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Posted on 22 September 2011 by Yellow Hat Guy

My name is Cera Blake. I grew up in a non-religious, anti-Christian household. However, my mother grew up Catholic. She left the faith before I was born, but her devout mother always hoped that I would be different. I didn’t know how much she had hoped for that until my youngest cousin handed me a letter she had written for me shortly before she died. It was scrawled on the hospital’s paper, and was barely legible. In this letter, she told me that she’d been praying for me to find the touch of God. Her letter appealed to me to give Catholicism a chance — to honor her by attending at least one Mass. I was so touched, of course I had to do it. I went to a Tuesday afternoon Mass, where I felt the power of faith and the wonder of the cathedral. It’s been two months, and I am now taking mandatory classes before I can be baptized and call myself a Catholic. I look forward to this journey of learning and discovery, and I’ll be blogging about what I learn and how it changes me.

My name is Cera Blake, and none of that is true. That’s just my cover story. In truth, I am a Pagan and strongly against organized religion. I do, however, have some free time. So I’m really going to blog about the mysterious inner workings of the church. I’m a philosophy major in a state university, single, tattoed, pierced, and opinionated. If I can keep my mouth shut and not mess up my back story until Easter, I will be baptized, and then I win at religion.

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  1. lead sharp Says:

    you know your religion is organised to right?

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