on that? What are your true feelings on the matter? Never imagined that one little prank would suddently turn into Rob’s most current pain in the ass, didja?

  328. William Blankenship Says:


    1: How does it feel to have created nothing of value?
    2: How often do you get pussy? By that I mean getting your dick wet in vagina, not playing with cats.
    3:How often do you masturbate?
    4: Was yellow an aesthetic choice or was it just appropriate to your cowardly nature?
    5:When will you be creating your own work of comics, for people to judge on the internet without thinking of the time it takes to actually draw a page, much less, the time it takes to draw a page mediocre, much less the time it takes to draw a page well?
    6: Would you please email me when you create your comic so I can link to it and adequately judge it?
    I’d absolutely love to hear in-depth responses to each. In fact I will post them on my site, along with my comics, and a link to your site if you are willing to respond.

  329. fishboy Says:

    Frankly even if you’d done this to an artist I like and admire I’d still think it was funny. Kudos to you sir.

  330. Shannon Cronin Says:

    I’ve got one. Why do you feel like he owes you anything? At this point do you feel bad? Do you feel like you’re the one who should say sorry? Or are you as stupid as you appear in the video and remain un-phased by your mean spirited attitude?

    Here’s a guy, who goes all the way to Wizard World to sign some autographs, meet his fans and live life trying to make ends meet. It’s bad enough creators get shit in the forums from you cum stains, but at least they can avoid it.

    Instead of just walking by and thinking his art isn’t your preference you have to go try and talk shit. When you don’t get under his skin that way, you return and try and shit on him again, but like a bitch you run.

  331. Elliot Blake Says:

    I’m glad people are stepping up to defend Rob, but who cares whether or not you like his art? It’s irrelevant to the larger point, which is this: there’s nothing brave or funny about being a putz to another human being.

    Yellow Hat Guy, and all the other Liefeld haters – it’s not like Rob did something that’s an affront to all humanity. He made a comic book you didn’t like. Big deal. There are larger, more important things in life. Get over it. Don’t buy his new work. Your actions have avenged nothing – but they have affirmed every single negative stereotype of comic book fans. Well done.

  332. Lisa Says:

    Not what I would expect from an Eagle Scout. Very honorable.

  333. Yellow Hat Guy Says:


    Those really are my feelings on the matter. Surreal and confused I’ve only ever seen comic nerds rage at creators, not the other way around. At this point I do not feel bad. I’m not sure what to think. At least I’m getting to talk.

  334. Marko Says:

    Ryan, I am on a podcast live right now, and we are talking about this very situation. Would you be willing to call in and present your side of the story? Perhaps clear the air a bit? Here is the info:

    Call 1-724-444-7444

    Enter talkcast ID 12986 followed by #

    It will ask for a pin number, but you don’t have to have a pin. We’d love to talk to you to get your opinions on this.

  335. Richard S. Says:

    Ok to be serious…

    1.) Do you think people would be this angry ? When you see all who have posted from Neil Kleid , Tom Stillwell , Ethan Van Sciver , Ron Marz , Clayton Moore , and Joe Jusko …do you feel ashamed those pros you admire are tearing into you ? Not at all pleased with how you did this to one of them ?

    2.) Why not stand there and be there in person when he got the book ? I mean , you are brave aren’t you ?

    3.) If you really didn’t seem to care what Rob Liefeld did , why leave your cellphone number , address and name there for him to see ? It seemed to scream for attention since he had basically laughed at you , choosing to work instead of being angry or giving a reaction.

    4.) Why wait 13 years ? Or why not write him an angry letter detailing your problems with his work ? Since in person he claims you nearly pissed your pants and mumbled.

  336. Jamie S. Rich Says:

    Just another person who wants to add his name to the public record in thinking you’re a supreme douchebag. One with terrible taste in haberdashery, as well. As Cameron Stewart noted, your attempt to portray your own cowardice to even carry off the prank as some kind of overload of “awesome” is probably the saddest part of the whole affair, and the biggest clue to how little you get it.

  337. ComicSmackDown Says:


    Rob Liefeld has sure got you confused.

    He goes to these cons because he’s paid ridiculous fees for lousy sketches adding up to thousands of dollars for sitting around and being a talentless swine. Cons are truly Rob’s ultimate con… and they pay off.

    I urge everyone to follow Ryan and wear a yellow hat to every Liefeld con and give him as much grief as you can possibly dish.

    Then, BLOG BLOG BLOG all about it…. Rob Liefeld, whether he likes it or not, is the comic community’s equivalent of the stinky fat boy sitting alone in the corner……. sure, you pity him, cause he’s fat and he stinks……. but really, what should you do when you see a stinky fat boy?

    You should tell’m to lose some weight and take a fucking shower…

    Its just civic duty.


  338. Richard S. Says:

    And last question. Since we have your name…. is it ok I come to your place of employment with some friends. Videotape myself mocking you while your work. Pointing out Yellow Hat Guy works at ______ Ha. I post it online as I mock you and pull a prank.

    How does that sound ?

  339. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    @Richard S.

    1) No, the entire industry joining forces in some sort of summer annual crossover story is still beyond me, and seems crazy. I see the pros tearing into me, and I’m letting them have their say. Kyle wanted to mod out everything negative, but I stopped him. If I can dish it out, then I should made to take it as well.

    2) That crossed my mind that people would complain about leaving, but they’d complain regardless. Besides, I though giving my contact info would have been enough.

    3) If I left no contact info, I’d be called the unknown coward. If I gave contact info, I’d be called the known coward. It’s not a question of “Why?” but one of “Why not?”

    4) I never thought he would sit around and read every letter sent to him. I mumbled because adrenaline got the best of me, and I hadn’t really thought out what to say. The near pants-pissing is story embellishment on his part.

  340. crevab Says:

    Mr. Hat, looking at the video, it seems you also embellished a bit. Anything else you want to straighten out?

  341. Z Says:

    “I mumbled because adrenaline got the best of me, and I hadn’t really thought out what to say.”

    what a douche.

  342. Yellow Hat Guy Says:


    Mike and August were the ones who told me what happened afterward. Mike didn’t stay and record the whole scene, but to the best of my knowledge, what I reported was true.

    As far as straightening other things out? I really don’t know what to say at this time. The people who are angry and pissed off will stay angry and pissed off no matter what I say. I only ask that you try your best to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of your posts. Name calling wastes your time and mine. So do attempts at guilt trips.

  343. Helmroc Says:

    @ Hat Guy
    I would really stop responding to people and just bask in the shit storm if I were you.
    You pranked a notable industry figure *hated but still notable* and bragged about it on the internet. What did you expect to happen? Brofists and blowjobs? How could the backlash confuse you?
    Every time you type a response you look more and more like a inept chucklefuck. Seriously… do yourself a favor and let it be.

    Also hope people don’t show up at your place and kick the shit out of you. Because your info is all over the net now. Godspeed, you inglorious goofball.

  344. Richard S. Says:

    1.) Well this seemed to spite them. It seemed like the usual thing that these creators hate that some rare fans do. Cross the line into asshole territory. Many have told bad fanboy stories and how horrible things can get. You basically played right in and did them no favors. And you drew the ire for acting like it was super awesome to be this way man. Which irked them even more.

    2.) I’m sorry , but if your brave enough to buy that book and wanna harass the guy at the Convention. Man up , son. Stand there and hand it to him in person. Walking by and dropping it….and taking off as someone films it …well not so brave.

    3.) Well lets examine this. You claim you hate what Liefeld did right. Why the hell do you wanna be the “Known coward” ? I mean does it make a point to be known ? It screams angry spurned lover. That you would teach Rob a lesson. He would know your name. But he gave the book away and didn’t care. And it wasn’t til a friend told him about this …he didn’t even know you at all. The gambit failed.

    4.) Well its hard to believe that you were so brave on one part. You could have stood there and handed him the book. Your admitting you mumbled to him , which makes the statement he gave….you pissed your pants nearly …seem more true. Had ya been filmed standing there , giving him the book in person….well maybe some would say “Brave guy”. After they tore into you…lol.

  345. Marko Says:

    Just call in for a few mins. We actually had someone else from here call in, but we’d really like to hear from you, just for a bit. This can be your chance to have a louder voice in all of this. I assure you, you won’t be attacked.

    Call 1-724-444-7444

    Enter talkcast ID 12986 followed by #

    It will ask for a pin number, but you don’t have to have a pin. We’d love to talk to you to get your opinions on this.

  346. Richard S. Says:

    People may forgive you if you….I don’t know…offer a sincere apology to the guy . People will be understanding I’d think. Say your sorry and hey…make a donation to the John Ostrander fund. The guy is losing his sight and Rob was kind enough to work towards that. It would go a long way maybe in their eyes if you did that with the apology.

    Thats my 2 cents.

  347. NiKO Says:

    All you’ve done is create more positive interest in Rob Liefeld. You’ve got professional talent coming to his defense by leaps and bounds. As a long-time fan, I just want to say thanks.

  348. C. Christian Scott Says:

    I just feel really bummed by this.

    I want to say, since everyone else seems to be saying how much they AREN’T fans of Rob, that I AM a fan of Rob Liefeld. Having never met the guy, so no one-on-one with him, but I still think he’s just a great guy, he’s done some fun books, created some cool, lasting characters… So, yeah. There’s that.

    Be that as it may, I’m as guilty as anyone else (online especially) saying what I think of certain creators’ work or books I don’t like or the current state of the Marvel line or whatever. I’ve made myself look really stupid with one or two of my public statements online. So, I don’t claim to be better than you.

    But this was a mistake, man. Sure, you felt the need to tell Rob that you didn’t like his work. Fine. I can almost respect that. But making a video, and a post, and a show of the whole thing and just trying to out-and-out insult the guy after… that’s nothing to be proud of.

    I don’t want to throw a bunch of insults at you. I don’t want to tell you your opinion is wrong. I just want you to think about what having this post here is accomplishing, for you yourself, for the industry, and for Rob.

    For you… some people are cheering you on, sure. But a lot of creators are telling you that you’re lacking in class, and they aren’t ever interested in talking to you or associating with you. I’d hate to be a comic fan that is so snubbed by the people I look up to. But that’s me.

    For the industry, this is just a point to a lot of creators as to why it’s not really worth the time to go to cons and meet up with fans. Things they do out of the grace of their hearts. Yeah, maybe there’s some money involved, but Cons are a huge investment of time, energy, and in cases like this mental anguish. Having a weekend off at home with the family seems a lot more valuable than meeting people who just want to insult you and run away.

    And for Rob… I don’t see this having an adverse affect on Rob, so I don’t know what you really wanted from that. He’s publicly said his Captain America/Heroes Reborn stuff wasn’t his favorite work of his own. He’s got a great sense of humor about it, actually. But the man works hard, he has fans, he gets work because he’s a PRO, no other reason than that. So, he’s fine. He was fine before, he’s fine now.

    Taking in those things, do you not think you might just want to remove this post, and hope it can be swept under the rug A.S.A.P? Can’t you see that it was a mistake? Seriously?

    I just hope tomorrow you’ll wake up and make the right decision. Good luck to you.

  349. Mike Hodder Says:

    And yet you still think its acceptable to belittle and publicly humiliate a man because he drew a comic book you didn’t like?

    Are you ten years old?

    Exactly when did being rude and obnoxious to another person become socially acceptable? Do you still put “kick me” signs on peoples back, or pull down the pants of the unsuspecting?

    If you don’t like the guy or his work, fair enough, but just ignore him.

    There’s an old adage that says you should treat others as you would want to be treated. Maybe you think about that next time you feel like pulling a stupid juvinille prank on someone.

  350. Marko Says:

    Rob Liefeld on live with us now.

    Call 1-724-444-7444

    Enter talkcast ID 12986 followed by #

    It will ask for a pin number, but you don’t have to have a pin. We’d love to talk to you to get your opinions on this.

  351. ComicSmackDown.com Says:

    HAHAHAHA I’m listenning to the podcast now and it’s friggin hilarious!

  352. Will Says:

    @Yellow Hat Guy

    Mr. Coons, do you want Mr. Liefeld to be a better artist? I know I do, but if you’re going to criticize the man, then criticize him. Don’t be clever, don’t be sarcastic, just politely and respectfully state your beef, maybe present evidence to back up your criticism, and see how Mr. Liefeld responds. You could have had an opportunity to have a civil discussion about Liefeld’s art; instead, you chose to be a bitch. Don’t be a pussy and put some drawing book on his desk, and then run off in a corner with your buddies to giggle about it.

    If you really wanted to blow money on Rob Liefeld, though, don’t do it on any book. Buy him a Burne Hogarth book. Buy him an Andrew Loomis book (if you can find one). If you really wanted him to be a better artist, then drop some change on classes at the New York Academy of Art for him.

  353. Shane Says:

    I agree with Jim Lee. You suck, and are the reason “fanboy” exists. Stop worrying about others, and don’t try to build your mark by being an asshole.

  354. Z Says:

    Sorry for calling you a douche earlier. It was out of line. Hopefully you take some of the advice people are giving you (amidst all the insults) and do something positive with it. Peace out!

  355. Desmond Says:

    Good luck meeting other writers or artists at future conventions

  356. Will Says:

    @Yellow Hat Guy

    First, let me apologize for calling you a bitch and a pussy. It seems to me (and I include myself in what follow next) that we as Americans have forgotten how to talk to one another. If you want an example of what I’m talking, look no further than these healthcare town hall meetings taking place across the country. We have congressman getting death threats, people getting shouted down, people being absolutely shut out of the discourse. Now, what you did was in part “for the lulz,” but you also wanted to state you criticism of Liefeld’s art, which you did in the worst possible way. The state of civil discourse in our country is on a thin thread, I don’t care whether we’re talking about politics, art, comics, movies–we have seemingly lost the ability to civilly talk and debate one another. This whole mess reminds me of that reality.

    And to all the creators who have commented on this post, I have this to say: some of you have said things that have not acquitted you well in debacle. Getting involved in something like this should be beneath you. You commenting on something like this is akin to Queen Elizabeth II commenting on British tabloid shit. In the end, you leave a little less clean than before you entered this cesspool. That’s my two cents; I’ll say no more.

  357. Yellow Hat Guy Says:

    Will understands completely. Listen to him.

  358. Will Says:

    @Yellow Hat Guy

    You did read both of my posts, right? The first one wasn’t exactly kind to you.

  359. Darren Says:

    Coons, this is insane. Chud.com has a thread going now. OUT OF CONTROL.

  360. welp Says:

    I don’t see the purpose. Did you think Rob Liefeld’s feelings would be hurt? Did you think you’d impress comic books fans? At the end of the day, no matter what grotesques Rob Leifeld might commit to the page, he didn’t try to turn a nervous attempt at earning an invite to the cool kid’s table into an epic triumph.

    Of course, it was probably none of these and rather a cynical attempt to get some free traffic for your blog. Well, mission accomplished. You’ve got a day or two worth of negative traffic and your regular readers (?) will be here in the morning.

    Then again, at the end of the day, you still wear that hat and a trench coat out in public. Don’t worry. Its not going to rain inside of the convention center, I swear.

  361. ComicSmackDown Says:


    You guys are trying to lynch Ryan…. and, every time so cal tries to defend his perspective, you mute him!

    You guys SUCK!


  362. ComicSmackDown Says:

    Scott – you sound like an idiot… why don’t you unmute So Cal and take your due beating! :)

  363. JAn Says:

    People have some seriously distorted views of the world if they’re telling you you’ve “got a pair”. They’ve obviously never seen someone do something that takes genuine courage.

    I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of pros here and say what an incredibly low character move this was. If I were you I’d delete the whole thing, pretend it never happened, and hope nobody had set up a mirror site for posterity.

  364. Darrel M. Adams Says:

    Why is it entertaining to go out of your way to try and destroy someone’s hopes and dreams? Does it actually make you feel good to know that you possibly made someone doubt themselves a bit more or made them dwell on something negative. Why hurt someone that has never inflicted harm upon you? Do you think that pointing out a person’s flaw in a hurtful way helps anything at all?

    Criticism is great. Constructive feedback is great. Stating an opinion is great. Why couldn’t you have done that in a polite way? Why go out of your way to try and publically humiliate someone who is taking the time out of their own life to provide something entertaining for the rest of us? Your average person has the life span of 80 or so years…maybe…and this person has decided to dedicate their life to the pursuit of making comic books. Through failure and criticism, good and bad, this person has endured this industry for somewhere around 23 years. That’s 23 years of a person’s life dedicated to the masses. That’s a quarter of his lifespan gone doing something that he loves. Something that a lot of people only dream or talk about doing. That’s nothing to spit on.

    We have a choice in life. We can either dream or we can do. We can respect or we can hate. Why do you read comic books? You say that you’re a Captain America fan, why? Is it because of what he stands for? That character has been passed down from writer to writer and artist to artist for somewhere around 68 years. His stories carry a moral undertone. That character embodies honor and respect. That character would probably not agree with your actions neither would (I think) the writers and artists behind that character.

    Rob Liefeld has done nothing wrong, but you…you went out of your way to hurt another human being…BRAVO SIR! BRAVO! You’re a real man now. You have our attention. Everyone is looking at you. Everyone is watching you laugh. Look everyone! There’s Ryan Coons the bully. Let’s join him in another round of hate..it’ll be fun. It’ll make us look good to trash someone else.

    You guys go right ahead and keep hating…the rest of us…well, we’re going to keep trying to make something out of our lives.

    I am curious though, what have you contributed to the comic book world? You have anything published with Marvel or DC? Did you help create any iconic characters? Anything? Anything at all that would make you entitled to demand an APOLOGY from a complete stranger who was just doing something that he loved?

  365. Fabian Says:

    Wow, you are a dick. I may not like someone’s work but unless they forced me to see it, I wouldn’t go through the steps you did. Even then, your douchery is uncanny. I’m a bigger fan of Rob because of this.

  366. t$ Says:

    yellow hat guy is getting torched. this has gone viral. kinda funny, yet totally uncalled for. this completely backfired and yellow hat guy fanboy is in a fanboy nightmare right now. how long before he commits fanboy hari-kari?

    people are so pissed off and being so dramatic. i also find it ironic that half the people defending liefeld have to temper it by first saying, “i’m not a fan of rob’s work, but….” well, what a backhand.

    yellow hat guy is a loser, rob liefeld is a hack and fanboys are annoying.

  367. Raven Gregory Says:

    Dear God people. You let the yellow hat wearing prick win. Don’t you see? At first he was getting the attention he has so long desired his entire life by his fellow haters which is really the norm for the internet. If you make something people like and that sells a % of people will hate your shit. It’s a given. Then, the creators and fans and people of common decency came out to give you their two cents and this fucker is just soaking it up.

    But man, I love the fact that at least creators around the world can now put a image to the face of someone of who we do not want their readership or support.

    P.S. Dickish and pretty fucked up don’t even cover it. I’m quite sure you have an ass beating in the future over this one. It’s just karma. Remember that when it happens.

    Raven Gregory

  368. Adams Says:

    Haha – what does it feel like having every comic artist know who you are and think you’re a disgusting POS ? Enjoy your new-found fame!

  369. Terry Says:

    Dude – you really think you accomplished something, don’t you? I was there at Rob’s booth, not 5 minutes after you dropped that stupid note off, and then ran away. You know what happened after you left? We made fun of you. With every single person that walked up, we made fun of you. I guess you did accomplish one thing: you showed everyone what a complete horse’s ass you are.

  370. Frank Beaton Says:

    I’m a pro, and I’m trying really hard to figure out what the hell you thought you were accomplishing. Or why you thought you had the right to do what you did.

    Maybe you thought you were doing some kind of Sacha Baron Cohen-style performance art, or maybe you’re so used to being a troll on the Internet that you no longer know when or how to turn it off. Or maybe you just have such an inflated sense of entitlement that you think anyone whose work you’ve bought, ever, has to answer to you. Either way, I hope all the mean-spirited sniggering and cries of “Dude, that was so fucked up” you received made it all worth while.

    Because congratulations: the entire comics industry thinks you’re a horrible human being.

    And with good reason.

  371. die-yng Says:

    ComicSmackdown wrote:”Rob Liefeld, whether he likes it or not, is the comic community’s equivalent of the stinky fat boy sitting alone in the corner……. sure, you pity him, cause he’s fat and he stinks……. but really, what should you do when you see a stinky fat boy?

    You should tell’m to lose some weight and take a fucking shower…

    Its just civic duty.”

    You should leave him the hell alone if you can’t reach out to him or don’t like him. Rob Liefeld or fatboy or none of the above… WHo are you asshole to judge? Can you draw a straight line?
    You sir are the equivalent to a mean highschool bully as your analogue shows quite clearly.
    It’s ridiculous! I’m not running around telling people I don’t like them for whatever reason I might have. Why would anyone in his right mind do something like that?

  372. Tara Says:

    Not a witty thing to do. I don’t give a toss who the artist is, you don’t do that to other people. I thought I was bad in social situations, but sheesh. The sense of entitlement you (and apparently a small number of others) have is appalling and shameful. The “joke” isn’t funny, it’s just a dick move by a manchild.

    If I’m eating at a restaurant and my steak is cooked medium instead of rare like I asked, I don’t run out to the kitchen and stick it down the back of the chef’s pants. I’ll just take my business elsewhere next time. No grudge necessary.

    Some of my favorite comics creators have done work that I’m not so fond of. It has never even crossed my mind to even complain about it, let alone approach someone and demand an apology. It’s not that hard to just say “Oh well, that was a bit disappointing” or “That wasn’t my cup of tea” and move on, like an adult. Or if you really need to voice your disagreement, do so, but not like this. I know that probably wouldn’t be as pants-wettingly “awesome” but it’s more about having some empathy and acting like a human being. The guy makes comics, he’s not Hitler.

    tl;dr aside, do yourself (and all real comic book fans) a favor, Ryan Coons, and grow the hell up. I feel bad rewarding your bad behavior with the attention you so desperately want, but there it is: my 2 cents.

  373. kekw Says:

    You pathetic little arsehole.

  374. Mr. B Says:

    It was a dick move.

    I’m sure he is aware of this, and I’m sure it’s the reason he did it in the first place.

    he certainly wasn’t doing it to be nice to the guy.

    but he didn’t lose. He’s won. Look at all the publicity he’s getting.

    He’s got industry professionals at his beck and call. Everybody played right into his hand. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, and he’s raking it in. Think of all the site traffic he’s getting for this. Some people DREAM of this moment.

    Well played, sir.

    still a dick move. But executed in grand fashion.

  375. Danny Djeljosevic Says:

    Yellow Hat Guy,

    You’ve attempted to insult a guy who gets paid to draw the comics you only complain about, has legions of fans, and basically helped invent the style for 1990s mainstream comic books. You, on the other hand, are some twat on the ‘net complaining about comic books — COMIC BOOKS — that are — Jesus Christ — nigh over a decade old.

    Furthermore, cons are supposed to be happy places — where fan and creator unite in enjoyment of the medium they love, NOT for dickhead fanboys to get some self-confidence they only otherwise get on the Green Lantern message board.

    On the bright side, now EVERYBODY knows you’re a gigantic twat and will avoid you at all costs. Saves us all the trouble of getting to know you, eh?

    Here’s a better “revenge”, mate: make your own comic book. If you hate the work of Mr. Liefeld so much (an animosity which I don’t even GET anymore — at least he’s a founding member of the ’90s style and not some grade school wannabe), then produce something to make up for what you perceive to be his shortcomings. The only worthy criticism is art, so why don’t you try and create yourself instead of blowing three bucks on a cheap joke? I’m not even saying this so someone can play a similar gag on you and you can see how it feels. There are better ways to expend your energy, and trying to insult a creator is not it.

    And imagine, that book you gave Liefeld could have fallen into the hands of the next Kirby or something had you not felt the need to insult a complete stranger. Now this potential wunderkind is gonna grow up to be the cannibal dictator of Earth and process the still-living bodies of those he does not eat for rocketpack fuel. You bastard.

    So, conclusion: don’t be a dick, make comics, you’ve doomed the future.

    Surely you have something more substantial to say than “OMG I TOTALLY PRANKED ROB LIEFELD.”

    And if not… well, fuck.

    Danny Djeljosevic

  376. god Says:

    i love how haters humiliate theirselves with their douchebaggery. epic!

    asshole dickface shit-colored-hat-guy is now living in hell. good job! ^___^

  377. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “die-yng Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 4:21 am
    WHo are you asshole to judge? Can you draw a straight line?”

    I draw a straight line like every other pro – with photoshop :D

  378. kenworth Says:

    Yellow Hat Guy, please update us when you acquire the ability to look a man square in the eye and say what’s on your mind without pissing yourself.

  379. Tom Feister Says:

    So let’s recap. In and attempt to embarrass Rob for not responding to your initial rude comment you spend your own money to make another, more elaborate, rude gesture by giving him the book with your inscription in it. The goal of this act being to “get back” at Rob for your dislike of his work that you also paid for. Also, part of your plan is to to post the interaction in photos, words, and video on the internet trying to drum up some geek cool points and make yourself look like a bad-ass. That was the goal right? Now what you’ve actually achieved was to turn yourself into a virtual pariah of the comics industry, you’ve been labeled a douche-bag by the vast majority of people that have read you story and people that normally would have nothing much positive to say about Rob Liefield are taking time out of their day to leap to his defense. Good job. Did you ever work in the Bush administration?

  380. Pedi Says:


    Somehow, you and Rob have indirectly reconnected me with an old good childhood friend that I haven’t seen for roughly 17 years… through this random Liefeld event and Marko’s podcast. Fucked up. Weird.

    LEE – dude, email me………. it’s been too long. Let’s catch up.

    Scott – no insults I hope…. it was all in good humor :P

    Mark – nice meeting you. Catcha on your next podcast….

    Good show fellas.


  381. #1 Spinsulite Says:

    Spinsulin approves of Yellow Hat’s deed.

  382. Mike Bullock Says:

    And any credibility comic fans have gained in the last few years just backslid ten.

    I’m not sure what’s worse, this stupid ‘prank’ or the people defending you for acting like a jilted 3rd grader…

  383. RW Says:

    Whatever happened to “Don’t feed the trolls?”

  384. Jesse McCann Says:

    Looks like Rob gave it maybe three seconds of thought before going back to work.

  385. Lyle Pollard Says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    You, sir, are a total loser piece of shit, if ever there was one. You are the reason why you should have to be licenced to have a blog. You’re right up there with douchebags who post “goatse” pictures everywhere.

    You wasted a trip to a convention to try and humiliate a person who flew from California, I believe it was, all the way to Chicago JUST to sign some autographs, do some sketches, and talk to anyone who wanted to meet him.

    I’m not a huge Liefeld fan, but I respect the man immensely. He helped give us Image Comics, he gave us X-Force, he gave us Deadpool…while you’ve given us nothing but an ass-bag full of douchebaggery on a little flaming internet site that will totally red-flagged by everyone now as a “place to avoid”.

    I’m an aspiring comic artist, and I have dealt with some harsh critics, but I’ve never been insulted the way you insulted Mr. Liefeld, and I’m NOWHERE near as respected as he happens to be. I don’t know if I could restrain myself anywhere near as well as he did. In fact, why you aren’t missing your two front teeth and looking for them after a bloody bowel movement in the toilet of some dirty truck stop restroom is beyond me.

    Yellow Hat Douche=ass.

  386. Cabal Says:

    I care little for comics, and know nothing about Mr. Liefield’s art or reputation. But I know a childish insult, and Mr. Yellow Hat is flamingly guilty of one. Far from owing *him* an apology, Mr. Y.H. ought to be fawningly grateful that Mr. Liefield didn’t respond in the traditional way: by slapping him hard and demanding that he give him satisfaction at pistol-point. In the old days, that was the payment you got for dissing your betters.

    Word to the wise: arm-chair babies need to show some respect to the Men who actually, you know, can Do Things…

  387. Scott Says:

    Have to say that was pretty shameful. I’m not a liefeld fan. I hate his work, in fact. But I’m sure as hell not going to go up to the guy and insult him for it. And you know, Rob didn’t appear to react at all, maintained civility and then went back to work. Good for him.

  388. Joe Zhang Says:

    Comicsmackdown – Byrne/Simone fued? Another fever dream on your part…it seems picking on pros in the comics industry is a little hobby of yours..methinks your a failed writer or artist and the bitterness just plagues your life.

    As a gay man myself I know all about pranks and people picking on others – even on the Byrne board we get vicious trolls who attack others just for liking certain kinds of comics. Pretty pathetic. If you do not like it just ignore it – a “gap” in your collection is not the end of the world fanboy.

  389. Mark H Wilkinson Says:

    For what it’s worth, I found this prank amusing.

    Those of you riding high on your horses? You might want to keep things in proportion.

  390. Cully Hamner Says:

    Guys… enough. The guy doesn’t get it. He’s not going to get it. His buddies don’t get it. To continue posting here is pointless. Just remember his face, his name, and his silly hat, and resolve to never, ever, ever sign a book or draw anything for him, ever.

    Now, let’s just move on from this stupid fuck. We all have comics to make.

  391. Joe Zhang Says:

    I wonder if Yellow hat Douche will attend any future conventions? He practically had a seizure when he pulled his lame “prank” and seems to be a chronic bed wetter.

    Now that his name, face and silly hat are out there…he will probably be too chicken to attend any cons…for fear of high school flashbacks…like the numerous times he was stuffed into a locker or had his head dipped into a toilet..LOL

  392. Chris Says:

    You’re a douche. Artists and writers work really hard to perfect their skills to a point where they can get work and stand above the multitude. Being given the task to reinvent beloved characters is huge and very daunting. You can’t satisfy everyone. The fact that you found it necessary to taunt and belittle a man for doing his job to the best of his ability makes you the jack ass who should apologize.

    I really hope your not an artist, writer, creator, or otherwise affiliated with the industry in any aspect other than fandom. Actions like yours will get you blacklisted very quickly.

  393. RagePie Says:

    Even though I do abhor Leifeld’s work, it seems to me that all of this was pretty damn disrespectful.

  394. Biff Humble Says:

    Due to the large number of disparaging remarks about douche bags made by many commenters, I feel obliged to come to the defense.

    After all, who hasn’t paid good money for a whore, only to find evidence of the previous customer?

    It is at this moment that one realizes that douche bags are not only a vital part of the personal hygiene regimen of a Working Girl, but also a man’s best friend.

    To compare this blogger to a douche bag is an insult – to the douche bag.

  395. Pablo Says:

    You’re a sad little man.

    Rob forgot about you 10 sec after you did your “oh so clever stunt”

  396. C David Says:

    Your business card?

    I wasn’t aware that ‘dickface’ was a professional title now.

  397. SeanChristopher Says:

    Yellow Hat Guy,

    The saddest, most sickening thing I have ever done online happened about a couple years ago.

    Mike Turner was on heavy rotation as a Marvel cover artist. I was not a fan. I did not get it. I did not understand why his work was such a draw. This started a large “dog pile” on The V (as is the norm there).

    Someone posted that Turner was seriously ill and assumed that I knew that was the case. That I just wanted to pile on a seriously ill man.

    I did not.

    To try to back peddle, I posted that “if this is the industry’s way of helping a guy out, more power to them”. But that made it seem that he did not get the work out of talent, but pity. I feel like I make things worse.

    When I see the love from industry insiders and fans to Turner now, I get a little ill myself. That I added a bit of ugliness to the world.

    Please understand that I simply did not appreciate is work and expressed it.

    You purposefully committed this rude act. I hope in the future, when someone expresses an appreciation of Rob, you get that little feeling in your stomach that I get with Turner. And I hope it makes you think twice the next time you act.

    Also, an apology could go a long way here. I imagine comic pros can be quite forgiving.

  398. Name (required) Says:

    @ Pedi (ComicsSmackDown)

    “He goes to these cons because he’s paid ridiculous fees for lousy sketches adding up to thousands of dollars for sitting around and being a talentless swine. Cons are truly Rob’s ultimate con… and they pay off.”

    Really? Yeah, he takes commissions, but have you ever seen the STACK of FREE SKETCHES — and fully rendered ones — that Rob’s been noted for doing at shows? Dozens of people leave shows with fully completed pieces — AT NO CHARGE — thanks to Liefeld’s generosity.

    Oh, that and the fact that he treats the guys on his chat forum as friends and family. He hangs with them at shows, after the show, and has meals with them throughout the convention.

    You’re totally off on this Pedi. I’m sure the commissions are gravy, and the business connection part of cons are invaluable, but Rob truly does enjoying visiting with his fans . . .

    @ Joe Zhang
    “methinks your a failed writer or artist and the bitterness just plagues your life.”

    Pedi worked in comics for a while in Liefeld’s studio and then some crap at Marvel. Apparently he does have some good $$$ coming in from the hollywood artwork field, but it’s too bad that with that success doesn’t come an internal happiness. He’s still far too bitter.

  399. Jonah Hardenbrook Says:

    I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. Your fanboy entitlement is nauseating. I am utterly appalled by this childish, disrespectful behavior, and truly hope to never meet you at a convention. Any aspirations to someday work as a professional in the field of comics should be crushed by now.
    I believe it is you that owes Rob an apology, not the other way around.

  400. Waltz Says:

    This would be funny in a movie, but is just sad and unnecessarily mean in real life.

  401. President Leechman Says:

    Dude, I got sent to this page by a comic book artist, a professional, who thought it was a hilarious prank. Anyone who thinks they need to defend “professionalism” from pranksters is on the wrong planet.

    As soon as I get the last glitches worked out of my new leech-breeding pens you’ll all be SO sorry.

  402. Any Normal Person Says:

    So this is what people who can’t have sex do. Huh.

  403. Magenta Says:

    Dude. I think you need to chill out. If you don’t like the guy’s art, don’t BUY the guy’s art. Not liking the guy’s art doesn’t entitle you to be rude to him. Why the hell did you get so frikkin’ worked up anyway? Superheroes aren’t real, dude. They’re not being maligned if someone draws them in a way you don’t fancy. You need to put away your action figures and Kermit the frog doll and GROW THE FUCK UP.

  404. Magazinekitchen Says:

    will you stop wearing your stupid yellow hat at cons in an attempt to fade away from everyone who will now know you by appearance, especially creators, or will you be a man and proudly walk around with that silly hat?

  405. filkertom Says:

    Unconscionable. I am not a fan of Liefeld’s work myself, but the solution for that is easy: don’t buy it. And I have no idea what he’s like as a person, having never met him — for all I know, he’s one of the most wonderful human beings ever, and I’d certainly proceed with that hope if I ever did meet him. For you to go out of his way to insult him like that… and for what? Boosting you own ego for counting coup on a Big Name. And, apparently, to sabotage any hope you had of working in the industry. Yep, you’re a big winner.

    The old riff about “if you can’t say something nice to someone, don’t say anything at all” is not inoperative, but too many people act as if it is. Being nice to people seems to take too much effort, and being mean gives too much instant gratification. And what have you got for it? A bunch of hits to your web site, and a permanent reputation as a dick. Good luck with that.

  406. Mike Crichton Says:

    Rather sad and pathetic that you’d brag about this.

  407. Magazinekitchen Says:


    Just trying to test to see if we can post pics. If so, look at the silly man with the yellow hat on the right. :)

  408. Bolognacicle Says:

    Liefeld didn’t do anything in that video. Boring.

    What makes you think your stupid move, among the the loads of other crap he takes, even bothers him? He’s made so much money and does what he loves for a living. Nice try, but I think you just made up his reaction in your story. Go-go internet loser looking for attention.

  409. Hector Lima Says:

    Rob Liefeld owes you, yeah. a kick in the nuts so hard your balls fall from your mouth.

    you’re more Mark Chapman than Sacha Baron Cohen and you’re to be dealt with by security in these events.

    hope you regret this pretty soon.

  410. John McAree Says:

    “I find nothing of intellectual worth in such a comment. I have no problem with people posting critical comments, but at least do it with some style and a decent comprehension of the English language. Using language such as ‘faggot’ and ‘gaylord’ only proves that the writer is a child trapped in a adult body ( or perhaps a child trapped in an older child’s body ).”

    This is pretty hilarious stance considering this blog post is regarding an act which can only be considered a childish act by someone who is so blinded by fanboyism and bandwagoning.

  411. Tommy Says:

    To paraphrase a comment by Neil Gaiman…Rob Liefeld is NOT your bitch. No one is.

  412. Liz Says:

    Wow. One of the best documented dick moves ever. Your mom must be very proud that she raised such a rude douche.

  413. B Awesome Says:

    The best part in all of this is the self-righteous “bloggers.” More embarassing than the Yellow Hat Guy’s actions is, in general, people who editorialize on “comic blogs,” who know little about the industry itself and feel as though their ass-backwards opinion actually beaers weight on the community at-large.

    Oh, and Comic Smack Down guy? Your site is a fucking joke, so don’t go acting like you’re some kind of authority or internet superman, because a forum dedicated to “Cock Fights” in the comic industry is one of the saddest things I’ve seen all day, and I’m posting at this POS blog.

  414. Kyle Says:

    John McAree Said: “This is pretty hilarious stance considering this blog post is regarding an act which can only be considered a childish act by someone who is so blinded by fanboyism and bandwagoning.”

    You must not have figured out that I’m the site admin, not the author. You may not have noticed, but we have different names. It’s very common for distinct persons to have different names. This is the reason that I will not criticize you for the comments left by Hector Lima.

    I have no personal interest in this subject. I just find such comments to be a waste of bytes on my hard disk. You may consider YHG’s actions to be childish, but that would be a mere drop in the ocean of childishness that is the comments section of this article.

  415. Goony Goo Goo Says:

    I love this! Rob got exactly what he deserved! SOmeone needs to do this to Jeph Loab, Mark Miller, Bryan Bendis, Mark Waid, and especially that fat cunt Gayle Simone! And all the creators on Twatter who are whining need to STFU and go back to work on their comics. The books are too late as they are!!

    Yellow Hat, you rock! Jeph Loab needs to be next on your hit list! Then BOOM! upside Waid’s ugly face!

  416. Shelly Says:

    “To paraphrase a comment by Neil Gaiman…Rob Liefeld is NOT your bitch. No one is.”

    No, but he’s a cunt, and cunts need to have the shit beaten out of them. Just so they will know to keep quiet and maintain there place!

  417. McBoo Smith Says:

    Hector Lima is a whiny little wetback. You rock, Yellow Hat! Just ignore that puta and keep on rocking!

  418. Will Says:

    One thing I have noticed is that some creators, some of the pros who have commented here have not exactly acquitted themselves well in this incident, and, indeed, sunk down to Ryan Coons’ level. While creators certainly have the right to comment on something like this, well, it should be beneath you. Would Queen Elizabeth II or any member of the British Royal Family comment on London tabloid trash? Would President Obama ever go on the Rush Limbaugh Show? No, because they know that when you enter the muck, you leave dirty. That’s just the way it is. This man got far more attention than is due and everyone (myself included, and no, I’m not a creator, but I’m working on it) who has granted attention to him are now a little bit more soiled than before.

    The following link expresses my view better than I myself could:

  419. McBoo Smith Says:

    “Rob Liefeld, whether he likes it or not, is the comic
    community’s equivalent of the stinky fat boy sitting
    alone in the corner……. sure, you pity him, cause he’s
    fat and he stinks……. but really, what should you do
    when you see a stinky fat boy?”

    You break out the fire hose and spray the fat littel
    fucker down, that is what you do! I would have paid
    good money to see someone do just that to Rob Lyefeld
    because he’s put out so muych crap of the years! He
    deserves all the lulz at his expense we can come up

  420. Al Quesada Says:

    So Ryan how long before you have to commit virtual suicide or pony up a half assed apology on here?

    Cause it seems this little stunt back fired. Oh and BTW next time you try to punk somebody try not to pee your pants or stutter like a scared little bitch.

  421. Pedi Says:

    “Name (required) Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 10:10 am
    @ Pedi (ComicsSmackDown)

    “He goes to these cons because he’s paid ridiculous fees for lousy sketches adding up to thousands of dollars for sitting around and being a talentless swine. Cons are truly Rob’s ultimate con… and they pay off.”

    Really? Yeah, he takes commissions, but have you ever seen the STACK of FREE SKETCHES — and fully rendered ones — that Rob’s been noted for doing at shows? Dozens of people leave shows with fully completed pieces — AT NO CHARGE — thanks to Liefeld’s generosity.

    Oh, that and the fact that he treats the guys on his chat forum as friends and family. He hangs with them at shows, after the show, and has meals with them throughout the convention.

    You’re totally off on this Pedi. I’m sure the commissions are gravy, and the business connection part of cons are invaluable, but Rob truly does enjoying visiting with his fans . . .

    @ Joe Zhang
    “methinks your a failed writer or artist and the bitterness just plagues your life.”

    Pedi worked in comics for a while in Liefeld’s studio and then some crap at Marvel. Apparently he does have some good $$$ coming in from the hollywood artwork field, but it’s too bad that with that success doesn’t come an internal happiness. He’s still far too bitter.”

    Hey no-name…. you know a bit much about me…. you some kinda yellow hatted stalker?

    Maybe you should worry more about your momma’s bitterness and go give her some internal happiness…. if you know what I mean lol :)

  422. Joe Says:

    Congratulations, I’ve seen more class in jailhouse tattoos.

  423. rick springfield Says:


  424. Shatterstar is Gay. Deal with it! Says:

    “Really? Yeah, he takes commissions, but have you ever seen the STACK of FREE SKETCHES — and fully rendered ones — that Rob’s been noted for doing at shows? Dozens of people leave shows with fully completed pieces — AT NO CHARGE — thanks to Liefeld’s generosity.”

    Apparently you haven’t been paying attention about what happens to those sketches. About a third of them wind up getting used for toilet paper and left stuck on the bathroom walls at the convention hall. I’ve even seen a bunch of fans at SDCC take a stack of them outside, fold them into paper airplanes, and have a contest to see who can hit a freshly dropped dog turd with one.

    The reason he gives them away for free is that no one in their right mind would pay for a Rob Liefeld sketch!

  425. Screw Rob Says:

    “Congratulations, I’ve seen more class in jailhouse tattoos.”

    I hear Rob does these for commission as well, especially the penis ones.

  426. rick springfield Says:

    liefeld is a good guy. leave him be.

  427. Gokofuku Says:

    “Liefeld is a legend. You boy are not.”

    Legend? No. Travesty? Oh fuck yeah.

    Being famous for being a pathetic swipe hack isn’t being a legend.

  428. Patrick Mazzone Says:

    Dude i’m all for comic nerd tactics, but i’m sorry no matter how much of an ass you think Rob is or how much you dont like a guys art, that sure was a dick move and i can not condone it… Sorry if some did that to one of my Artist friends or myself i’d flip out.

  429. Ed Says:

    Thanks for ruining yellow hats for the rest of us.

  430. Citizen B Says:

    Thank you. As a kid I was a big fan of The New Mutants. I had to sit and take it as this no talent hack killed off/reworked what was Bret Blevins great work into some cheap bubble gum garbage with no in depth story, X-Force. I always told myself if I ever ran into Rob Liefeld, I would not acknowledge him accept for a fist to the face. Thank you for what you’ve done.


  431. Shatterstar is Gay. Deal with it! Says:

    “liefeld is a good guy. leave him be.”

    Rob is a homophobe. He deserves the ridicule.

    Yellow Hat should have spit in his face. Or pissed on his table.

  432. ivan brandon Says:

    there’s a trending topic on twitter today: #douchebaginyellowhat

  433. Shatterstar is Gay. Deal with it! Says:

    “Rob forgot about you 10 sec after you did your “oh so clever stunt””

    If he had, he wouldn’t have tweeted about it. He’d have blown it off even if Yellow Hat had blogged about his triumph.

    Rob got pwned. He needs to be a man about it and accept it.

    But he’ll do that about the same time he admits Shatterstar and Rictor are gay, and he was wrong to claim they weren’t.

    Next time, someone pee on his table. You might improve the quality of his swipes.

  434. Jay Wiggles Says:

    The funny thing about this is that people are treating this like it was some sort of cool, ballsy thing to do. He quietly left a book with a snarky comment on it on the Liefeld’s table when he wasn’t paying attention. And Yellow Hat Guy “fully expected to get thrown out” for being the kid in high school who sat behind the girl he liked so he could smell her hair, but never quite building the nerves to talk to her. That’s rich.

    “I bought this book for Rob Liefeld and wrote a mean note in it for him, but I’m just going to put it on his table when he’s not looking because the last time I spoke to him, I asked him for an apology but he basically told me to piss off, which I did.”

    You sure showed him.

  435. Shatterstar is Gay. Deal with it! Says:

    “The funny thing about this is that people are treating this like it was some sort of cool, ballsy thing to do. He quietly left a book with a snarky comment on it on the Liefeld’s table when he wasn’t paying attention.”

    Revenge is a dish best served cold. And without warning, too.

  436. Blu Aardvark Says:

    LOL!!! This was classic!!! Encyclopedia Dramatica needs to add a page dedicated to what a spooge Rob Liefeld is, and include these clips! It’ll be funnier than the Nigga page! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  437. Al Quesada Says:

    Dude congrats you just created an internet meme.

    Yellow Hat Guy = Asshole.

  438. ComicSmackDown Says:

    Here’s a link to last night’s podcast: Ryan vs Rob



  439. Mr. A. Hilter Says:

    So far, most of the fans with any taste are applauding this prank. Only Rob, his artist and writer buddies, and the wanking little fans sucking their limp dicks and bleedin cunts are whining about Rob getting what he deserved.

    When’s Bendover, Millerbeer, Gay Simoaner, DickaLoeb, Port-a-Johns, Dildio, Queersadillo, and Waidingdeepinshit going to get punked like this? I WANT MOAR PICHURZ!!!!

  440. rick springfield Says:

    Shatterstar is Gay. Deal with it! Says:
    “liefeld is a good guy. leave him be.”
    Rob is a homophobe. He deserves the ridicule.
    Yellow Hat should have spit in his face. Or pissed on his table


  441. Mr. A. Hilter Says:

    ‘Dude congrats you just created an internet meme.’

    Yeah. Rob Liefeld needs to apologize for ‘Heroes Reborn’.

  442. Name (required) Says:

    Oh, poor petty petty Pedi. If that’s the best comeback you have . . . well, that explains a lot. Why do I know so much about you? Because you came to our boards and started spewing. Talk about stalking; you’re more obsessed with Rob than I could imagine. It was really sad the way you took advantage of Swift for your agenda too.

  443. Al Quesada Says:

    Mr. A. Hilter , ComicSmackDown, Blu Aardvark , Shatterstar is Gay. Deal with it!

    Your all the same guy stop trolling ;)

  444. Bryan Says:

    I too think the funniest thing about this joke is the fact that it was posted in the first place. Who gives a shit? It has made for some interesting reading this morning, but so what? Liefeld doesn’t give a shit.

    The fact that you and your crew of convention anarchists think that you finally ‘got Liefeld’ with some pussy shit like this is hilarious.

    I love how you thought that you were sure to get thrown out for your stunt. THROWN OUT? For talking a little shit and buying the guy a book? For quickly walking by and dropping it on his table, while your buddy films it from behind a bunch of people? I don’t know how you managed to evade the authorities with that badass move. Chicago hasn’t seen a criminal of your stature since Al Capone.

    And talking shit on Liefeld has been done. What have you done besides be a dick?

  445. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “Name (required) Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 3:48 pm
    Oh, poor petty petty Pedi. If that’s the best comeback you have . . . well, that explains a lot. Why do I know so much about you? Because you came to our boards and started spewing. Talk about stalking; you’re more obsessed with Rob than I could imagine. It was really sad the way you took advantage of Swift for your agenda too.”

    Oh poor-no-name-loser-Liefeld-fan-boy… I wouldn’t bother wasting my best comeback on you. Advantage was taken by both Swift and my self-serving obsessions……… So, go suck another egg… or Rob… whichever is not currently lodged in your ass.

    And, just so you understand that you have absolutely no significance…. it’s actually Rob’s board, not yours, or “ours”…… it’s Rob’s self-serving boards. Idiot.

  446. Mr. A. Hilter Says:

    Al Quesada, go fuck yourself and the Liefeld you rode in on.

  447. Al Quesada Says:

    “Al Quesada, go fuck yourself and the Liefeld you rode in on.”

    Ohhh such a potty mouth. Must have hit a nerve……lol.

  448. ComicSmackDown Says:

    Al Quesada, go fuck yourself and the Liefeld you rode in on.

  449. Al Quesada Says:

    Mr. A. Hilter, ComicSmackDown.

    So you are the same person that’s what I thought.

  450. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “Al Quesada Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 4:14 pm
    Mr. A. Hilter, ComicSmackDown.

    So you are the same person that’s what I thought.”

    That’s only cause you’re a doofus.

  451. Al Quesada Says:

    LMAO! You are such a joke :) Don’t worry you can have your blog back I am done playing…..lol.

  452. Bald Guy-Marat Says:

    For the record I was laughing at the sheer monumental stupidity of “yellow hat douche”. The act itself was not clever or amusing. Rob was not upset at all, it gave us something to laugh at for the rest of the afternoon. YHG is the kind of fan that gives this industry a bad name and has “real world” people still looking at comic fans as geeks. Thanks ass :)

  453. Blu Aardvark Says:

    Al Quesada’s a butthurt troll. He’s probably one of those who dreams about sucking Rob’s flaccid cock every night.

    Fuck him.

  454. Blu Aardvark Says:


    Who’s the loudmouth spoogesucker who’s trying to psychoanalyze Yellow Hat? Some fag calling himself ‘Scott’ is about all I can get out of the ‘Jerkoff Boys’ stumbling over each other.

  455. Pedi Says:

    “Bald Guy-Marat Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 4:23 pm
    For the record I was laughing at the sheer monumental stupidity of “yellow hat douche”. The act itself was not clever or amusing. Rob was not upset at all, it gave us something to laugh at for the rest of the afternoon. YHG is the kind of fan that gives this industry a bad name and has “real world” people still looking at comic fans as geeks. Thanks ass”


    It was nice seeing your bald head on the video! lol

    Hope you’re well… give Rob a big wet one for me will ya? :P

  456. John Wellman Says:

    You’re 28 years old, and think this kind of thing is funny?

    You’re a moron.

  457. Name (required) Says:

    Pedi –

    With you suggesting ALL the sexual stuff about Rob between oral, anal, and wanting Marat to give him a big wet one, m’thinks that you might have some unresolved daddy issues.

  458. ComicSmackDown Says:

    “Name (required) Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 4:34 pm
    Pedi –

    With you suggesting ALL the sexual stuff about Rob between oral, anal, and wanting Marat to give him a big wet one, m’thinks that you might have some unresolved daddy issues.”

    Why would you think that? Is that cause you fuck your dad?

  459. Al Quesada Says:

    ComicSmackdown is just doing his job guys he’s trying to get traffic to his site.

  460. Pedi Says:

    No-name idiot,

    I have no beef with Rob. I think Marat’s a cool dude too. My main compulsion is that I can’t help but take advantage of these opportunities for pot-shots and fuck with Rob around every bend – whenever this silly shit occurs online. It’s just too much damn fun… AM I WRONG FELLAS?! :D

    Does that make me bitter? I don’t think so… It’s more so a type of long-distance Jackass kinda kinship I feel for Rob.

    I can tell the man’s practically invincible when it comes to being fucked with…. so, I have some fun.

    Deep down within his very shallow exterior, I know Rob gets it.

  461. Name (required) Says:

    Good point, Al.

    I will drop it with Pedi and go back to @$$ pounding his dad. And mom.

  462. Pedi Says:

    “Name (required) Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 4:52 pm
    Good point, Al.

    I will drop it with Pedi and go back to @$$ pounding his dad. And mom.”

    You’re gonna need a penis before you can ass pound anyone. Idiot.

  463. Marc Says:

    You sir are a dick. Based on your premise, I demand an apology for wasting my time reading this dreck. Asshole.

  464. SignedComics Says:

    Geez…it’s not like the guy dropped a bag full of crap smeared over his comics! This was funny…if leifeld would have any humour he would be just like the bald guy next to him. I am sure something like this does not happen to him often otherwise we would hear about it. Lighten up everyone…

  465. a guy Says:

    hilarious….”comicssmackdown”, aka “Pedi”….weren’t you the same guy who not only worked at extreme studios, but also came back to robs boards and tried to get a comics project going with him? i remember you saying on more than one occassion that you’d love to work with him anytime on a new project? didn’t you also create a page of artwork for his fan-jam comic book?…..you’re as pathetic as the yellow hat here.

  466. ComicSmackDown Says:

    gay guy Says:
    August 11th, 2009 at 5:46 pm
    hilarious….”comicssmackdown”, aka “Pedi”….weren’t you the same guy who not only worked at extreme studios, but also came back to robs boards and tried to get a comics project going with him? i remember you saying on more than one occassion that you’d love to work with him anytime on a new project? didn’t you also create a page of artwork for his fan-jam comic book?…..you’re as pathetic as the yellow hat here.”

    That’s great gay guy (not that there’s anything wrong with that)… at least we don’t wear yellow panties, like you liefeld-fanboys…

  467. bob Says:

    None of this would have happened if YHG wasn’t so starstruck about liefield. That’s what’s funny about this. YGH obviously holds rob liefeld up as more than a human being, otherwise he wouldn’t feel the need to obsess about him so much. Whether it was rude or not is not nearly as interesting as the fact that YHG thinks liefield is a more worthy human than him. That is why he’s angry towards him. It has nothing to do with heroes reborn or bad art.

  468. Kelsey Shannon Says:

    I don’t understand what is going on with the world. Food is getting worse, it’s getting hotter, and people are becoming horribly self involved. This is just another feather in the cap of shit.

    I like Rob. Always have. So fuck you and your stupid yellow hat.

    I hope people appreciate the burgers you flip for them at fucking burger king.

    Douche Bag!

  469. Josh Benton Says:

    What was done in this instance wasn’t valid criticism, it was a cheap shot. It wasn’t a review of Mr. Liefeld’s work. It was snide comments, and then running away to hide.

    Now I’ll freely admit I’ve taken a few cheap shots of my own at Rob Liefeld over the years. I’ll also admit I’ve given him credit where credit is due, and one place it’s due is that the man has kept on working in the industry despite being vilified both by fans and by people like McFarlane who claimed to be his friend.

    As to the people commenting here asking why people have gotten so “butthurt” and vitriolic over a simple, cowardly little prank; this question was answered by an earlier poster, and someone else has also mentioned the powerful essay “Xenogenesis,” but apparently folks can’t be bothered to pay attention, so I’ll repeat that answer here: “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

    There are some media professionals who won’t go to conventions anymore, or will go only if a number of stipulations are in place. Sadly the number of professionals who won’t go seems to be higher among science fiction/fantasy/assorted geekery fandom than among other fields. Why? Because geek fans seem to be ruder and suffer from fan entitlement syndrome an order of magnitude greater than you’ll find it anywhere else.

    Yes, this particular coward’s little joke was mostly harmless in the grand scheme of things, but it’s just a symptom of a larger problem: like a “fan” who once rubbed shit all over a writer’s door at a science fiction convention, the “fans” who shout obscenities or send death threats to writers. Much like the coward responsible for this particular joke, these “fans” don’t think they did anything wrong; in fact they seem to feel it is their “right” to engage in this sort of nonsense.

    Sadly the atrocious behavior doesn’t stop there. During the early days of science fiction/fantasy/assorted geekery fandom it wasn’t an uncommon occurrence for various writers to let fans come by to visit them at home, or even invite them to stay there when these fans were down on their luck. Many of these fans were aspiring creators themselves, and received advice and coaching from the people whose work they claimed to admire. Do you know what these grand old men and dames for their kindness: most of them wound up being stolen from on more than one occasion, with losses ranging from original manuscripts (including some that were irreplaceable) to personal effects, silverware and other valuables.

    I’ve always wondered why this sort of problem has been worse among the ranks of geekdom than it seems to be everywhere else. I think it’s because for the most part geeky creators are fans themselves and go out of their way to be accommodating to other fans, because damned if they don’t know themselves where the fans are coming from. That also means they know how intimidating it can be to approach someone whose work you admire. That understanding, that approachability doesn’t give fans the right to engage in unacceptable behavior. These professionals don’t have to remain this approachable, and as I’ve mentioned there are those who have chosen to go that route. These professionals don’t “owe” fans anything. I’ve yet to see reports of Mr. Liefeld strapping someone down and screaming “You will read Captain America Reborn and you will fucking like it!” If you don’t like the work, move on. If you feel the need to do so criticize the work. If the professional is noted for behaving in a boorish, even assholish manner (and there are those who do) then call them out for their behavior.

    It’s one thing to criticize a professional’s body of work. It’s another thing entirely to seethe in fanboy resentment, and then resort to mumbled snark, or the type of behavior some creators have been subjected to. So the next time you’re wondering why people are so “butthurt” over this type of harmless prank actually sit down and talk to the professionals. Talk to someone like Wil Wheaton who has been insulted for years over a character he played. Talk to someone like Glen Cook who has had some of his original manuscripts stolen. Talk to these people, and listen closely as they tell you about the kind of “fans” some of them are subjected to; that’s why people are upset, because this harmless little prank played by a sweaty palmed, socially-retarded coward is just the tip of the iceberg.

    So keep it up, Yellow Hat Guys everywhere, because sooner or later those creators you do like might be among the ranks of those no longer attending conventions.

  470. Felicity Says:

    ROTFL. Well done. :-)

  471. Whedon Says:

    You are a good fan and this is a GREAT joke.

    Don’t be so uptight folks. Aren’t all we comic fans children at heart? Who doesn’t love a good prank. Oh, you guys don’t…

  472. Aila Says:

    Entitled much?

  473. Vivian Says:

    Hey, Yellow Hat Child, the best way to truly criticize Rob Liefeld’s work is to not buy his stuff! So simple! And with the power of the internet you can even share your criticisms of his work with others and encourage them not to buy it. Creators are like politicians and your money is your vote. What you shouldn’t do is try to publicly humiliate him, and put another stain on the comics fandom. What you did was immature and unnecessary. You’ve made yourself look like a fool and Rob Liefeld look like a hero. Good job.

  474. 1sinmuse Says:

    Way to be a detriment to comic book culture buddy. Fuck, and your such a self-righteous jackass aswell. And to all you who think this punk is so clever, you to are a detriment to comic culture. Fuck you, fuck faces,
    (middle finger extended)

    P.S. Your yellow hat is lame… fuck face:)

  475. Peter Timony Says:

    What about all of us who own yellow hats? Now we can never wear them again. Thanks, douche.

  476. Sendak Says:

    Al Fagsada, go suck Rob’s dick. It’s the only way he’ll get over being all butthurt by YHG!


  477. IKE ISZANY Says:

    He must be wiping the tears from his eyes with $100 bills tonight.

  478. Roberthor Says:

    I think that was an awful thing to do. Somebody should punch you really hard in the face, yellow hat asshole.

  479. LAV Says:

    What a dick! You looked like a total loser in that video buddy. You’re a hater. I feel sorry for you miserable life.

  480. demoncat Says:

    i may not like rob either but i would never do something like that for the man is in that business that is his job. its actions like that why comic fans are almost looked down as much as star wars fans. that was uncool mate

  481. Sean Murphy Says:

    Wow. I don’t know this “Liefeld”, and I don’t really care. You seem to be quite proud of being an idiot though. I guess you just felt the need to live down to the worst stereotypes about geeky get-a-life fans – I assume you also cultivate massive acne and live in your parents’ basement? Just to complete the act?

  482. Mistervader Says:

    I think Neil Gaiman said it best…


    For all of Liefeld’s faults, he is NOT your bitch. You didn’t like his art, well, tough. I hate his art, too, and have no desire to buy a comic that he has drawn or written. Despite that, he has never done anything to personally wrong me, so I don’t see any reason why I have to personally wrong him, either.

    There are classier ways to express your dissent. This isn’t one of them.

  483. RG Llarena Says:

    Yellow Hat Guy:

    Since this all started with your “brilliant” idea of asking for an apology and after making a fool of yourself I think that you’ve got two options:

    Apologize to Liefeld and recognize that your prank went wrong and in retrospective wasn’t a good idea to begin with.


    Apologize to the whole industry, pros and fans alike, for existing.

    Your call.


  484. Spoonweaver Says:

    I give that a big LOL. Great Job!

  485. Al Quesada Says:

    Hey Sendak aka ComicSmackdown aka Pedi and whatever other names you are using. Any reason why you are still trolling?

  486. jordan Says:

    what an absolutely horrible thing for you to do. so do you hold such grudges against everybody who has ever done something that you personally didn’t like? so he makes comics in a fashion that you don’t like; don’t buy them. i’m pretty new to comics and so i have little experience with liefeld, but it doesn’t matter. he draws and writes comics in a fashion that some people clearly like; that is all a creator or professional is required to do.

    look, anybody who has brought people into comics or attracted new readers deserves a big thank you. and somebody who helped create image comics, therefore allowing more creator owned work to get out there deserves an even bigger thank you. i don’t know you at all, mr. yellow hat, but i do know that in this case, your actions betray a very real lack of character.

  487. Hyjinxz Says:

    Al Queersada, is this your daddy?


  488. Leandro Azeredo Says:


  489. Shawn Says:

    It amazes me that people assume that the REAL George Perez posted here. As for the other ‘professionals’, not one of your names means a damn thing to me, so I question your claims.

  490. Soth Says:

    “If he had, he wouldn’t have tweeted about it. He’d have blown it off even if Yellow Hat had blogged about his triumph.”

    He only mentioned it because apparently a shit ton of people were messaging him about it on Twitter because the whole thing got ridiculously huge.

  491. Nowhereman Says:

    Yellow Hat Guy, you are a cunt!
    Nuff said!

  492. Jesus Christ Says:

    just seeing if i can use any name to post because if i can then i dont believe any comic artists actually posted here.

  493. Moses Says:

    Yeah… only we sons of God are posting for real… the rest of the comics pros are a bunch of fan-boys in disguise. That explains it all. Hurrah!

  494. JenniferRuth Says:

    Successful troll is successful!

    Looks to me that YellowHatGuy got exactly what he wanted – the attention of the internets. Well played, sir.

  495. nemo Says:

    Funny how so many Liefeld online critics suddenly became these queens of virtue and stepped up to defend the poor little defenseless “artist” as if he couldn’t do it by himself.

    It was about time someone did something like this. What Yellow Hat Guy and Co. did here was just a harmless prank that actually came close to public service. No one was harmed except perhaps Liefeld’s ego, which is probably in service of a greater good, all things considered.

    Bravo, sir!

  496. yellow hat guy is a moron Says:

    “I can only process a set amount of awesome at one time”…HAHAHA! you sir are a moron.

  497. Al Quesada Says:

    Add Hyjinxz to the list…lol

  498. z Says:

    You weak pathetic fool.

  499. Bob Harass Says:

    I really love all you people (fans and professionals alike) who think this is such an affront to good taste that physical violence would’ve been a perfectly appropriate response on the part of Liefeld. Yeah, Yellow Hat Guy, your nervous prank really deserves a first-class ass-whupping! How dare you confront the industry’s acknowledged poster boy for broken promises, blown deadlines and bad anatomy in a slightly irreverent way!

    Also: You. Are. A. Coward. Why must you confound us in our (blood!)lust for (extreme!)vengeance, by hiding behind your own name and pictures of yourself? Now all we can do is blindly spit upon and hound *all* yellow hat-wearing freaks – does their future suffering and discrimination at our hands give you no pause at all in your anti-fun agenda? Other obvious signs of you cowardice include: being emotionally honest (a courageous man would never even admit to having emotions at all!), voicing your opinion and voicing your opinion where it might actually matter (IE, while face-to-face with the person said opinion concerns). Why can’t you man-up and air your grievances in the most indirect manner possible, thus leaving Rob blissfully unaware of them?

    Of course, despite your direct assault, Rob Liefeld so totally didn’t care! Though a knuckle sandwich would’ve been the only reward befitting a non-anonymous cur like yourself, Liefeld, this prince amongst pros, just shrugged it off. He didn’t even know you were there, dude! Doesn’t mean we aren’t all mad as heck *for* him, doesn’t mean you’re not a heinous scumbag hankering for a spanking (at our hands, preferably), doesn’t mean you get to get away with it, oh no! Just don’t think you touched Rob for even one second, you cruel bastard. He’s Teflon. Above you. And that, in spite of all his questionable business ethics and sub-par swipes, makes him classy and noble. Like Captain America!

    Speaking of which, you say you’re a Captain America fan? Cap is the very embodiment of the anti-you. He stands for America’s best qualities, all the things that make this nation great: keeping your trap shut in the presence of your betters and punching people who don’t in the face. Freedom from insult and dissent is his favorite of Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms, unsurprisingly: man (emphasis on the man, which you are not, per your actions, child-boy!)’s a soldier. They don’t question, they don’t complain – as don’t we, the real fans of the medium.

    When we, the fine chaps and chippies here to sternly rebuke (and occasionally threaten) you, encounter something atrocious (like say, a bad meal at a restaurant…or an internet account of a fan rudely confronting a creator at a convention), we don’t speak up. We wouldn’t dream of demanding to see the chef that shat in our meal. We smile, clean our plates, pay the bill (don’t forget to tip!), go home, log on and then write a review for Culinarama or Restaurant Resources, in which we are careful to be fair and balanced all the same, persisting shit-taste in mouth notwithstanding. Sure, we might he hocking up brown lumps of excrement the rest of night, but wasn’t the decor nice? And how about that those interesting plates the shit got served on? Su-perb. Then, we post these scathing-yet-balanced indictments, sure in the knowledge they’ll undoubtedly reach a full 0.002% of the potential customer base. See? That’s how you do it, bozo, *that* is how you stick it to purveyors of shit. By bitching about shit in the least offensive way possible, and in easily-avoidable places. That’ll show ‘em!

    Not that Liefeld serves up shit or anything. Sure, like most of my compatriots above in declaring just how lucky you should feel for not getting laid flat on your ass by Liefeld the moment your unworthy lips started parting towards that first guttural sound of mockery, I’m ‘not a big fan of Rob Liefeld’, but did you know that his financial success makes him better than you as a human being? At your age, Rob Liefeld was already a superstar! And since success is never, ever undeserved in America, and since the millions he made during that big boom-and-bust speculator era of comics which we all so fondly remember have sadly yet to make him hurt-proof, why can’t you just leave poor ol’ Rob alone? Not, I stress again, that Rob was hurt. I repeat: Rob? Not hurt or upset at all. Which is why we all feel the need to weigh in on your crime against humanity. Because of how big a deal it *wasn’t* for Rob. Got that, you four-eye piss-stained fuck? We’re calling you names because you can’t afford Rob Liefeld the same respect we can’t afford you. You deserve to become a pariah for calling a big-shot a big-shit to his face (coward!), we deserve halos for praising a not-hurt millionaire not-hitting you, on the internet (courage!). It makes perfect sense!

  500. Felipe Sobreiro Says:

    Well, what bothers me the most here is that you think that this silly twelve-year-old behavior is actually “meaningful” and “hilarious”… Like something happened, and Rob Liefeld went home and cried and moved one step closer to quitting. GROW UP!

  501. schizorabbit Says:


    Mr. Ryan Poon, has anyone ever told you that you dress and move (as if you had a rubberized skeleton) like a pedophile? I bet that all throughout public school, you were the dude that got your lunch money stolen. By other nerds. Thanks for the morning laugh. Douchebaggery has a new king. *salutes*

  502. GQ Says:

    Dick move and ugly hat.

  503. WaltM Says:

    Ryan, When Darren first told me this story, I thought it was hilarious, but this is something I would never do. If you don’t like his work just don’t buy it. If I saw George Lucas at a convention I wouldn’t toss him a copy of Knights of the Old Republic for the XBox that said “This is how to write a good Star Wars story”, I would kneel in reverence of the man who gave us Star Wars. I don’t even know who Rob Liefield is or what he drew because I stopped reading comics when I was 13.

  504. Leonard Says:

    he didn’t deserve that.

  505. p.d. Says:

    this made me laugh, i couldnt help it. the comments are funny in their own way as well. accept a burn, jesus. giving him that book was the single most apt way of expressing what you and many many other people dont like about his work you could’ve possibly picked.

  506. Koen Claeys Says:

    You’re a coward (al sweaty and shaking…sad..sad…). No one deserves this kind of abuse. If I don’t like someone I leave this person alone. What you did was simply stupid, I wouldn’t brag about this kind of shit.
    (No, I’m not a big admirer of Liefeld’s art)

  507. jason Says:

    Major Bad Move!

    Comic book readers vote with their wallets and thats all. If you didn’t like the way Rob draws comics you shouldn’t have bought his Heroes Reborn comics anyway!

    Ultimately what you did will cause a ripple effect where comic fans will have less access to the people who draw, write and create comics. Because they will be afraid that any professional move that they make will be heckled by the buffoons out there — and these buffoons arn’t even indicitave of what the general population feels about their work.

    Also criticizing one of the people who helped bring comics mainstream and helped popularize the genre seems to be just a tad ungrateful. You may feel that his artistic style is below par but during his tenure as an artist and writer he helped:

    -Create Deadpool and Cable, two of the most popular marvel characters out there and his artistic style is still the backbone of these two’s respective looks.

    -Ushered in X-Force one of the most popular comics of its time and currently one of marvels top selling books — so popular that it ushered in a wave of comics for a more mature audience. This led us to popular revivals of The Punisher, and Marvel Knights among others.

    -In regard to Heroes Reborn Liefeld was personally responsible for updating the feel of Captain America. You may not have liked it, but the work he was doing on the title was innovative. A female Bucky (who is going on to star in a new Nomad Series) and a Captain America that mirrored what would later become Ultimate Captain America. Were ahead of their time and for that he took a lot of heat, but the series sold well — the characters were later revisited in another “reborn” and are emblematic of a modern sensibility used on classic characters.

    With all that being said it is clear to me that Rob Liefeld has left a more sustained impression on the world of comic books than you have with your poorly orchestrated stunt. Instead of tearing the guy down (for reinventing a comic series and making it popular again) you should ask the guy what made him so successful…and try to emulate that success in your own life…because so far he’s doing something right…

    and your doing something wrong.

  508. Conor Lynch Says:

    Well from the first few posts it looks like you were a hero to a few people for almost an hour there.

    You might want to just apologise and get out of the way of this.
    The internet has been known to hound people for less then this.
    Don’t take any comments too personally, these people weren’t there and don’t know you.

    But if what happened is an example of “seemed like a good idea at the time”, now might be the time to get that message out there.

    At the moment its definitely gone from YHG vs RL to YHG vs comic fans everywhere.

    And did you ever hear that there is no such thing as bad publicity?
    Right now people who haven’t even heard of Rob Liefield are buying his comics and making him money just to see what the fuss is about.

  509. Bob Harass Says:

    Yeah YHG or whatever the real name I’m too bothered to look up (I’m kidding, it’s Ryan Coons), you better apologize NOW to comic fans EVERYWHERE. Otherwise the internet (all of it!) might hound you!

    If you don’t, the Internet will show up at a work-related event of yours and repeat the question to your face. If you persist in refusing, the Internet will give you an inscribed copy of ‘How To Make Friends And Influence People’.

    Of course, following its own logic, you can then proceed with kicking the Internet’s ass for having the temerity to ask questions. So I would stiff ‘em, apology-wise.

  510. excelsior smith Says:


    ’nuff said.

  511. Kathy Griffin Says:

    Hey, Yellow Hat Guy, you shouldn’t bug him while he’s working. I mean, does he come by your job and slap dicks out of your mouth?

    Get a life.

  512. Dan Fraga Says:


    I was sent this prank, watched it and laughed. I scroll down and start reading the comments…
    Really? People, fans and pros alike are offended? I don’t see the point. Rob Liefeld was given a book on how to draw…. Holy crap!!
    Really. I’ve heard of people doing worse to nicer people. Are some of you fellow pros concerned with the bold behavior or what it represents? I know Rob is laughing and relishing in the attention. What we do is create and manifest with our imaginations in hopes that people will connect. That’s it. If I do something that’s not received in the way I hoped it would, Im open game for heckles. Im not going to sit back with delusions that what I do is devine. Get off of your high horses. Yellow hat has had enough.
    Really… It’s Rob Liefeld you’re all defending? I don’t believe it.

  513. Dan Brooks Says:

    Wow. You must be popular with the ladies.

  514. hi mate Says:

    You need to fuck. Or get fucked. You got yogurt in your brain that needs to get out. It’s the only way.

  515. Seth Says:

    Hooray! You’re famous now dude! Well Done! Now forever you will be known as “that weenie-tot who was a dick to Rob Liefeld.”

  516. David Says:

    Good for you guys. I can’t say that I hate Rob’s art so much. That kind of thing is subjective. But I do think you can see the lack of motivation in his work. It seems like he loses interest rather easily. Think back to the whole Valiant/Image crossover, Heroes Reborn or every time he has tried to relaunch Youngblood. These have all been very lackluster attempts on quality work on his part and it showed. Maybe he has ADD. I can remember many time being excited about a book he had coming out and then never seeing it on the shelf – let me think of a couple – Bloodwulf and Re-Gex. So I do like Rob’s art and style well enough to follow what he’s doing. But I have been disappointed enough to no longer really care.

    Rob does seems to be getting better though. I see there is a few books he has come through on recently. By the time the guy turns 50 he should be mature enough to be able to keep a deadline. So maybe then I will pay more attention to what he does.

    Of course I don’t even know the guy so everything I have said could be way off base. It’s just the impression he give me.

  517. Stuff Daddy Says:

    You are a god among men!

    I wish I could avenge douchery with such poise and style.

    May I be so brave if the moment ever presents itself.

    Now you must turn your efforts toward Michael Bay, Michael Bolton, and Dan DiDio.

  518. Brattyben Says:

    This was probably the stupidest thing I have ever read/seen. I can’t believe I wasted the five minutes to read it.

    I demand an apology from YOU! I’m not defending Leifeld, but, he really did bring ALOT of people to comics, and helped pave the way for ‘superstar’ creators, and led to the Image boom, and all the variant companies we enjoy today.

    Just because the guy has a hard time drawing feet, doesn’t mean he didn’t contribute to the medium. As a fan, I think you should probably show a bit more respect for the people who make up part of the industry you love.

    And being a dick, and childish, is never cool. Unless you’re a child.

  519. rick springfield Says:


  520. Pedi Says:

    “Dan Fraga Says:
    August 12th, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    I was sent this prank, watched it and laughed. I scroll down and start reading the comments…
    Really? People, fans and pros alike are offended? I don’t see the point. Rob Liefeld was given a book on how to draw…. Holy crap!!
    Really. I’ve heard of people doing worse to nicer people. Are some of you fellow pros concerned with the bold behavior or what it represents? I know Rob is laughing and relishing in the attention. What we do is create and manifest with our imaginations in hopes that people will connect. That’s it. If I do something that’s not received in the way I hoped it would, Im open game for heckles. Im not going to sit back with delusions that what I do is devine. Get off of your high horses. Yellow hat has had enough.
    Really… It’s Rob Liefeld you’re all defending? I don’t believe it.”

    TELL’M DAN! All you assholes giving Rob praise and Ryan torment should take a look in the mirror, then crash your faces through it! :D

  521. Riley Says:

    First of all.. FUCK YOU to all you fucking artists out there. Yellow hat dude wanted to do something but all your childishly fucking comments show how big egoheaded asshats you are.
    Layman you dickhead, just because you got a 3 issue wonder doesn’t mean your gangsta comments are worth shit. Fuckwad.
    Guerra and jusko show their piss poor language skills. Bravo you stupid bitch and dickhead.
    Moore and Marz, suck it up you big headed buffoons. He has every to do what he wants as long as it doesn’t involve killing or threatening.
    Mark dickheaded brooks and ethan van sciver. You fucks, why don’t you concentrate on getting your books out on time instead of eating like the fat fuck lardass that you are.

    It’s time you asshats were shown that you aren’t gods but just funnybook writers.

  522. Cully Hamner Says:

    @Dan Fraga, you’re missing the point, I think. Are people defending Rob Liefeld? No, not really. They’re objecting to bad behavior, in and of itself. The stupid fuck in the yellow hat could have pulled this whole bit with any pro, and the reaction would have been the same or worse.

    To reiterate: It has absolutely nothing to do with liking or disliking Liefeld or his art. I don’t know the guy. I just don’t like seeing people treating other people they don’t know like dogshit to get a laugh. I’m a big fan of manners.

    Anyway, that’s the point, not personal feelings about Liefeld.

  523. Tony Says:

    You know, while I don’t like his work*, being a dick like that and publicly humiliating him aint cool. To walk up to another person and shit all over their life’s work like that is cold blooded. There is an apology owed here, but it isn’t Rob’s. . . .

    *Actually I don’t know enough about his work to pass judgment other than the Captain America with Boobs and some of the cover art galleries I’ve seen.

  524. Gary Busey Says:

    “I started sweating pretty bad, and started to hyperventilate. “You okay Coons? You gonna make it?” said August.”

    FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real


  525. Rebekah Isaacs Says:

    The bottom line is that regardless of how famous/notorious he may be, Liefield is a human being just like the rest of us. He’s doing what he loves and he’s not forcing anyone to read it. If, god forbid, you ever gained worldwide fame for your wacky interweb funnies, would you appreciate something like this being done to you? Karma’s a real bitch, man.

  526. Justin Runia Says:

    Seeing comics creators get all butthurt about this is hilarious and enlightening. I don’t have much of an opinion about the stunt itself, it could have been pulled-off better, but I think most people can appreciate the sentiment.

    Fandom is a double-edged sword, the intensity that drives people to spend far more than they should on copies of mass-produced pulp literature can also lead them to confront the people they feel are responsible for driving down the quality of that same pulp. The same people who are calling for YHG to stop buying books he doesn’t like should also offer the same choice to these senstitive comics professionals: if you don’t like fans, then don’t come to cons. Stay home and work on your craft, or post on the internet, whatever’s clever.

  527. Shane Matlock Says:

    Honestly, the comics “professionals” that have posted replies with name-calling and swearing are worse than anything that Yellow Hat Guy did. If you guys can’t take a little jokey criticism maybe you should all stop doing conventions. It’s not like these pros don’t make money from conventions and they’re all just doing it out of the kindness of their hearts. Personally I have no desire to meet any comics professionals, even though the ones I have met like Phil Hester seemed like really cool dudes. This was a silly little prank on guy that eats up negative attention and has for years. He handled it quite well. It’s a shame the rest of the so-called comics pros resort to things like calling Ryan a “fuck” which is way worse than anything he said or did to Rob Liefeld. And he did it to his face, while all these comics pros sit behind their keybaords being brave. I’m not condoning what he did, I just think some of these comic artists and writers went too far in their responses. How soon they forget it’s the fans who give them their jobs.

  528. Dan Fraga Says:

    Will someone enlighten me as to what it was that Yellow hat did that was so atrocious?
    I received it as a prank. A very pointed one. I don’t fancy myself as so precious that I couldn’t laugh if it happened to me. I’ve had to hit the books before. The more you know the more you realize you don’t know. This prank was directed at Rob with specifics. I think that Rob should be the only one bitching about the doucheness of it.

  529. Terry Says:

    oh look, it’s Pedi & Fraga taking the anti-Liefeld stance. Big surprise there. But then again, I guess that’s all you guys can do — post on blogs as one of many. Especially since CBR, the ‘rama, etc, etc, refused to run with you guys’ big anti-Liefeld story a few months back. I think it’s classic & a bit sad how obsessed with Rob you two guys are. Every time either one of you 2 shows up anywhere, it’s all negative stuff about Rob coming outta your pieholes. Funny thing though, he never brings you 2 guys up. Go figure.

  530. klaat Says:

    You sir….are an ASSHOLE.

  531. Pedi Says:

    “Terry Says:
    August 12th, 2009 at 8:49 pm
    oh look, it’s Pedi & Fraga taking the anti-Liefeld stance. Big surprise there. But then again, I guess that’s all you guys can do — post on blogs as one of many. Especially since CBR, the ‘rama, etc, etc, refused to run with you guys’ big anti-Liefeld story a few months back. I think it’s classic & a bit sad how obsessed with Rob you two guys are. Every time either one of you 2 shows up anywhere, it’s all negative stuff about Rob coming outta your pieholes. Funny thing though, he never brings you 2 guys up. Go figure.”

    Oh SHIT! Rob sends in his Queen, cause he’s all outta pawns……

  532. RobP Says:

    This is my first time visiting this site, and its probably many others’ first, as well. So, in that sense, your stunt did do something to spike your traffic. But this will also be my last time visiting this site, and I’ve a feeling it will probably many others’ last, as well. So, in that sense, your stunt will only be a very small net benefit to your traffic (pun unintended). A year from now, but in all likelihood much sooner, you will simply be remembered as The Guy Who Did That Thing To Rob Liefeld That Time, Who Was He? Whereas Rob Liefeld will continue to be Rob Liefeld, love him or hate him.

    I’d also like to say something to those people that think this stunt was either called-for or somehow not inappropriate. Yes, because Rob Liefeld is in an entertainment industry, and those fields have, need, and at times deserve, criticism, he will be criticized. And, yes, because he is Rob Liefeld, he will receive more negative, or not-positive, criticism than many others in his line of work.

    But those critques should come in the form of constructive reviews, or even just the pithy online comment, as one would review a film or a book or a play or a comedian they saw or read. The critiques should not come in the form of treating someone with disrespect on an interpersonal level. We’re, all of us fans and creators alike, just people and we should go out of our way to be cordial, not rude.

    My grandfather used to tell me that when you disrespect another person, you’re really just disrespecting yourself. I don’t agree with everything my grandfather says, but I think he’s right about this.

    As has been stated previously, if you can’t “abide” a “bad artist’s” work, then don’t buy his/her work, and maybe write a blog about it if you’re so inclined. But, if you do write that blog, please take the time and care to make it look good and to ensure it reads like you know how to write. After all, you can’t “abide” (whatever that really means) a “bad artist” because you don’t think they took the time or care to do their job to your satisfaction.

    One last thing: I will be at a convention this weekend, and another in September. If I happen to see you at either of those cons, and I will know you be your yellow hat, I will simply avoid you. I won’t demand that you apologize to Rob Liefeld or myself, or to any of the other comic, entertainment, and media professionals (or amateurs seeking to be pros) you’ve offended with your actions. Because you’re just a dude, and, as such, you don’t deserve to be ridiculed publicly for doing something that you loved no matter how much I disliked it.

  533. RobP Says:

    Damn it, In my stupidly long post, I forgot to add one more thing. To those who don’t understand why anyone should be appalled, offended, or simply saddened by Yellow Hat’s stunt, I think I have an answer for you:

    It’s simply the unadorned, misguided, completely lacking in self-awareness glee he has for his own actions. That he somehow did something heroic by “demanding” an unnecessary apology, and that by giving Rob “Can’t Draw Nothin’” Liefeld a “How To” draw comics book, specifically the Marvel one, he has done something so clever and genius, that he himself deserves praise. Oh, we get how its “clever” and we can probably even mildly chuckle theoretically at that bit of it, but it’s still classless and rude.

  534. Mike M. Says:

    You are a jackass! That is all that you show here.

  535. Fake Terry Says:

    Boom Head Shot!!!

  536. russ Says:

    you’re a douche. it was a douche bag move. i’m not a liefeld fan by any means, but how massive is your sense of entitlement? the amazing thing is you think that what you’ve done is somehow clever. all you’ve really done is show the world that you’re an ass.

  537. Spri Says:

    Rob’s a hack and you’re an asshole. Such is life.

  538. Mark Brooks Says:

    Riley wrote:
    “Mark dickheaded brooks and ethan van sciver. You fucks, why don’t you concentrate on getting your books out on time instead of eating like the fat fuck lardass that you are.”

    Hey, how come I get an awesome nickname and Ethan doesn’t get one? I mean, not just ‘dickhead’ but ‘DICKHEADED”! Now that’s soemthing special. I demand an apology for Ethan for you insensitively leaving him out of the nicknaming.

  539. Roberthor Says:

    En algún momento te encontrarás con alguien que te meta ese estúpido gorro amarillo por el culo. Dios quiera que sea yo en alguna convención, así te puedo grabar y mandarle el video a RL. Ojo por ojo, dicen…
    ¿Que sientes al saber que no solo te odian en tu propio país?
    ¿Crees que el mundo de los fanboys es muy grande, que alguien no te reconocerá y te hará pagar por tu estupidez?
    Tal vez no pagar por ello, pero por lo menos darte una lección de como, la gente con sentido común, actúa a diario.
    Odio el estilo de Liefeld, siempre lo he hecho, pero jamás haría algo como lo que ustedes hicieron, por una sencilla razón: no tengo mierda en la cabeza.

  540. Dan Says:

    That is so disrespectful. If you don’t like someone’s art, don’t look at it, but to go up and do something like that, it’s just wrong and immature.

  541. qwre Says:

    nice hat loser

  542. Slob Slyfuck Says:

    Mark Brooks Says:
    “August 12th, 2009 at 10:04 pm
    Riley wrote:
    “Mark dickheaded brooks and ethan van sciver. You fucks, why don’t you concentrate on getting your books out on time instead of eating like the fat fuck lardass that you are.”

    Hey, how come I get an awesome nickname and Ethan doesn’t get one? I mean, not just ‘dickhead’ but ‘DICKHEADED”! Now that’s soemthing special. I demand an apology for Ethan for you insensitively leaving him out of the nicknaming.”

    Hey… in all fairness, he did call you both a “fat fuck lardass”… but, maybe you’re just more dickheaded than ethan? lol :P

  543. Lobo Says:


  544. F. R. Says:

    We all do agree that Liefeld sucks, tho… right?

  545. Mark Brooks Says:

    Slob Slyfuck wrote:
    “Hey… in all fairness, he did call you both a “fat fuck lardass””

    That’s just our superhero team name. Ethan needs a moniker of his own. I propose ‘the wanker’ or ‘ballsack’. Both have a good ring to them.

  546. Slob Slyfuck Says:

    “Mark Brooks Says:
    August 12th, 2009 at 11:17 pm
    Slob Slyfuck wrote:
    “I propose ‘the wanker’ or ‘ballsack’. Both have a good ring to them.”

    So, what you’re saying is that you like the sound of wankers and ballsacks……………………….. interesting. ;)

  547. joAo Says:

    Looking by the comments i see that almoust any one in the comics industrie have a sence of humor…U did great man, that was a good jocke, and not offencive at all.
    If all the comics “artits” can´t deal with just a little irony they shoud just stay at home under their bads.

    Sorry about my english, i am froom Brasil.

  548. drgui Says:

    Nunca gostei do traço do Rob… Mas tudo tem um limite nessa vida. Ele não tem que se desculpar porra nenhuma. Só tem que parar de desenhar.

  549. Mark Brooks Says:

    “Looking by the comments i see that almoust any one in the comics industrie have a sence of humor…U did great man, that was a good jocke, and not offencive at all.
    If all the comics “artits” can´t deal with just a little irony they shoud just stay at home under their bads.

    Sorry about my english, i am froom Brasil.”

    No kidding.

  550. joAo Says:

    no, no kidding why?

  551. Marcelo Says:

    Porra cara, realmente tu pegou pesado. O cara não é bom desenhista, mas isso foi desrespeito com o profissional. Se o cara tá a vários anos no mercado de quadrinhos, é porque tem muita gente que aprecia suas publicações.

  552. Darkhelmet Says:

    Liefield is no Artist!

    Well done sir!


  553. Onor Says:

    Liefield´s “art” SUCKS! I only liked Hawk & Dove, Period!

    He NEVER, EVER had any knowledge about human anatomy or the concept about using a nice scenario (a tree, walls, a room, furniture, corridors, whatever) as background in his comic books!

    Ryan, you did great, man!

    A “arte do Liefield é uma MERDA! Eu só gostei dele em Rapina e Columba e SÓ!

    Ele NUNCA, JAMAIS teve algum conhecimento decente de anatomia humana ou trabalhou o conceito de um bom cenário (árvores, paredes elaboradas, móveis, o que for) como background nas suas revistas!


  554. Onor Says:

    Qual o problema de um fã, em uma convenção, pedir que um autor que fez PORCARIAS pedir desculpas pelo que ele fez?

    E o fato de ele ter dado um livro sobre como desenhar quadrinhos ao mesmo autor… assinado e tal, com dedicatória…


    Tanta gente ofendida e falando que ele, Ryan Conn, foi um convarde (hein???) um babaca…


    Sinceramente, os artistas norte-americanos e defensores do Liefield precisam beber mais água e relaxar mais.

  555. Marcelo Costa Says:

    Cara você é um idiota (stupid)!
    Apeser de eu não gostar dos trabalhos atuais do Rob, já fui um fã em sua passagem por The New Mutants e X-Force. Deixa o cara em paz!

    Um brasileiro indignado

  556. ROB DE CU É ROLA Says:

    Several supposed-to-be industry pros here are pissed bout Coons attitude. Point.
    But WHAT ABOUT THE FANS, who got DECEIVED along the years with tons of SWIPED-IN-THE-FACE STOLEN ARTWORK from other artists!!!! ?????

    If being mature is the name of the game, Rob must be a real gamer.

    Hey, Robber, ops, I mean, Rob…


  557. James Mann Says:

    I was never a Rob Liefeld fan until I had you to compare him to. What a moronic thing to do.

  558. Felipe Ferreira Says:

    Well done man!! I’m from Brazil and your history, it’s now considered historic!!! You need do this same with Jeph Loeb…bwahahahahaha
    See ya!!

  559. ROB DE CU É ROLA Says:

    Yeah, Ryan!

    Be sure next time u enter on Jeph Loebs signing line and gift him with a copy of Syd Field’s Screenplay.

    For sure he desperately needs it.

  560. Gabriel Guimarães Says:

    as a member of the comics community as both fan and artist/writer, I feel obligated to reply on this episode. First of all I agree with you that Rob’s style isn’t very pleasent to look at for a long time but that doesn’t give you the right to treat him that way… You may see him as just another artist treating your comics characters not the way YOU want ‘em to be treated but he is a human being in the first place and deserves respect as much as you do.
    You see me… I don’t apreciate his artwork that much as I said before HOWEVER I know how hard it is to be recognized in this industry, and if he managed to do so, he deserves my congrats. I may not know him in deed, after all we’re about a hemisphere away, but I still wish him a life of victories and conquests.
    Besides the status of a artistic professional, he is a professional. Respect that, and maybe you’ll be more respected not only by a few guys in their mothers’ house, but by the serious fans and the professionals of comics all around the globe.
    Thank you very much for this experience because from now on this type of treatment will be judged not only by the inside personnal, but by the comics reporters too. It’s time already for all to be treated with the same respect…

    May God be with you all.

  561. Gabriel Guimarães Says:

    Just one more comment on Mark Brook’s last words up there…
    Writing wrongly in english doens’t give you the right to make fun of the dude… I’m from Brazil as well and I respect foreigners that try to communicate with me on my own language. I agree that his english was terrible, but not worth of such offensive reply. Please, be more considerate on this type of thing because you can only demand respect when you give some as well.
    I think I’ve made my point now.
    May God be with you all.

  562. Slyfeld Roberts Says:

    “Gabriel Guimarães Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 1:24 am
    Just one more comment on Mark Brook’s last words up there…
    Writing wrongly in english doens’t give you the right to make fun of the dude… I’m from Brazil as well and I respect foreigners that try to communicate with me on my own language. I agree that his english was terrible, but not worth of such offensive reply. Please, be more considerate on this type of thing because you can only demand respect when you give some as well.
    I think I’ve made my point now.
    May God be with you all.”

    Yeah, Mark Dickheaded Brooks and the rest of you hypocrite pansies (Ethan Ballsack Van Sciver)…. practice a bit of what you preach – eh?!

  563. Angie Says:

    All I can say sir is that he never made you buy anything. You had the chance to flip through it at any point when you were in the store and say, “You know what, I don’t think I will buy this because I don’t care for it.” Instead you bought it, read it, and then proceeded to wait 13 years to berate a man for something he did a decade ago. I’m sorry maybe your mother should thoroughly beat you for everything you did 13 years ago, I can only hope that it will hurt. Lastly, who the FUCK do you think you are that you can go up to ANYONE and treat them with such disrespect? Congratulations, you get the title of #1 Douchebag you deserve every bit.

  564. Deadpool Says:

    Rob created me you bitches how many of you created character that don’t suck like Deadpool?

  565. nomoarko Says:

    It’s fellows like you who really give the fanbase of comics a bad name. You obviously wanted some buzz on your blogsite and approval from friends and attempted to earn some by making a complete and utter numbskull of yourself across the web. Now you’ll just be looked at like a bad cliche should people recognize you.

  566. SHAUT? Says:


  567. Silent Warrior Says:

    It seems that these days the number of assholes have a dramatic increase in numbers.

  568. No Shit! Says:

    “Silent Warrior Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 4:25 am
    It seems that these days the number of assholes have a dramatic increase in numbers.”

    Yes, your assessment is accurate. There are currently 6,777,314,248 assholes on planet Earth – due to increase over 7 billion by the year 2012.

  569. Disappointed Fan Says:

    Epic? Nah. Classless? Unfortunately. I hate Liefeld’s work as much as anybody else. So I don’t buy it. Problem solved. Reading about your “epic” mission, I would have thought you were 11 years old, if not for the pictures. Going out of your way to tell someone they suck (even investing a substantial portion of your day in it, as seems to be the case here) isn’t a sign of integrity or guts, just immaturity. Especially when you consider that these pros don’t have to come to cons, at all. They invest their time and interrupt their work to get face to face with fans. Dump on the guy’s work, but at least credit him for showing up. And then you run him down for ignoring you to work on a sketch — that some other fan probably asked him to do. Have you ever had a sketch done at a con? I’ve often had artists ask me for a source image so they can put their own spin on it. All things considered, I think the only person who comes off well here is Liefeld himself, for showing admirable restraint and not rising to the bait either verbally or physically. My god, you’ve actually got me defending Liefeld… And you’ve affirmed every negative stereotype attached to the label “comic book fan.” The saddest part is that I really think your life may have peaked with this moment.

  570. james de freitas Says:

    Cara, tá certo que gosto é que nem “@#$%¨, cada um tem o seu e não se discute, mas acho que desrespeitar um profissional – seja ele talentoso ou não, não interessa – é uma profunda canalhice da sua parte. Sei que um babaca como você não vai entender uma palavra sequer do meu texto, mas fica registrado meu protesto contra alguém que se diz fã e não respeita os profissionais da área. Lamentável. O dia em que o senhor receber um terço do que Liefeld recebe por página desenhada, acho que pode começar a esboçar uma crítica, mas até lá, cale a boca e desapareça, por favor.

  571. The Truth Says:

    The worst part in this whole affair has got to be the response of the supposed “professionals”. HYPOCRITES! This was just an harmless joke. You’re not oh-so-offended because of YHG’s supposed “lack of good manners”. You’re AFRAID, you pussies, of when the time comes for fans to come knocking at your doors and fuck you in the ass for blowing deadlines and being hacks. You’re lucky most fans are just pussies, but just in case, you’ve all decided to use YHG as your scapegoat – let’s blacklist him (yes, we so-democratic-liberal artists blacklist people), let’s use him as an example to intimidate the fandom. “Don’t fuck with the pros!”, that’s the message you’re trying to send. Well, FUCK U! If it weren’t for the fans there’d be no comics industry anymore. Wake up call: you work for US, the fans! Civillians don’t care about your spandex comics, they no longer read your stuff and couldn’t care less – give’em the hollywood movies and they drool, give’em your pamphlets and they’ll spit. The only thin thread supporting the industry is the fans. If we go, you go. Now go back to the saltmines and put those comics out good and on time, that’s what you’re paid for you bitches!

  572. David Says:

    I love what u did.. Rob made me believe Cable was datin Michael Jackson (after sugeries) instead of Domino (in the X-Force), I was beginner in the X-Titles and I thought Tabitha was an old woman pf.. Congratulations! :)

  573. Disappointed Fan Says:

    @ G. Perez:

    “Can anyone explain to me where all the malice and hatred in that action is?”

    I won’t try to speak for everyone else, but for myself:

    It’s not about defending Liefeld’s art or saying creators should be immune to criticism or saying you need to make art to critique it. None of that is a problem for me. I also think the comment and the book prank could have been pretty funny. I don’t see any “malice” or “hatred” in either action. (By the same token, don’t try to tell me any of this was classy, tasteful, bold, or filled with integrity.)

    But the snarky, sneaky manner in which both were done and the overwhelmingly smug attitude of the subsequent post undermine any claim at real humor. That’s where things just get mean and make Yellow Hat look like a jackass.

    And “It was just a prank/joke” doesn’t work as a defense. Hand over the book and stick around to say “I’m just kidding. No hard feelings.” Heck, even put that in the “dedication.” Then maybe it’s a joke. Or when you blog about it, blog about it as a joke and not some mighty blow that’s been struck on behalf of all nerds everywhere. And don’t skew the account to make Liefeld look like the asshole in the scenario, especially when all he seems to be doing is dealing with a dickish fan in a professional, restrained manner.

    I don’t think Yellow Hat is being blackballed (if that is even the case) for hating the man’s work. Note the pros who’ve commented here and framed their thoughts with “I’m not a fan” or “I don’t care for his work.” It’s okay not to like somebody’s work and to criticize it. Creators know that’s part of the job and they take their lumps. And we’re all free to have our opinions and share our criticisms. But if you’re going to be a dick about it, be prepared to take your lumps, too.

    “I was just kidding” is not an automatic Get Out of Jail Free card. Most of us learn that in early adolescence. And in this case it feels like a post-facto rationalization from someone who got called on being an ass and lacks the maturity to own up to it. If Yellow Hat wants to be King of the Fanboys for a day, so be it. But he can’t then turn around and whine about professionals shunning him because they don’t get the “joke.”

    For future reference, a good rule of thumb to know if “It was just a joke” is valid? You should both be laughing when it’s over.

    I see in some of your other posts, your defense of Yellow Hat is that Liefeld doesn’t seem too wounded or upset. But just because someone handles it well doesn’t validate the action. It just means they know how to deal with jerks.

    G. Perez: “Moral of the story: Never pull a prank on someone who is either famous or a worked in comics and post it on the internet. The hate will overwhelm you.”

    No, you’ve missed the point. When your prank goes wrong and you make an ass of yourself, show some maturity, apologize, learn, and move on.

  574. iori Says:

    It’s cool to troll famous people! You should do it more often, but with a way better camera and not being so geek.

  575. Sergio Frias Says:

    Then we get mad when the call us inmature… You consider offensive what Liefeld “did” to Cap? I consider offensive your childish behaviour. And when I get the chance, I will send you a good manners book. You jerk.

  576. Rob Liefeld Says:

    Yeah…u got a point, Ryan.

    I thought on what you said and done…and I think you´re right: Im a loser.

    Sorry for all I did to the comics fandom.

    Ill try to use the book to be a better pro.

    And maybe…Maybe I can draw the new Ultimates version one day!

    Thanks, Ryan…you made me see the future.



  577. David Says:

    Creator?? thats something Liefeld isnt.. my 7 years old brother is more creative with peaces of lego than Rob with a pencil.. Ryan just made him a big favor, thats all!

  578. Adelson Tavares Says:

    I just think if you did want to prove something, you lost the chance with such unfair atittude. You just proved that you need to grow up, boy.

  579. Bedlan Says:

    Well done!!! You are my hero! I really wanted to do something like this…

  580. Palhaço Says:

    Congratulations From Brazil!

  581. Me, from Brazil Says:

    Next target: Jeff Loeb

  582. David Says:

    I heard u got a discount when u said the reason of that book (How to draw)
    Congratulations from Brazil too! :)

  583. Ricardo Says:

    Thank you Ryan!

    Congratulations From Mexico!

  584. Jonathan Says:

    Congratulations Mr. Yellow Hat Guy. I find this very entertaining. I’m glad you were a dick to him. I ask this question to everyone who is either a professional or amateur artist; do you think that Rob truly loves art? I don’t believe he does. It is a travesty to watch this man work, and butcher the human form with extreme exagerations of the human form and to then have him back it up with it being his style; you need to know human form even if you exagerate it. This is the reason I can’t stand him. As an artist, or a fan, or anyone, we all have the right to say what we think, to state our opinion. No one is above this, and if you cannot fathom somebody saying this then you need to rethink the human condition, and possibly the field you’re in. We will only progress forward with harsh criticism that knocks us back down, because when we think we’re above criticism we then begin the slow decay of the true meaning of art. In summary, thank you Mr. Yellow Hat Guy, thank you for having the balls, thank you for saying f**k you to every man who thinks he’s above everyone else.

  585. samuel Says:

    I would do the same with Rob Liefeld, he is a terrible designer, which tries to copy the art of another artist of Image Comics.

  586. Erik Says:

    Congratulaitons, moron. You finally got some attention and extra clicks in your mediocre blog. Now answer me this you have ANY BALLS at all: did you ever draw a story? Dis you ever try to even sketch a Captain America figure? If you didn’t, get your geeky enthusiasm for life and shove it with all the books you mean to use as a joke in the future, nutjob.

  587. David Says:

    Have u guys noticed Liefeld’s mini noses.. (Michael Jackson’s style) for every character.. sh*t

  588. Chuck Portilho Says:

    When I grow up, I want to be like you!

  589. Diego Says:

    Como é bom ver que fãs de quadrinhos assim como eu, em certos lugares do mundo não tem mais nada a fazer do que criticar artistas, que fazem de nosa alegria o seu ganha pão.

  590. Mick Says:

    Cool dude,
    just remember the way liefeld felt
    when someone goes to your work, and make fun
    of what you do for a living. i recomend that
    someone do that, just to see your face,
    maybe post in some blog how you look stupid with this
    yellow hat
    get a life a-hole!

  591. Jax Says:

    Não é uma atitude legal… mandou mal…

  592. Juca from Brazil Says:

    Man, despite all the artists criticizing here, you had a relly good sense of humour,
    And i don´t want Liefeld to apologize, that Cap. America with big chest is unapologizable(wow), i just wanna him to change his career (maybe he can become a taxidriver or something)
    Artists, Pencilers and writers: Yes, we OWN the characters, after all we DO buy your damn comic books every month, and YOU should show some respect to us (this is for you too Quesada. Bring the ols Spider and Mary jane back)

    Congrats from Brazil

  593. Rodrigo Ramos Says:

    Thanks man! You and your sad little yellow hat showed the world why comic book fans are not taken seriously! Maybe someday someone should buy you “How to buy hats that does not make you look like stupid” and you should show that “beg your pardon” face just like Rob. If the bald guy did not get the book Rob would never know what just happen, mr. You Have Guts.

    An enbarassed fan (not a Rob’s fan) from Brazil.

  594. Revenged Says:

    Congratulations, Coons! I’m a Brazilian fan of all comics (European, Japanese, South and North-American) and, as we say sometimes here in Brazil, you “washed our souls”! Someone had to had the guts to say that to Lie-field.


  595. Juca from Brazil Says:

    Ah, para os Brasileiros que estão criticando: o que este cara fez nao é nada diferente do que o CQC, ou Panico, ou outros programas que todos nós (me incluo) admiramos e rimos aqui.

    Translation: Brazilians who didn´t like: this is not different of what we see and like in our comic shows on TV.

  596. Ed Pontes Says:

    Bwa-hahahaha! Man…GREAT! Lifield is bad and final!
    Capitan America in Heroes Roborn is crap (by Lifield)
    Now in.. português!
    Lifield é ruim pra porra. Nem era pra tá mexendo com quadrinhos (comics).
    Plagiador descarado e desenhista de 5ºcategoria.

  597. Zohar Says:

    Congratulation from Brazil, man! You did what EVERY comic book fan would do in the situation. I mean, everyone who is not Liefeld s bitch at last.

  598. NikitaBR Says:

    Eu não gosto da arte do Liefeld, mas o respeito como desenhista, pois sou desenhista tb. Pra mim, vc está é com falta de buceta, pois geek desse jeito que vc demosntrou ser, não deve ter tempo pra comer uma mulher, somente pra ficar alisando suas hq’s do capitão amperica!!! Vê se cresce, babaca!!!!

  599. Rodrigo Ramos Says:

    Not surprised brazilians liked this kind of shitty behaviour. Sad. So sad.

  600. Daniel Says:

    Well… People need to understand how capitalism works.

    You hire a guy to make a product, this guy then makes the product, you put it for sale for a wide mass of people. The product is responsibility of both the guy and you. If a buyer think the product is shit, that buyer, by rule of free speech, is entitled to voice her opinion. Indeed, she’s entitled to voice, photograph and record on video said opinion. Whether it all has a point or not or whether it is uncouth or not is irrelevant – The important is to keep a democracy going and let all people say what they want, even if it’s total, childish, punkish garbage. By protecting the garbage, you protect what is not garbage.

    When you put your name and your face available to the consumer who buys your product, you’re left to his mercy, and should always remember – The costumer is ALWAYS right.

    Unless you live in Cuba or North Korea.

    Then you just have to swallow everything you’re given and not complain unless you want forced labor camp or a good ole bullet to the forehead.

    Free market, guys.

    Free market.

  601. NikitaBR Says:

    To “Juca from Brazil”:

    Tem razão, Juca, eu particularmente adoro o Pânico na TV, mas é o ganha pão dos caras sacanearem os artistas, já o q o mister Coons fez foi dar um ataque de nerdisse pura exigindo que o RL se retratasse pelos traços grotescos do Captão América… o que o babaquinha ganha com isso? Nada, pois o Liefeld iria continuar desenhando do mesmo jeito horrendo e se bobear vai ser chamado pra desenhar o Capitão novamente só por causa da palhaçada dele… e o babaquinha vai continuar puto pq vai ver seu herói predileto novamente mal desenhado pelo Rob Liefeld.

    E continuo achando que é falta de buceta!

  602. Juca from Brazil Says:

    Acho engraçado que quando na seção de cartas da Panini ou da Wizard (Wiamania), mais esspecificamente, aparece alguem defenestrando o liefeld, (normalmente um respeitável editor) nunca ninguem fala nada. agora aqui apqrece um monte de amante do Liefeld…..
    Tambem sou desenhista, agora RESPEITAR ele???? depois do que fez com a Marvel??? e ainda ganhando rios de dinheiro, sabendo que tem cara muuuito melhor que ele por aí….por mim, desenhista ruim tem que procurar outra profissao, é o caso dele, do Ed Mcguiness, do Humberto Ramos (pior de todos), etc..

    Liefeld, pede pra sair.

  603. Zohar Says:

    Saudations from England, my friend! Good work!

  604. Richard Says:

    Saudations form England, my friend! Good work, Liefeld deserve it.

  605. Juca from Brazil Says:


    exceto a parte de pedir desculpas, que como eu disse acima, acho besteira, o Liefede devia mesmo é se aposentar, eu acho que ele usou de uma ironica demonstração de bom humor com o “presente misterioso” que deu à ele.(como o Panico). quem sabe o Chapeuzinho amarelo aí não vira um humorista, presenteando celebridades?
    Tambem sou desenhista, de quadrinhos (como hobby, nao vivo disso)…agora, respeitar o Rob??? nem pensar..depois do que ele fez com a Marvel?? ganhando rios de dinehiro, com processos, e aquela arte medíocre, comm tanto artista melhor por aí…acho que caras ruins como ele, Ed Mcguiness, Humberto Ramos (O pior do mundo), deveriam parar de desenhar quadrinhos adultos
    Mas em uma coisa tenho q concordar com voce, apeasr de achar estranho uma mulher (Nikita?) comentar isso com essas palavras, mas que o cara sofre de falta de buça, com certeza..

    Liefeld, como dizia o capitao nascimento: Pede pra sair!!!

  606. Regis Says:

    Thank you, you are my hero! Liefeld Fede!

  607. NikitaBR Says:

    Juca, eu tb não sou amante da arte do Liefeld e rezo a todos os deuses existentes na face da terra que nunca o deixe desenhar o Darkness, que é o meu personagem favorito, mas se isso vier a acontecer, o que eu posso fazer senão tentar curtir pelo menos o roteiro?

    O cara é péssimo sim, deveria se aposentar, mas continua trabalhando e sendo requisitado pela Marvel!!! A atitude do Ryan faz com que o Rob fique ainda mais diante dos holofotes… não duvido nada que daqui um tempo o chamem para desenhar o CA novamente.

    Ah… e sim, sou mulher, não sou lésbica e não vejo problema nenhum e usar o termo “buceta”…


  608. gilgomex Says:

    Realmente interessante os desenhistas chamarem o cara de desrespeitoso. Como já vi m algum lugar, desrespeito é o Liefeld desenhar…

  609. Juca from Brazil Says:


    Nikita, apesar dos pontos em discordancia, vc é uma figura…uma mulher que fala que hoemm sofre de falta de buceta é sem duvida alguem divertido.

    agora, pra nao falarem q nao falei nada de bom do Liefede: o cara criou, entre outros, o Cable, e o Deadpool, que é um dos melhores personagens já criados (não o do filme). ele devia se concentrar em criação de personagens.

    Bjs tb

  610. Captain Says:

    otarioooooooooooooooo! Rob is my hero!

  611. Joeby Says:

    Well, that was about the most rude and retarded thing I’ve ever heard anyone doing. “Hey, I don’t like the artists work. I’m going to be the biggest fucking jerk I can be! That’ll show him who the better man is!”

    Then to be proud of it? You, sir, are pretty much shit.

  612. Biron Says:

    Man, how old are you?! have you not ashamed to be a idiot? it’s time to grow up man!

  613. TiagoSC Says:

    Congratulations From Brazil!

  614. Vulto Amarelo Says:

    You REALY Avenged the Avengers, Hellow Hat Guy!

    Sobre resto da galera do Brasil discutindo…comicon é feito para se ter contato com o mercado que consumimos…um espaço do consumidor ter contato com o produtor. Não é um palco onde vc vêm se ajoelhar e venerar cegamente todo mundo, e caso ODEIE o trabalho de alguém, se limita a fugir da pessoa apenas, pois ela é “boa demais para ouvir suas criticas”.

    O cara foi sarcástico sim, e Liefeld foi prepotente. Não tiveram certos ou errados, apenas um fã manifestou o que pensa de forma criativa sem cometer nenhum crime, e serviu de estopim para desenhistas revoltadinhos dizerem que não gostam de criticas.

  615. Susie Says:

    Well…I think this was a stupid and rude thing to do, no doubt.

    I also think there must be an awful lot of people with an awful lot of time on their hands to have the time to comment on this…ironically that includes me. I hate being disabled *grumble* lol…

    Hardly as big of a deal as say racism which is still a very big problem, or people starving, or people without healthcare.

    It’s just a pretty sad and pathetic example of one comic fan’s lack of social skills.

  616. Anonymous Coward Says:

    The amount of wagon-circling by professional comics-people in these replies is extremely disappointing. Yeah, this was probably an incredibly rude thing to do, but for all the people who claimed Liefeld shrugged it off and didn’t care:

    1) he took time to post about it on Twitter and
    2) for an insignificant act, look at all the pros up in arms! Curious.

    So if this is an impolite but insignificant act by an insignicant person: why are all of you here? Blacklisting in particular is a reprehensible way to deal with anything, particularly when you’re threatening it in defense of a man who barely knows his craft and spent much of his career stealing entire pages, from pose to panel composition. That is some Mafia shit right there.

    He makes the Powers that Be a mint, so he stays. But embarrass this man, and you’ll never work in this town again? Please. Man, people who make their livings by standing on the corpses of giants sure are sensitive about accusations of stealing!

    You’re all making the comics community look petty and insular. Nice work there.

  617. brownkidd Says:

    As funny as it was, it was pretty disrespectful. That dude draws his ass off (disproportionally), sets aside time to go to Chicago, get a hotel, sit at a tiny table and sign his name over and over and do sketches for complete strangers (for free), and you have the lack of common decency to do ask for an apology. Seriously, you’re no one and that guy doesn’t owe you shit. If people like you keep these antics up, artists are going to start dreading conventions instead of looking forward to them.

    If anyone owes you an apology, it’s Marvel for letting Rob get away with it in the first place.

    Also, I don’t like your hat and I think your jacket is stupid. I think you owe me an apology.

  618. Dan Fraga Says:

    Terry, please re-read my posts. None of it is anti-liefeld. Before you start making presumptions, assemble facts. Out of anyone on this board I can truly say that I know Rob. Lived with the guy worked for him almost 10 years. My two posts were asking in short “what’s the big fucking deal?”
    not as you paint it, anti-rob. I have my own personal reasons to have a solid dislike and distrust for Rob as a person. I actually like his work, when he’s not phoning it in…..

  619. NikitaBR Says:

    Putz, eu escrevi um texto enorme… mas o post não foi! Saco…

    Bem, resumindo, eu concordo com o “Vulto Amarelo”… a comicon não é somente para venerar seus artistas preferidos, mas tb não acho que seja necessário querer arranjar briga ou discussão com akele que escreve ou desenha de maneira distorcida o seu personagem favorito. Isso é o cúmulo da nerdisse!!! É realmente muito ridículo!

    E concordo mais ainda com o fato do Rob ter “cagado” pro Ryan, afinal, ele estava sendo sarcástico e idiota! Devia estar querendo um bate-boca com o Liefeld e qnd não conseguiu, disse que o cara foi prepotente…

  620. potatojoe Says:

    Wow Yellowhat. My dog has bigger balls than you. And he’s neutered.

  621. Superbot400 Says:

    If there’s a creator you don’t enjoy and really feel the need to vent your opinion on, don’t just drop a “nerd grenade” on his desk; debate him, challenge him, but most importantly, interact with him. That’s why he’s there in the first place.

    Otherwise, all you’re doing is making the rest of us look bad.”


    the Pros or people suggesting the fucker as no future in art, just went to same level where YHG. Rob isn’t helping act like the guy is some bad baby sitter or something. He never actually did aggressively insult Rob work.Don’t some of you, not even like it and STILL SUPPORT THE MAN’S WORK? He didn’t like it and felt it needed improving…and wanted a refund.Ridiculous, yes. It’s not bad as some of you conveying. It’s ridiculous as to saying that this guy will fuck up conventions for having that opinion.

    Either way, I don’t care if I feel the fire , we should be allow to have negative and positive views of what Comic pros makes we should be allowed to critic people without being in their shoes. Why should people hide their opinions, aren’t their ways to express. You shouldn’t to be a trained artist or writer to like their work. As long as it not harassment, we should be able to express this in any form of media. I don’t understand why we can’t politely say to artist that don’t really like their books. I don’t understand how that’s uber bad insult in any sense. Insult sure, but it’s not like he said anything aggressive to Rob rather than his work.

    Either way I don’t feel it’s right that Cons should be only positive criticism. Their should be constructive criticism as well. That’s what I don’t like about 80% of the comments here. It’s just fucking a flame war and cluster fuck to Ryan. I will applaud Hat for even trying to confront Rob regardless about his art. That’s about as I’ll go about that, cause most wouldn’t go the distance. I’ll fine it ridiculous that some of you are saying that a guy that just wants fucking three buck is some horrible being. It’s not even harassment,either when he basically leaving a note.It could have been worse, but the thing is he is just being passive aggressive.Don’t get me wrong here, Ryan could have handed that better.

  622. Bruno Says:

    I don´t like Rob´s work but he should have jumped from that table and smacked you in the face. You are a sissy man. You got scared of his reaction….poor, poor man. You made me a fan o Rob for his calm in front of a douche bag like yoU!

  623. Matt Chamlee Says:

    HAHAHA I’ve wanted to do the same thing for years. You sir are awesome!

  624. Mike Deodato Says:

    Putz, o português é a segunda língua oficial daqui?

  625. greg scott Says:

    robs work is what it is– if you dont like it, dont buy it– but to ask him to apologize for performing the job his editors hired him to do is beyond stupid–hes a working professional who does what hes supposed to do, namely sell comic books–he doesent have to apologize to you or anybody else–if you dont like his work, dont buy it, its that simple–
    why not put your energy to something creative, –follow robs example.

  626. ultimatehoratio Says:

    So, Yellow Hat Guy, what are you going to do for your next trick? Singlehandedly turn Chuck Austen into a fan favorite in the span of two days?

  627. ZeroCorpse Says:

    Well… I had to come see for myself.

    I applaud this in spirit, but maybe not in action. I dunno; I really, really dislike Liefeld, and resent him for completely ruining one of my favorite books (The New Mutants), and it offends me that I was drawing better than this guy when I was a teenager, and yet he’s the rich one.

    BUT… Well, would I do something like this publicly? Nope. I think discretion was the better part of valor here, and perhaps you should have mailed the book to him and not made a public scene of it. Calling him out is one thing, but publicly humiliating him doesn’t do geekdom any favors.

    I applaud your nerve, though. That took brass ones, and I respect that. I just sort of wish you’d showed a little more tact in doing it. The video? Too much, dude. Too much.

  628. raglegumm Says:

    Hey Fraga, Hows your rap career going?????


  629. Dan Fraga Says:



    Better than you think.

    The name calling was a nice punctuation on your level of communication skills.

    Couple of questions:
    What were you doing 15 years ago? What were you doing when you were 20? What were your hobbies or goals? Have you accomplished any of them with success?

    Perhaps I’m presuming too much in thinking you might just not be doing what you had hoped you would 15 years ago. I don’t hide behind a screen name. I don’t know you. For all I know, you’re 12. (which would explain your insult)

    Got anything better?

  630. StSean Says:

    I retract all my previous statements. I am Sorry Yellow Hat Guy, you were right. I am a douchbag. I am goign to get a sense of humor now.

    Thank You,
    StSean the Douche

  631. G.Perez Says:

    I to apologize for my miss givings. Liefeld deserved the prank and all of us comic artists must learn that we need to give quality, timely books for our fans. I misjudged you Ryan Coons, I owe you a free drawing. We really did overreact and we should apologize to all our fans. We are sorry that we went off the handle.

    G. Perez

  632. InLiefeldsImageOpoop Says:

    YellowHatGuy… I salute you!!!

  633. ComicSmackDown.com Says:

    “G.Perez Says:
    August 13th, 2009 at 10:56 pm
    I to apologize for my miss givings. Liefeld deserved the prank and all of us comic artists must learn that we need to give quality, timely books for our fans. I misjudged you Ryan Coons, I owe you a free drawing. We really did overreact and we should apologize to all our fans. We are sorry that we went off the handle.

    G. Perez”


    On behalf of my best friends, Logic and Humor, I thank you and those sensitive artists you represent, in accepting your apology for Ryan and all other self-respecting comic-book fans and artists.

    Thank you again, for coming to your senses.

    Onto the next page…

  634. Devil's Advocate Says:

    “For those of you who are blasting Yellow Hat Guy, and stating that it is unfair to treat Liefeld this way, consider this: Liefeld is taking work away from artists with actual talent.”

    If the editor hires Rob instead of you, that by explicitly means you’re less talented than Rob. So, by your statement Rob must have more than ‘actual talent’, correct?

    Do you think Rob threatens his way into getting work? No. He sells more issues than any of the so-called ‘actual talent’ you’re gibbering about.

    And I hate his work.

  635. Devil's Advocate Says:

    From what I’ve seen of Pedi’s artwork, he needs a copy of “How to draw better holding a pencil between your butt cheeks.” Man, talk about the pot calling the kettle an old forgotten piece of kitchenware.

  636. Pedi Says:

    “Devil’s Advocate Says:
    August 14th, 2009 at 1:51 am
    From what I’ve seen of Pedi’s artwork, he needs a copy of “How to draw better holding a pencil between your butt cheeks.” Man, talk about the pot calling the kettle an old forgotten piece of kitchenware.”

    Maybe you can give me a “hands-on” lesson… if you know what I mean, tiger… ;)

  637. David Says:

    wow man you’re a complete douche bag go get fucked

  638. Mauro Tavares Says:

    if you don’t like the comic, dont buy it !!

  639. VoltronShakespeare Says:

    I’m no supporter of Liefeld, but I can say with confidence that his writing is better than yours…which is just embarrassing. Right up there with your tacky fucking hat.

  640. Tyler G. Says:

    People like you give the rest of comic fans a bad name. No one (well, no one who’s not a complete dick) finds your story even remotely funny. I’ve heard at different places that creators are looking to avoid you at cons, and I hope that after people read this, they will do the same to this website.

    Like Liefeld or not, he took time to go to that con so he could meet his fans, do some sketches, and have a bit of fun, but you most likely ruined his day. I know that Liefeld does a lot of sketches for charity auctions, and I’ve heard that he is very nice to his fans.

    He is not a bad guy, and you are a total dick. If you ever see Liefeld at a con again, if he doesn’t (rightfully) punch you in the face, you should apologize profusely.

  641. TylerGlicksass Says:

    tyler G@ “I’ve heard at different places that creators are looking to avoid you at cons”

    you heard while licking their assholes

  642. Juca from Brazil - Campinas/SP Says:

    o mike deodato que escreveu é o verdadeiro??? isso sim que é desenhista!!!aprenda com ele, Rob!
    e, sim,o portugues é a segunda lingua oficial da internet!!!

    PS: Chapeuzinho Amarelo. se quiser ME dar um guia Marvel, nao vou achar ruim não…

    Translation: Is this the real Mike Deodato?? now, THIS is a true penciler. learn with him, Rob!
    And yes, portuguese is the 2nd language @ internet

    PS: Yellowhat, if you wanna send ME a MArvel comics Guide to Draw, tnahk you very much.

  643. pedi the clown Says:

    # TylerGlicksass Says:
    August 14th, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    tyler G@ “I’ve heard at different places that creators are looking to avoid you at cons”

    you heard while licking their assholes

    Oh look it’s Pedi again.

  644. Rodrigo Ramos Says:

    And it all goes to this point: Don’t like it? Don’t buy it!

    Simply like that!

  645. TylerGlicksass Says:

    I am not Pedi bitch. I am a fan of good comics and harmless jokes. You are a sensitive little prick, clown.

  646. atimelost Says:

    at my store we generally have conversations that are critical or praise an artist or writer. all the time. it’s what we do as fans. what you did and the pride you took in describing it was one of the most immature things i’ve encountered in all of my time in this hobby………..45 years. at a time when we can be proud to be geeks you set us back 50 years. if you ever find a woman to marry you and then convince her to have children with you it will be a miracle. but hey……anything is possible. if your children grow up and decide at the age of 7 they have enough respect for you to actually acknowledge your existence you can put an end to all that by showing them, with pride,this blog. even at 7 they should realize that there is something seriously wrong with their mother if she choose you to have a relationship with. and dude…….seriously…..the last time i had a yellow hat like that was in catholic grammar school at the age of 6. i also had a yellow raincoat to go with it. yellow boots too. you should wear the whole ensemble next con. this way we will all know who to avoid. i never thought i would feel bad for rob liefield. good job, genius.

  647. pedi the clown Says:

    # TylerGlicksass Says:
    August 14th, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    I am not Pedi bitch. I am a fan of good comics and harmless jokes. You are a sensitive little prick, clown.

    Come on please nice try Pedi.

  648. Vizir Says:

    Rob Liefeld sux :)

  649. Thiago Selva Says:

    Hi, I’m a guy from São Paulo, Brasil.
    I think that Rob Liefield really sucks!
    Avengers, Cap. American and others was destroied by him.
    And I approve its revolt.

  650. Paul from England! Says:

    Well it seems everyone else has given their opinion so here’s mine.

    What you did was just mean. People may call you a dick, people may call you a legend but at the end of the day, everyone knows it just wasn’t a nice thing to do.

    See, I noticed Mike Norton commented on this and I’ll be honest (and I’m not going to apologise if you read this Mr. Norton!) I love Green Arrow (which might confuse you to what I will later write) and I loved Phil Hester drawing it. Then when he left the art dipped a bit, then McDaniel came in and did his thing which i think only really works with Batman, and then Cliff Chiang made it beautiful but he left and now we have Mike. I’m not happy with the comic when he draws it! I’ve looked at some of his art on his site and it’s really nice! If I met him I’d tell him this and say, I don’t know, get a new inker or colourist of something, I wouldn’t leave him Chiang or Hester’s website adresses and say “Learn to draw Green Arrow the good way”

    The artists and writers at cons are taking their time out to meet their fans because, I’m guessing, hearing praise about something you create feels really good! There’s no need to make them feel bad! Go online and complain like everyone else does and like I often do about Judd Winick! (Though the last issue of Batman was pretty good, anyway)

    I would suggest you don’t go to cons again, or if you do, have a shave and don’t wear a hat.

    I just think what you did was wrong and I Rob Leifeld should demand an apology off you, but he won’t will he?

    I’m not saying you’re a bad person like a lot of these people do, you just made a mistake

    Although Ethan Van Sciver calling you a twat is pretty funny!

    Oh and @StSean, don’t back talk to Jamal Igle! Have you seen the man! He’ll slap you silly!

    Peace from the UK!

  651. A Brazilian Says:

    Jesus Fucking Christ, why is it that everytime Brazilians engage in discussions, they have to do it in fucking Portuguese? Didn’t you read the article? Don’t you know English, godammit? Then why the fuck are you using Portuguese? Yellow Ass Guy doesn’t know Portuguese, nor does anyone else apart apart from the dumb fucks that found their way here through Multiverso or Omelete.

    Wanna have a chance to be relevant in this discussion? Then stick your Portuguese up your collective asses.

    And yes, I really am a Brazilian.

  652. Zipper Says:

    First, I just want to say FU to whoever posted the link that sucked me into this cesspool. It’s been so long since I clicked here, I no longer even know what day it is.

    I actually read most of the posts, and was thankful I could now put a face to every dickhead spineless troll past/present/future, when…I swear to fucking god…I scrolled back to the top, and laughed out loud when I again saw the “How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way” cover.

    Thing is, if yellowhat had just posted “Someone should give Rob Liefeld a copy of THIS: “, and then had posted a link to the same image, I would laughed just as hard.

    Having run pranks that have gone bad myself (though nothing nearly so spectacularly-backfiring, i’m-a-total-ass as badly as this one), it seems to me this was a potentially funny observation gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    Maybe yellowhat will pull back and see that the crazy nerves he was feeling just prior to pulling his jackhole little prank, was his body trying to tell him DO NOT DO THIS. DO. NOT.

    A human being would conclude that a sincere apology is in order. A troll would not.

  653. Everson Says:

    Very very very nice!!!

    Liefield is a rotten drawer!!

    Bye, dude!

  654. Xamor Says:

    Hey Yellow Hat Guy, Captain America called … he wants his comics back.

  655. Percy Pective Says:

    I wonder what the real crime is here — tact, or presentation.

    Without the mythologising, it’s a great gag that we all obviously understood right away. Iconic ‘How To Draw’ book, Mr. Liefeld, presentation, amusing reception. It’s classic comedy that would’ve benefitted from a minimalist blog without the mythologising.

    It’s the kind of lampooning I’m sure the morally outraged have gagged themselves silly to, whilst watching any number of comedy programmes, online, or off. A pretty harmless incarnation, if not for the initial exchange.

    I wonder how reasonable it is for such a storm to have erupted in this teacup. Isn’t it just prolonging what should’ve been a laugh/dismiss situation of common online humor? Are some of these comments, some by other creators, not terribly ironic criticisms of YellowHatGuy’s art?

    Someone made a poignant reference to the ideals of character portrayed by Captain America. I wonder if he would approve of “blacklisting” being thrown around, or this harsh course of response to someone far less significant than Mr. Liefeld, who endured, in this case, a few minutes of disdain.

    Reading through the comments, I don’t think anybody has come off well here. Sometimes it seems comics attract the particularly fickle on both sides of the signing table. I’m sure many of us have experienced that.

    Requesting an apology for 1997′s hottest comics might not have been particularly amusing, but it, and the stunt that followed, deserve some perspective. Nobody deserves to be personally attacked, but then, I don’t think Mr. Lifeld was. I’m not so sure the same can be said for some of these comments, however.

  656. Nei Says:

    That is one of the reasons that make me avoid comic cons: the fanatic fans. Eager to have the attentions, many of them simply act as idiots. My guess is that if this guy had a girlfriend he would have more interesting things to do than humiliating people for “crimes” committed almost a decade ago! And he would probably have used better his money than buying “How to draw…”

    Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  657. emerpus01 Says:

    So he drew some (very) shitty comic books, so what? I think he drew half a dozen issues of Captain America, for crissakes. Don’t worry. There are still hundreds and hundreds of other Cap comics. Grow up.

  658. Shoe Says:

    Ironically, people demanding an apology from someone who demanded an apology. Ironically, people acting like dicks calling others dicks.
    Ironically, people who read too many comics gettting upset about people who read too many comics.


    Still, I laughed a bit.

  659. Matt Petersen Says:

    I thought the act was cowardly.

    To critique or criticize someone’s work is one thing (BTW the definition of criticize is : “to judge or discuss the merits and faults of” nowhere does it say act like a jerk or act rude to someone), but he didn’t engage Rob in anything. He didn’t have a thoughtful discussion and talk of pros and cons. It was a nasty attack that he seemed to have wanted more of a reaction from (which is why he probably filmed it, and which he did not get).
    Some posters on here must have confused criticizing and being rude somewhere along the lines in their lives.
    It also does not help the fans of the industry as a whole to have someone do this. How does this help get other writers and artists to come to cons in the future? It does not.

    One more thing I think is absolutely hilarious about these comments are the internet tough guy ones calling the professionals names. I’d love to see some of these guys who hide behind anonymity do it to someone in person using the exact same quotes and see what happens.
    My bet is, they would not.

  660. Jay C. Says:

    Well done, brotha….well done.I would do worse…
    Congrats from Brazil.

  661. nomoarko Says:

    @The Truth:

    He sauntered away…. AWAY. At least if you stay within 5 feet of the guy after giving him the book you’d get some props… but sauntering away get’s minus points for chickenshit.

    oh and it seems that his hijinks are being made fun of on comic podcasts all over the rss feed. XD

  662. Dylan McCrae Says:

    So basically it took you 13 years to seek an apology and you ended up buying him a book instead. Good work!

    He is still making more money than you ever will doing the thing he loves and you wear a yellow hat, plus also enjoy the 300 movie for some strange reason.

    Justice was served how exactly?

    Also, upon giving it some thought, the yellow does actually suit you.

  663. denis Says:

    Why dont you get a life? Its comics. As joes says..why so serious?

  664. RyleKayner Says:

    Dude, thanks. For doing this. I don’t usually post on internety things, but to be the 666th post and to give you my thanks? Well, like you say, the stars had aligned.

  665. To Alexis Says:

    Hey Alex, thats a really bad idea. That is defamation of character, and if you think giving someone a comic was a bad idea this is a really bad idea. Thats great that you know how to hack and stuff but seriously thats not funny and irrelevant to everything.

  666. FeminOmeno Says:


    com lipooo


  667. DUDEwitharedshirt Says:

    Hi there! I think you as a fan are not disgusting, not intolerable but rather a human being who doesn’t think much. I think a sniveling, inconsiderate worm of a being is more like it! I think what you need to do is apologize to fans and pros in comics alike and revoke the one thing you love which is comics! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    Please, apologize and revoke, it’s easy!

  668. Mike Says:

    Fucking dick and pathetic move. You’re also lucky you didn’t get your ass beat.

  669. T-Bone Steak Says:

    Obviously the seething majority slinging their carefully considered faeces at a blogging prankster are indeed the fine and well adjusted human beings to represent fandom.

    A guy in a yellow hat following through on a joke half these people have already laughed at? The devil is here — and he is American! Bring out your pitchforks! Light up your torches! The internet has it’s latest arbitrary punching bag, now with 90% extra irony!

    If only Yellw Hat Guy had the decency to will Rob Liefeld to kill himself, incite violence against him, campaigned for his blacklisting from the industry, and just generally been nasty in a comments section on his website! Then there wouldn’t be a problem and we wouldn’t have lambs leading one of their own to the slaughter.


  670. Mister Moth Says:

    To be honest, I feel your pain about Heroes Reborn. In the 1990′s when Marvel started giving Rob Liefeld more and more titles, I was appalled at the man’s artwork and the horrid, trashy stories that Marvel kept spewing out again and again ruining my favorite characters (Maximum Carnage, Heroes Reborn, Professor Hulk, and “killing off” Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom, Onslaught Saga, ect) drove me away from American comics until maybe the mid 2000′s when I finally got back into them.
    It’s pretty much the same way I feel about Joe Q for fucking up Spider-Man with this Brand New Day garbage.
    But anyway, back on topic, I met Rob at a convention…he comes off as a very bland fellow, much like his work. But despite maybe some social issues, I doubt he would show up at a convention out of ego, he does it for fans of the comic books. I don’t believe that Rob is a bad person, and I do feel sorry for him in this whole scenario.
    That being said, Rob should have expected reactions like this…with praise also comes criticism. Many people would geek out in the presence of a ‘celebrity’ and try to think of the nicest thing to say. You however decided to go and do the opposite. It’s intimidating for some people. It’s easy to say “you should have been a real man by handing the book to him”, but most people on the internet when faced with that choice probably would have chickened out immediately after thinking of that prank.

    Anyway, just wanted to say what was on my mind. I mean hell, I laughed and then felt guilty for doing so.

  671. J C Says:

    If I don’t like a creator’s work, I simply don’t buy it. My sentiments toward you just echo those of others. How are you proud of yourself? You are a cowardly troll who ran away after doing something that was completely unnecessary, and only meant to hurt someone (luckily you failed).

    I’d be embarrassed if I were you. I’ll bet Rob Liefeld is entirely ambivalent toward you. That he doesn’t care about you at all. And why should he? You’re a pathetic loser.

  672. Bear Says:

    If Liefeld wasn’t such a douchebag, I might feel bad for him. But he is, so…

  673. Spyros Evangelos Armenis Says:

    Well, I’m not a Liefeld fan myself, actually I hate his pencils (he got better with inks the last years thought), but this “reaction” was by my opinion childlish and mean. And pointless. Artists should never apologize for their art, is part of their self expression.

    If you don’t like something, you don’t buy it. You just ignore it. In case you can’t, (X-force issues being part of a crossover you want to read for example), get mad with the editors and/or the publisher, never the artist.

  674. Douchebags of the World Magazine Says:

    We would like to interview you for our cover story.

  675. Joel Says:

    Wow, I have heard about it and now we have actual video evidence. The whiny, fanboy sense of entitlement that is ruining comics. If you didn’t like Heroes Reborn then you shouldn’t have bought it. I’m not a big fan of his art either but to go out of your way to needle him and piss him off was a level 10 dick move.

  676. J Rock Says:

    Why do all of the professionals coming on here need to preface their comments with ‘I hate his work too, but…’? I think Rob probably feels a lot shittier that he is being defended by dozens of his peers who go out of the way to make sure we all know that they hate his stuff too.

  677. dan Says:

    Hey dickbag, where can I send inscribed copies of Emily Post, GQ, How To Break Into Comics and the Alphabet of Manliness; as you have no manners, no style, no talent and are a coward?

  678. DRock Says:

    Wow, you really were courageous!!! LOL, sweating and hyperventilating!!!! What a pussy!!!!!!

  679. Yellow hat guy with brown nose Says:

    Hey it was Rob’s drive when he was 18 years old that made people notice him and working for DC and Marvel. His style changed comics for the entire 1990s and wasted alot of paper in the process but nobody has come close to drawing like Rob has. I think his older stlyle is much better then his newer stuff but that is what happens when you listen to your critics.

  680. Rafael Says:

    From Brazil: Você é um palhaço ridículo. You are a ridiculous clown.

  681. Papo Bravo! Says:

    you a ridiculous basterd! fuck you! if you are a big cap´s fan, you a idiot! get a life, sucker!

    that fucker asshole must be your brotha:

  682. Lucas Says:

    From Brazil:hahahahahahahah,Bem feito pro Rob viadao
    Esses traços horriveis dele…meu deus!
    Parabens cara!!

    hahahahahahahah, Well done to Rob bitch
    These traits horrible it … my god!
    Congratulations man!

  683. MarceloAF Says:

    From Brazil:

    You’re my HERO, sir…
    Well done!!!

    Rob is a killer of comics.

  684. Hollow Shel Says:

    Oddly enough, I’m more offended by the defenders of the saffron chapeau than the guy himself.

    I totally get the urge to slap down a comic creator who did something you hated. I feel the same way about some of the editorial decisions and mandates that have been made by Quesada and stories written under him. So I get the urge to tell the person “look I didn’t like your stuff, it sucked”, in whatever manner seems appropriate.

    That said, there’s better ways to do it.

    A polite “I didn’t like Heroes Reborn, or anything you’ve done since (x) and plan to avoid your work in the future” would’ve been the most civil and polite choice, if it’s necessary to do it at all.

    That said, there’s also far worse ways to do it.

    He could’ve punched the Liefield, he could’ve left him a bag of poop a la 5th grade pranks on creepy neighbors. He didn’t. He was moderately amusing and moderately jerkass, and from what I can tell realizes that it was a bit jerkass but considers the humor an acceptable tradeoff.

    What actually cheeses me off is the way some people (esp. Tomas, no, I don’t hate you, just don’t like your points,) are defending it, as if it was wholly, 100% justified and awesome and made of win. Umm… no. It was a jerkass move. Kinda funny but jerkass nonetheless. And slamming Liefield’s reaction does not make it better, in fact I feel the way it’s done makes it worse.

    Liefield was polite. If you didn’t like the way he nodded his head, well, I’m sure he didn’t like the way you demanded an apology for work he did to the best of his (mediocre imho) ability. He did not hurl insults, he just did not prolong a conversation that wasn’t going to go anywhere positive, but ended it *politely*.

    Tomas expecting Liefield to, off the cuff, come up with a hugeass speech about this that and the other thing is about as realistic as expecting a politician to take the place of George Perez. Liefield is an artist (whether you think he’s a good one or not isn’t the issue – he works as one, therefore for this purpose he is.) Artists are not renowned for being articulate improv speech-makers. Hell, most politicians aren’t, but they’re supposed to at least pretend they are. Artists don’t have to. If they were awesome off the cuff speakers, they’d be in a different line of work.

    A polite “It was nice to meet you” was an acceptably polite reply, especially when he may well have been shocked or hurt by the unexpected attack. He could’ve been just as rude and said “I demand an apology from you for accosting me when I’m trying to please my fans – you clearly aren’t – and verbally harassing me. Get lost before I call security.” *That* would’ve been dick behavior (yet still within his rights.) Hell, he could’ve punched Yellow Hat. He chose a higher road. Perhaps not the highest, but higher than Yellow’s.

    Don’t try to defend the pranking as being ‘justified’ because it wasn’t. The only thing that could justify it at all is being funnier than it was harmful – and on that topic your mileage may (very clearly) vary.

  685. lamuella Says:

    damn you, mr yellow hat guy. Damn you for making me think that Rob Liefeld wasn’t the biggest jerk in a particular situation.

  686. megan Says:

    Whatever. I laughed. Liefeld kind of had it coming.

  687. edc Says:

    what you did was rude.
    you actually do have something to apologize for.
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  690. John Says:

    You sir are a jerk and Rob doesn’t owe you a thing.

    Get a life.

  691. Darrell Says:

    Wow Yellow Hat you really are ‘that guy’ and by “that guy” i mean the type of person that does very ignorant things like what you did and you actually think you really accomplished something. You are nothing more than a coward who are probably surrounded by other cowards. If there was no security and u were in the street you would never have done that. And anyone that laughed at this guy and thinks what he did is funny is probably a low life coward as well.If i recall Liefield only drew some titles and not all. So there is plenty of other comics to buy that do not have anything to do with him so what does he have to apologize for?

  692. Tess Fowler Says:

    Look, it’s no big mystery that a lot of people don’t like his work. And you’re certainly not the first person to make it known to Rob himself. But as an artist who has sat on the other side of that table quite a few times, I have to say this…you could have done it better. Did you think of the book gag before you walked up to the table the FIRST time? NO. Did you say something witty and engage him in intelligent banter? NO. Did you even stick around after, to talk to him about it? NO. You got pissed that he didn’t aknowledge your first attempt at “putting him in his place”, and went and made a seriously DICK move to compensate. And then ran away! Yet as much of a dick move as it was I might have given you points for originality had you executed it better. All you accomplished is letting the masses know how you botched it, and how you sweated and hyperventilated before, during and after. You’re not only a dick…you’re a coward to boot. Had it been my table you pulled that crap in front of I would have taken that book and beat your scrawny ass upside the head with it.

  693. DiRT Says:

    I’m glad no one can take a joke and is more than willing to show how big of an asshole they are when defending someone semi-famous.

    Good stuff, YHG. I lol’ed.

    The end.

  694. Da Last Boi Scout77 Says:

    Jealous ones still envy i see! Cuz thats all yall doing! Yall jealous cuz this man is doing what makes him happy! Yall aint got shit else to say but yall dont like the man’s artwork? So that’s your big argument? So all the time and effort yall put in to bash him and all you got is “i dont like the way he draws”? Wow it must suck being you!! Shit, it must suck being half you ass holes on here!! Come up with something better then the fact that you dont like his work. Cuz it’s obvious that you do like it. Why else would you spend so much time talking about it? Half of yall on here are all closet Liefeld fans! When no ones around, you still read and even go out and buy his comics now! I bet if we could put names with faces, some of yall be in lines waiting to get commissions from him at cons! Yall just fake ass haters that dont have shit else to do but hate. So i suggest this, instead of wasting your friday nights at home playing D&D and thinking of new and exciting ways you could make Alf a far more interesting alien, why not go out and have sex w/ your girlfriends/boyfriends? LMAO ok now that was being a little to realistic wasnt it? I’m sorry if i scared or offended anyone with that one. I mean seriously what are the odds of any of yall having a girlfriend or a boyfriend for that matter? Cuz in all honesty, i can see them hating on Liefeld. I mean shit all you probably do is whine and complain to them about him and his artwork? They feel all left out becuz all you do is talk about Rob Liefeld lol. Instead of hating on him go have sex for once in your life! Trust me its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then hating ;)

  695. Marks Says:

    Hilarious concept completely ruined by being terribly executed by some creepy looking guy in a lame trenchcoat and an ugly hat, who then described the event with so much hyperbole to make up for the cojones he doesn’t have.

    If you had learned to dress and act like an adult, this prank might have actually been funny. Hell, if you even described the event accurately it might have been funny. Instead you sounded and moved like an 11 year old, and then talked yourself up like you’re Captain America himself. Sad.

  696. Rob Liefeld Says:

    hey fagmaster, at least I don’t have to borrow money from my friends to buy a five dollar book now do I? How many published books have your name in the front fuckhead? Come on, I’m waiting? None, nada, all you have is your piece of shit blog and the 1 or two nerds you circle jerk with.

    Me, I’m pretty much perfect. So feel free to hit me with your best shot or better yet don’t because I take the time and energy at conventions for my fans and friends. I know fans and friends are ideas you’ll never truly know so feel free to embarrass yourself for all of our entertainment.

    Onslaught, Heroes Reborn, and the Image brand DEFINED the nineties and I couldn’t be more proud of that.

  697. andrew Says:

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  698. Rulio Fing Says:


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  700. Shawn Geabhart Says:

    Someone told me I should read all of this and now I would like to punch him in the face. What an absolute waste of time. Just to be clear,Captain America is a comic book character…wait five minutes and it will be re-invisioned again…I guess I really don’t understand how a guy drawing cartoons could make you mad enough to invest so much emotional energy that you would plot revenge of a sort for 13 years because he didn’t draw the brachioradialis muscles on a fictional character to some specification that exists in your head…the next time you feel this way might I suggest some controlled breathing techniques…and perhaps a reality check…it’s ink on paper…not at all worth acting petty to another real human being.

  701. SLAPPY! Says:

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  710. alex finnerman Says:

    You are kind of a jackass. I’m not the biggest Liefeld fan. In fact, I’m not sure who is. I feel as though what you did was rife with cowardice, and in a moment of angry, fanboy-ish decision making, you did what you felt was right. In reality, instead of facing Liefeld head on and showing a little bravery, you did the opposite and made yourself look like a fool. Not only that, but you being intimidated at what he might say (and I know you were) and the fact that he couldn’t of cared less made you look even worse. He probably new exactly what you were getting at and didn’t want to deal with you. If you ruined something like Cap and had to hear negative feedback for about an entire decade, would you want gangly disrespectful twentysomethings giving you shit at every convention you go to? I know I wouldn’t. This message won’t even get to you considering that there are so many comments floating around on here, and I imagine that any feedback I could get would be immature and abstruse like your attempt at embarrassing Liefeld. You make fans look bad.

  711. Kyle Says:

    HAHA!! Awesome!! He deserves it! Rob has been a prick to me in the past at conventions. He would not sign my New Mutants 98 without having me buy a print for 20 bucks. I was gonna have him make it out to me but he still would not do it so I just left.

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  744. Tom Chu Says:

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    The book, however was inspired. The guy has a seriously unjustified rockstar attitude for someone who is such a talentless hack. And he certainly has no room to complain about the “asshole fans” since he made his career out of nothing more than pandering to the lowest common denominator of comic book fandom.

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  820. outpatient8 Says:

    Yeah, RL’s a shit-bag artist. But you’re a shit-bag fanboy for doing what ya did. No one made you buy RL’s books and if one shit-bag artist can affect 13 years of your life, you suck at life.
    And what’s with that damn hat? Really. Knock that shit off.

  821. Kojiro Says:

    After stumbling across this on TV Tropes, I have to say this: BRAVO! BRAVO! this is one of the most awesome pranks ever pulled. The reaction from Liefeld in the post is priceless. I wish I could have seen it in person.

    Oh, and to the pros and other idiots decrying Yellow Hat for his move, get over yourselves. Artists are not immune to criticism. Never never never. If you think that this is wrong, you need to learn more about art.

  822. Masterblaze0 Says:

    To all those who used “He doesn’t care he has money” as a response to “His art is filled with anatomical errors and inconsistences” (I’m rewording the arguments verbosely), please go to my website.

  823. Robert S. Says:

    Rob Liefeld is a pacifist, and honestly humble. Perhaps that’s part of what got him to where he is now, as well as what spared you being ejected from that convention (I suppose you got your book signed by Mark Millar, eh?). I know, you didn’t bother even speaking civilly to the man, so you may not realize what a decent person he is.

    You practically picked a fight with a Quaker… how “awesome.”

  824. Sethron Says:

    So, I don’t know how I feel about this in the end. Okay, I hate the artist. Okay, as human beings, being an asshole is part of the gig. But if I put myself in Leifield’s shoes, I shudder. As an artist who eventually wants to go pro, I wonder how many people walk up to him, day in and day out, telling him he sucks at his job? How many people do the same thing to various other artists..?

    This guy doesn’t draw as well as me, IMO. That makes me a bit jealous that he gets published. I don’t think women should be tits and ass and no waistline, but the original marvel artists were JUST as guilty of this. X( I don’t know. I find it funny; I support your rights to freedom of expression, but… This makes it quite clear that the people who are afraid of going professional are rightly afraid.

    I don’t know if I’d do this to Stephanie Meyer, though, so maybe I’m a hypocrite. I really have no idea. But it makes me sad that this is what is acceptable human interaction–not constructive criticism; you didn’t try to talk to him nicely. You were rude up front. There wasn’t an attempt at any sort of communication that wasn’t hurtful.

  825. matt Says:

    Your life makes me sad. If treating a perfect stranger poorly gets you excited, I think you need to date women more often. Or do something….anything. Sweating and hyperventilating while waiting to go insult someone?? Really????? How old are you??

    If this is how people behave at conventions, I’m glad I’ve never been.

  826. matt Says:

    Your life makes me sad. If treating a perfect stranger poorly gets you excited, I think you need to date women more often. Or do something….anything. Sweating and hyperventilating while waiting to go insult someone?? Really????? How old are you??

  827. Lizzy Says:

    Rob Liefield is a talented artist, granted his style is pretty ridiculous, it’s really on Marvel for hiring him to draw their characters. And if Marvel came up to anyone and hired them to draw comics, who wouldn’t go for it?

    Honestly, I think you were aiming the criticism and jokes at the wrong person.

  828. Crooked. Says:

    You know that guy from the Something Positive webcomic? Mike Dowden, I think his name is?

    Yeah, I think we found a real-life version of that guy.

    And for the record, Liefeld’s “art” is the illustrated equivalent of a miscarriage followed up by a session of gang rape and torture. The guy’s work is shittier than the drawing my eight-year-old niece hangs on her refrigerator. I don’t know if Liefeld’s a nice guy or not, but his art sucks. It sucks more cock than Amy Winehouse(well, not anymore), so don’t think for a second that I’m anything REMOTELY resembling a fan of his crap.

    This is still a dickish, cowardly act. I’m all for being a dickless coward. Hell, I wouldn’t be such a successful internet troll if I wasn’t from time to time, but that doesn’t mean that such conduct deserves any kind of praise. This guy is a dickish, entitled little pussy who pulled a half-assed “prank” and expects the entire internet to lick his asshole just because the guy he pulled it on is a terrible artist. He gets no points from me for being so stupid as to expect anything but ridicule and scorn for doing this.

    Plus his yellow hat is retarded.

  829. RLSucks Says:

    I don’t understand how some of you think what he did to Liefield made comic fans look bad. If anything it was long overdue that a real comic reader tell him how awful his work is.

    Rob Liefield is without a doubt the worst comic book artist ever allowed into the business. He has no respect for his fans to take the time and learn basic human anatomy. To make matters worse he STEALS sequential art from other artists, and then retraces it with minor changes in a sad attempt to pass it off as his own work.

    Liefield should have studied a library of art books years ago. The fact that he made millions of dollars is incredibly insulting to aspiring artists who actually hone their craft before even thinking about getting into comics.

    I’m still trying to comprehend just how in the hell anyone at Marvel or Image allowed what he illustrated to make it to print. Seriously, to me it’s one of the biggest enigmas in the world of comics.

    I attended a convention that he was at a few years back and saw how he acted towards some people. The best way to describe it was like watching an angry child try to scare people away so he could color his pictures with crayons by himself. Its somewhat of an exaggeration, but the vibe I got from this guy is that he was only there for profit and could give two shits about his fans. All I saw was an immature school boy, and it honestly made me want to knock his ass out.

    He should feel honored for having a magical aura of dipshit that allows him to fool any person more talented than himself into believing he can draw.
    Holy crap I just figured out Rob Liefield’s power!

    Rob Liefield is the best example on what you should not do when learning to draw.

    There is no defending this guy whatsoever.
    He cannot draw, is an idea thief and an asshole.

  830. Bootybay97 Says:

    To the ones defending Liefield you’re unbelievably sad. You put this guy on the same level as other artists which is total bullshit because he’s nowhere near the level of talent to even be justified in this way. There is no point in getting mad at Coons just because he had the balls to point out the obvious and you didn’t. Losers.

    Everyone who ever hired Liefield should be ashamed of themselves.

  831. Sally Says:

    The tragedy in all of this is that most people know what an awesome, nice guy Rob Liefeld is, in spite of his trappings in art. Due to this fact, most people also know that you were a dick of epic proportions to a really nice guy.

    You really aren’t entitled to an apology for anything.

  832. Thage Says:

    I just came here after doing a little poking around on TVTropes. All I have to say is this, despite being two years late and a dollar short:
    It doesn’t matter what you, I, or Jack Kirby think of Liefeld’s art. He took time out of his life, time he probably could have spent enjoying his family (you know, the wife and children who love him?) to go to that convention, same as anyone else in the business does. They take a weekend they could be working, or spending with the family, or perfecting the world’s most incredible sandwich, or whatever. They go to these cons to interact with us, the fans, and I (and many like me) take time to thank even those whose work I may not be all that enthralled with for coming.

    In return, they get people like you, Mr. Coons. People who are not satisfied with saying their piece and moving on. People who think that the artists and writers are on their personal payroll, and that just because they bring DC/Marvel/Image/Dark Horse/Wildstorm/What-Have-You revenue, that they are entitled to the sorts of demands and behavior one would expect to see from a high-ranking industry executive on an exceptionally bad day. In fact, you didn’t even say your piece in a reasonable manner. There was no mature discourse between you and Liefeld–you walked up and demanded an apology for him doing what he was hired by Marvel to do. It was something he did to the best of his ability, whatever shortcomings he may or may not have had and still has as a writer and artist. It was work that enough fans were satisfied by that he makes a more-than-comfortable living off of. It was work that you took it upon yourself to demand an apology for, as if he had personally slandered you or greatly wronged you in a manner that wanting ‘revenge’ for over a decade would be acceptable for.

    Liefeld, rather than get riled up, thanked you, said it was nice meeting you, and went about his day. In response, you bought him a how-to book, again in the hope of eliciting some great response. Well, you got your response, Mr. Coons, but it wasn’t from Rob. It was from other professionals in the industry and other fans of comic books pointing out your behavior towards another human being. Few of them came to the defense of Liefeld’s art. Most of them post for the same reason I’m posting: you were a jackass. Worse, your blog post was self-aggrandizing bordering on delusional while video evidence and Liefeld’s own interpretation of events paint a wildly different scenario. You claimed to have been the perfect real-world troll, confident, awesome, and scheming. To Liefeld, and the others nearby, you were a socially-awkward individual who gave them the impression of someone with very little genuine social contact.

    I suppose, in short, I pity you, Mr. Coons. I know where that shaking, mumbling, and stuttering comes from. I’m extremely socially-awkward, and I’m sure you’re at least passingly aware of the adage ‘it takes one to know one.’ You’ve thoroughly alienated some of the biggest names in the industry, people I one day hope to meet at a con and share a few words (no matter how poorly-stuttered) with, yes, even Liefeld. I want to show them that not every socially-awkward individual is a spiteful bastard, and for those I may not be particular fans of, I’ll continue trying to wipe the stain you’ve put on our reputation clean by taking a moment to speak with them and thank them for keeping the industry alive in a time when paper media is on a sharp decline.

    That’s really all I have to say, a day late and a dollar short. Perhaps in the future you should try engaging in polite society and do your part to improve the reputation comic fans have; that just because we may not be the most socially-savvy fandom out there doesn’t mean we’re all spiteful and arrogant.

  833. Rob Says:

    In 1995 I was introduced to Liefeld by a friend on mine at an Image party at SD Comic Con. He said, “Rob I’d like you to meet Rob!” I extended my hand and Liefeld looked at it, and turned his back to me. A really swell guy.

  834. _w Says:

    A long time ago I had a moment like the one YellowHat had. So I kind of understand him.

    I went to a comic con, in Milan, and met Roberto Galati.

    Galati is a guy that makes look even the worst of Liefeld – an author of which I rather liked his first work, Hawk & Dove, by the way… it was a good Art Adams imitator, he just had a problem with tighs: he made them too heavy, but there was plenty of space to improve, I thought at the time – masterpieces of elegance, anatomic correctness, pose selection and background design.

    On top of it, the guy is a right wing nut that praise the ku klux klan every two panels – in the middle ones, he shouts Dirty Callaghanesque wailing about the so called “illnesses of society”: gay, lesbians, paedophiles & commies – so he’s not exactly on my chords there, either.

    He was (and probably, still is) thought to be the worst author to have distributed his work nationwide, in press stands, throughout all of Italy. It means he printed a good twelve thousands copies.

    I started chatting with him (nobody was caring about the guy, and he was really craving for some attention) with the clear intention of making fun of him.

    Maybe, even give him my rotting edition of Burne Hogarth’s “The Body in movement” – btw, keep clear from that; it is spectacular, but it does not teach you how to draw human beings… not really – when I changed idea.

    I wish to say that I was saved from making a comparable ass (that is, comparable to him… after talking with him, the guy REALLY WAS an asshole) of myself by a sudden burst of intelligence, but it was the look on the face of his father. The guy that, legends said, opened a mortgage on his home to pay for the printing and distribution of the masterpieces of his son.

    I realized I wasn’t angry at him because he made a horrible comic, badly drawn with an incoherent story and full of racist and fascist remarks.

    I was envious because, while being worse than me (and it takes quite a lot), he had tried it. Maybe too much (I hope he could keep the home, at the end), but he tried.

  835. Nick Says:

    This is the greatest thing that has ever happened. Thank you, sir, for doing what needed to be done.

    So damn funny.

  836. D Says:

    Wow, so many Liefeld fans butthurting!

    Jesus christ, Liefeld has way too much ego and undeserved respect despite having all the anatomical knowledge and creativity of a 12-year-old sparkledog weeaboo. …No, I’m sorry, that’s insulting the preteen sparkledog weeaboo. Liefeld doesn’t even try to put any effort into learning.

    Just stop crying and go draw some fanart.

  837. Shawnee Says:

    Hello. Have you variedoctavo? What can you see in this text?

  838. ImmaculateBastard Says:

    ive heard of this and have finally seen and read it here today… pretty funny stuff, its a bit mean spirited too but fuck, dudes doing work in the public domain, im sure he can take a bit of criticism. next thing im doing if finding mr liefeld on the twitter and forwarding him this again and inquiring if he ever did leaf through that copy of ‘drawing comics the marvel way’… highlarious!

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